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Wordsburg offers certified translation services Singapore  for 100+ languages.  Serving both individuals and businesses, we have translated a variety of Document Translation Services such as birth certificates & marriage certificates with Notary & SAL Authentication. Whether you are submitting to ICA, MOM or embassies, we can help you with all of it!

Amongst our expertise for business clients are translation projects across formats such as documents, audios, videos & websites for companies in different industries such as hospitality, F&B and more! 

Document translation is not always enough. There are times when you need them translated by a Certified Translator in Singapore.
Wordsburg Translations offers Certified Translations that are 100% acceptable to most government and private institutions.
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At times, authorities may need more than just certified translation service. For example, ICA in Singapore asks for the Notarised Translation Service. Do not worry! We have covered this for you.

Wordsburg offers end to end legalisation services along with Certified Document Translation. Make sure that you confirm the translation requirements from receiving authority. We will do the rest for you.To start with, we have put up an indicative guide that can be useful to make a decision.

I am translating for



For a successful application with ICA, you need to follow the requirements listed by ICA. One such necessary step is translating non-English documents.


Please follow the below steps if you are an owner of non-English documents:


1. Get Certified Translation from a private translation company
2. Notarisation of the Certified Translation Documents.
3. Singapore Academy of Law Authentication


Our ICA Certified Translation Service offers all three steps. If you engage us, we will provide the certified translation service with Notary & SAL Authentication.



*Published information is sourced from the ICA website [As of 30 August 2020]. There may be more requirements which you need to fulfil. We can help with every need. Please confirm the requirements with authorities




Our Certification

As a first step of the ICA Document Translation process, all non-English documents require a Professional English Translation. As a certified translation company, we will translate & certify the translation documents.


Our certification comes with the translation printed on the company’s letterhead, stamp & representative signature. Along with a translation page, we will also include a copy of the original as a source document reference.


The certified document translation is sufficient for most government or private institutions. But not for ICA.


ICA Translation Service – For ICA submission, you need certification from Notary Public Office in Singapore.


That’s mandatory.



Next: Notarisation




Notarial Certificate

For ICA submission, the certified translation documents have to be notarised by a notary public office.


On your behalf, we will bring the certified document translation to the Notary Public Office. As part of notarial services, the notary public physically witnesses the certified translation copies. Notary office will issue a notarial certificate with the seal, chop & signature.



Next Step: SAL Authentication




SAL Certification Seal

From Oct 1, 2019, Singapore Academy of Law has issued new rules for the notarised documents. All notaries issued in Singapore are liable to a mandatory authentication by the SAL.


Our representative will bring the notarised translation documents to the SAL Office. SAL officers will verify the authenticity of notarisation and authenticate them.


As part of authentication, the SAL office will issue a sticker & certification seal confirming the authenticity of Notarial Certificate.


Upon completion of the 3 steps, your documents are ready to submit to ICA for PR Application or Citizenship or any other ICA purposes.






Birth Certificate Translation

Birth Cert Translation in Singapore

Offering custom packages for Certified Birth Translation, Notary & SAL, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Embassy Authentication. We can translate birth certificate into over 100+ languages.

Marriage Certificate Translation

Marriage Certificate Translation in Singapore

Offering custom packages for Certified Marriage Certificate Translation, Notary & SAL, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Embassy Authentication. We can translate Marriage or Divorce Certificate into over 100+ languages.

Driving License Translation

Driver's License Translation in Singapore

Offering Driver's License Translation that is 100% acceptable to Singapore Traffic Police/ Land Transport Authority or overseas usage. Be it a Chinese Driver's License Translation or French license translation, just reach out to us.

Educational Certificate Translation

Educational Certificate Translation in Singapore

Offering custom packages for translating Educational Certificates in Singapore. We can help you with Certified Translation, Notary & SAL, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Embassy Authentication.

All Types of Certificate Translations

All Types of Certificate Translation Service in Singapore

You may need a passport or Chinese driver's license or any other certificate translation in Singapore. Contact us.
Certified translation refers to the process of declaring the translation provided to be true and accurate to the best of the knowledge. The process involves the translation printed on company letterhead with certified translation chop along with company representative signature.

While submitting the documents for legal or official purposes, authorities will ask for certified translation by a third party private translation service provider.

Birth certificate translation for ICA PR application or Education certificate for MOM purpose, you need a certified translation.

Notarisation is the process of identifying & declaring the authenticity of the translated document. This process is performed by a notary public officer who is an appointed representative by the Board of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public, Singapore.

During the notary process, the notary public witnesses the translation document performed by Wordsburg and declares the same by issuing a Notarial Certificate, Notary Public Seal, Notary Public Stamp & Signature.

Upon notarisation, the documents have to be mandatorily authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL). Our representative will bring the notarised documents to the Singapore Academy of Law. SAL officer will validate the notary certificate and authenticate by placing a sticker on the backside of it.

Notary & SAL service is mandatory for authorities like the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) or the Ministry of Foreign affairs. Refer to the instructions provided by the receiving authority websites or checklist documents and decide whether you need a notary.

Our certified translation is acceptable to most of the authorities in Singapore & Overseas.


However, there may be additional requirements like Notary & Singapore Academy of Law authentication or Affidavit or a specific set of instructions.


Check with respective authority and let us know what you need. We will fulfil most of the asked requirements.

We don’t need original documents for the certified translation or notarisation & SAL authentication. Please provide a good scan of the original documents.
Finalise Documents:  Start with finalising your documents. Once documents are ready, request a quote by filling up this short & easy form. While filling up the form, share complete details of service required.

Get a quote & Place the order: Our sales team will analyse the documents and service requirements and email you the official quotation along with the payment details. If the quote is acceptable, proceed to make the payment. Upon making payment, reach out to our representative notifying the payment status. After the receipt of payment, we will process the order to the translation stage.

Translation & Review: Our expert linguist will produce the verified translation draft of documents from the source language to the target language. Upon draft completion, we will email you the draft version for your review. At this stage, verify the details like Name Spellings / Numbers.

Certification / Notarisation & SAL: In the case of no further queries or feedback on the draft, we will proceed with the required Certification, Notarisation & SAL (if opted for).

Delivery:  We will deliver the electronic copy via email. If you have opted for the hardcopy, we will hand over the documents via below options:

– Self-Collect
– Singpost
– Courier

Our global network of translators enables us to offer translation services in over 100+ languages. Apart from popular global languages, Wordsburg does translate the less used languages globally.


Get in touch with any language requirements. We will be glad to assist.

The pricing for certified translation varies on the Language Pair, the Total Number of Pages, Word Count in Each Page, Expected Delivery Time.

The business translation pricing costs between 0.1 SGD to 0.2 SGD per word.

The personal certificates translation pricing costs between 45 SGD to 70 SGD depending on the language pairs.

The pricing for Notary & SAL authentication is S$ 210 per notary.

Start with finalising your documents.

Once documents are ready, make an order here.

– Upload files

– Check Pricing

– If the pricing is acceptable, proceed to make the payment.

Upon making payment, we will process the order to the next stage.

Upon placing the order, we will translate and email you a draft copy for  review.


After confirmation, we will proceed with required certifications and email you an electronic version of the final certified copies. You can opt to receive the physical copy of documents using one of the below options: 

  • – Self Collect from office
  • – Singpost
  • – Courier

The number of notarial certificates required depends on the below factors:


  1. Receiving Authority
  2. Total number of documents 


Authorities like the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) allows to bundle or combine multiple certificates under one notarial certificate. 


However, authorities like embassies do not allow to bundle multiple certificates into one notarial certificate. Each of the document has to be separately notarised and authenticated by SAL.

The certified or notarised copies remain valid with no expiry date unless there is a change in rules from authorities.

Yes, as per the ICA guidelines,  Certified Translations have to be Notarised and Authenticated by Singapore Academy of Law.

It is a mandatory requirement. ICA does not accept PR applications without Notarisation.

Documents received from the clients are shared only between the Wordsburg staff, translator/ interpreter network. Each of them has signed a non-disclosure agreement with us. 

The data is securely stored & shared within the team using AWS, Siteground, Google Drive.


We can as well sign a NDA with you, if required.

You do not require to be personally available for the notarisation service. We will handle everything for you. 


Upon completion of notarisation, we will handle SAL authentication too. 

The timeline for certified translation and notarisation depend on the total number of documents to be translated. 


As a thumb-rule, it will take about 1 Working Day for translating up to 7 Pages. The notarisation & SAL authentication will take 1-2 Working Days. 

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Looking for a best-certified translation in Singapore?

Wordsburg Certified Translations are well known and acceptable to most of the officials. Each month, we assist over 1000+ personal clients with Certified translation for PR or Driver’s License Translation and more.

By Engaging us, you are assured of Superior Translation quality, Accuorrate Certified Translation. You don’t have to run around for Notary office, SAL, Ministry of Foreign Affairs or embassies. Our expertise will cruise you through all of them. By engaging us, you will get the leverage of One Place Checkout for all types of certifications.

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