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Subtitles & captions will help the content producers to reach out to wider audiences at a low cost. Whether your target audience is niche or general viewers, there is always a scope of increasing viewership.



At Wordsburg, we offer high-quality captioning & subtitling services. With fast turnaround & best subtitling rates, we are a preferred subtitling company by the most. We can help you with generating open/ closed captioning, subtitling, on-screen text translations in over 100+ languages.

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Our professional subtitling services can help you with SRT, VTT, Open Captions, Closed Captions and Embedded Subtitles.

We produce CC or Subtitle formats in below File formats: Direct on Video [Or Open Subtitling] Subrip (.srt) Scenarist (.scc) MacCaption (.mcc) Timed Text (.ttml) Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt) Transcript (.txt) WebVTT (.vtt) DFXP (.dfxp) Cheetah .CAP (.cap) Spruce Subtitle File (.stl) Avid DS Subtitle File (.txt) Facebook ready SubRip (.srt)


Video Subtitling Services

Video Subtitling is the process of inserting audio translation to the video in the form of a readable text. Subtitles are a helpful and powerful medium of communication which can take video content to wider audiences.

Let’s say you have made a movie targeting audience from one language. Just by inserting subtitles in another language, you can reach more like-minded audiences amongst other language speakers.

It is how Netflix/ Prime video able to distribute the local content globally through their streaming platforms. Today, A Korean movie is consumed by a Non-Korean speaker. Or A Chinese Youtube video is watched by a non-Chinese anywhere in the world just by enabling subtitles.


Video Captions

Captions look similar to the subtitles. Yet, the purpose is different from subtitling. While the subtitles target non-language speakers, captions aim at deaf or hard of hearing viewers.

Captioning is the display of the text on a video transcribed from the audio. It is designed for the viewer to experience the audiovisual. Along with spoken content, it also includes sounds from surrounding elements [Ex: Door slamming.

Most of the video streaming platforms provide the option to CC [Closed captions] along with the subtitling.

On-screen Text [OST]

On-screen Text [OST]

On-screen text translation is the process of translating the text which you see on the screen. Unlike subtitles which are translated based on audio, the on-screen text translates all the text which you see on-screen. The on-screen text helps the non-language speakers to understand the text displayed on the screen. The On-screen text can be part of subtitling or be different from them.

For example, a training video produced at English language speaker demonstrating a product. While the audio is being translated and subtitled, the product label text displayed on the screen doesn’t give good viewer experience. By translating them and adding them to video makes the video enjoyable by a non-English speaker.

Compared to Captions & Subtitling, On-screen text translation could be a difficult process depending on the placement on the screen.

Wordsburg offers professional subtitling services, a company with over 10,000 hours of experience in subtitling and captioning. With a team of 20+ subtitle editors working round the clock we are able to meet your fast deadlines.

At Wordsburg, we can help you translate over 100+ language pairs and prepare subtitles or captions for your videos. Our Subtitling Translation Service Team comprises of 5000+ translators, 20+ subtitle editors. We can get your content reach worldwide in a short period.

Output formats

Our subtitling or captioning services can generate most of the subtitle file formats in the market. Below are some of the popular formats we generate daily are .srt, vtt, Direct on video embedding, txt, cap.

Best Pricing

Our subtitling service prices are very competitive. Video Subtitling Service prices start from 5 SGD per minute for longer duration content. For a shorter duration, we charge 10 SGD per minute.
We can prepare subtitles with a quick turnaround. Our highly experienced audiovisual translators & editors will quickly translate your videos and prepare subtitles.

Our Translators, subtitle editors & support staff have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our company. We are able to sign an NDA with your company to assure you the safety & security of your videos.

Our Support staff & project management team will make sure your projects are completed on time. We are available at your service over a phone call, chat or Email. Just reach out to us.


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