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There are times when authorities ask for notarised translations in Singapore. Upon a search, you may find a translation company referring you to a notary office to visit. Yet, it will take you for a run between translation agencies, notary and SAL.


Wouldn’t it be convenient for you to get the Notary Public Translation Service in one place?


At Wordsburg Translations, we provide notarised translation in Singapore. We will professionally translate and notarised by a local notary public partner. Upon completion, we will bring the notarised translation to the SAL for authentication.


If required, we can also get the authentication from MFA. Our package of notarisation & legalisation services cover this.

Document Legalisation Services


Certified Translation
Singapore Academy of Law Authentication
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Embassy Attestation


Certified Translation
Singapore Academy of Law Authentication
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Embassy Attestation
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Driver License
  • Household registry
  • Identity card
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Passport
  • Education Certificates
  • Medical Certificates​
  • Affidavits
  • Declarations
  • Name Change Certificates
  • Legal Contracts
  • Bank Statements
  • Certified True Copy
  • Employment Certificate
  • & other documents

Singapore Citizenship


PR Application

Translation for Long term visit pass application

Long term Visit Pass


Visa Applications

Translation for Overseas Usage




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Wordsburg offers the fastest Notary Public Translation Service in Singapore. Our strategic office location in Cecil Street [CBD Area] makes it easier to pick or drop documents.

With a network of over 5000+ linguists, we offer translation and notarisaton at speed. We can have things delivered within 2-3 Working Days. If you choose express service, we can have it delivered within 1-2 Working day.

Most of the authorities accept our Public Notary Translation in Singapore. We will handle three steps required for notarised translation. Once Singapore notarised translation gets completed, we will deliver via email. If you have opted for Singpost or Courier, we will arrange the shipment. Or, you can pick the documents from our Cecil Street office.

If you are in search of the local notary public in Singapore for translation service, contact us.


Notarial Certificate Sample

At Wordsburg, we will provide certified translation confirming the accuracy of translation. Based on the certification,  notary public will issue the notarial certificate.


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Our translators & staff have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with us. We can sign NDA with your company to assure the safety & security of the documents.


Wordsburg Customer Support Serving its Customers

The notarised document translation requirements will be looked after by a dedicated manager from start to end. Project Manager will ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery.

Government & NGO
Banking & Finance
Travel & Leisure
Digital & Education
Government & NGO
Banking & Finance
Travel & Leisure
Digital & Education
The notarised translation is the process of certifying the translated documents by an appointed notary public in Singapore.

During this process, a notary public officer will witness the translated documents issued by Wordsburg Translations and certify them. Notary Public will affix his/ her seal, name & signature on a notarial certificate.

Few situations where you would need a notarised translation:
– PR Application
– Singapore  Citizenship Application
– Long Term Visit Pass Application with ICA
– Visa Application
– Overseas submissions
– Declarations [Like POA, Name change]

It will take a total of estimated 3 Working Days for Certified Translation and Notary Services in Singapore. If you need faster, we can help you with it. Contact us.

We will send you the scan copy of a notarial certificate issued by local Notary Public along with a certified translation copy.

You may pick the physical copies from our office / we will ship via Singpost or courier.

No, you are not required to visit the notary personally. We will handle the process for you.

Yes, the documents are to be notarised for the purpose of PR/ Citizenship application. Refer to the checklist provided by ICA for translation service.


ICA accepts translations produced by a notary public in singapore. Our Certified translation and notarization services are accepted by ICA for PR application.

We do not require original documents, if translated by our translation company.


You need to provide originals, f translation is done by third party company or you need original documents to be notarised.

Yes, the notarised translation service provided by Wordsburg is acceptable to ICA. 

Before Oct 1, 2019, SAL authentication of notarised certificates was optional. However, from October 1, 2019, Singapore Academy of Law has made it mandatory. Without the SAL authentication notarial certificate is considered invalid.

The Notarisation & SAL fees are fixed by the Law. We just charge a small portion as our service fee.

Yes, we can get notarisation for documents translated by a third party registered company.


You need to provide the original translated copy provided by third party.

Getting a notary public in Singapore to translate multiple languages is not a viable option due to limited language expertise.

As a professional translation company, we will fill the void. We will provide the certified translation/ legal translation, which will further be notarised by Notary public & authenticated by SAL.

The Notary Services offered are valid for a lifetime. Only a change in the rules by government or authorities may affect this.

We are in the CBD region [Cecil Street]. We are easily accessible if you are working around. 


Even if you aren’t working nearby, do not worry. Please share the scan copy of the documents. We will deliver the documents to your doorstep or PO box. Alternatively, you can pick from our office.

  • 5 star review  I'm very impressed of how responsive they are whenever I raised a query. Fast action of processing the service, good value among that I got, the whole process took just within 3 business days as promised. Thumbs up & I'll definitely recommend their service to others who require. Thank you for the good job.

    thumb Lf Tai

    5 star review  I like their service in terms of they reply you email promptly and provide outcome accurately and rapidly! Compare the price also more worth than their competitors. Highly recommend to use their service!!

    thumb Jared Ooi
  • 5 star review  Very fast reply, translate only the next day. Also there is pick up point that is more convenience rather than only delivery.

    thumb Evita Darmasaputra

    5 star review  Good and efficient service from them. They get to work immediately I submitted my request. The whole document got translated and notarised within 24 hours. Thank you 😊

    thumb Valerie Yeo


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