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The legalisation of documents in Singapore is a complex process involving multiple offices to visit. Wordsburg offers you an end to end legalisation service. We can help you with document translation service, Commissioner of Oaths, Notarisation, ICA, Singapore Academy of Law Authentication, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Embassy Authentication.


With years of experience in the field of legalisation, we understand the different legalisation requirements of each country or embassies. Fulfilling the embassy requirements can be challenging and tiring. By engaging us, we will do all the runaround and make the legalisation process easier for you.

Document Legalisation Services
Singapore is not part of the Hague Convention making the legalisation process complex. All documents issued in Singapore require a chain of authentication services before using them officially in foreign countries. This method is called “Chain Authentication Method”.

At Wordsburg, we offer end to end attestation of documents in Singapore. Depending on the document type and its origin, the legalisation requirements change. With years of experience in the field of document legalisation, we will make the process easier for you.
  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Driver License
  • Household registry
  • Identity card
  • Divorce Certificate
  • Passport
  • Education Certificates
  • Medical Certificates​

Commissioner of Oaths

Commissioner of oaths

Commissioner of Oaths or Commissioners is a person appointed by the Board of the commissioner of oaths, responsible for witnessing the oaths by any individual or a group.

In most cases, a commissioner in Singapore tends to be a lawyer, however not a mandatory. It can be any government employee from ministries of statutory boards, Departments of Government or Government-related companies. The services offered by the Commissioner of Oaths is entirely different from the Notary Public. In most cases for local usage, commissioner of oaths services are requests whereas a notary public services are rendered when you need to take documents overseas [Exceptions ICA for PR/ Citizenship Application]



Notarisation is the first step of the legalisation process required for most of the documents. As part of the notarisation, Notary Public will witness the original documents or signatures and issue a Notarial Certificate. The notarial certificate comes with the notary seal, stamp & signature of Notary public officer.

As part of the notarisation we help you with:

- Notarisation of any Documents
- Witnessing the signature for documents like Power of attorney, contracts, sale deeds, name change declaration
- Oath Affirmation for affidavits or statutory declaration.
- Certifying true copy for any document like birth, marriage, education certificates etc.,

Singapore Academy of Law Authentication

Singapore Academy of Law Authentication

Starting from Oct 1, 2019, Singapore Academy of Law has made a mandatory requirement to authenticate any document/ Notarial Certificate issued by Notary public in Singapore.

Singapore Academy of Law will provide a Certificate Seal confirming the authenticity of the Notary Certificate. This crucial step is introduced to prevent fraudulent notary certificates.

SAL Authentication is a mandatory step after a notarial certificate is issued. Without getting a SAL authentication sticker, the notarisation process remains incomplete.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Legalisation

If you intend to use documents issued in Singapore to be used overseas, the documents have to be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore. Ministry of Foreign Affairs authentication process can be segmented into two types:

Singapore Government-issued documents

The MFA authentication process for documents issued by the Singapore Government is straightforward. MFA will directly authenticate documents issued by the Singapore Government. You are not required to get any Notary Public or Commissioner of Oaths prior to that.

Private Documents

Things get a little complex with the private documents like Power of Attorney or Declaration or Translated Documents issued by a private company in Singapore etc., All privately issued documents have to be first notarised by Notary Public, Singapore and authenticated by Singapore Academy of Law. Upon these two steps, documents can be processed for MFA authentication. Wordsburg will help you do all the required documentation and get your documents authenticated by MFA. If you need we can help you with Embassy attestation after MFA is completed.

Embassy Legalisation

Embassy Authentication

One may require embassy legalisation or attestation of documents at different stages. Your documents issued in Singapore intended to be used abroad, or overseas documents to be used in Singapore.

In both cases, you may require documents attested by the Embassy.

Embassy Attestation processes require meticulous pre-work to avoid delay in time and costs. Every Embassy has different rules or requirements for the legalisation. For a smooth legalisation process, it is important to understand these requirements and implement them.

Singapore Citizenship


PR Application

Translation for Long term visit pass application

Long term Visit Pass


Visa Applications

Translation for Overseas Usage




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Wordsburg offers you end to end document legalisation services, helping you save hours of your time preparing, booking appointments and queuing to get your documents legalised at the offices of government authorities or embassies.



With years of experience in the field of documentation, we have helped many companies and individuals get through the multi-step legalisation process smoothly. 


Handling private documents, we understand and guarantee your confidentiality. We will ensure your documents are handled safely. All our inhouse employees are bound to Non-Disclosure terms.



By opting for our legalisation services, you can get results in fast and efficient ways. We will communicate with you constantly and update you on the status of your projects. If we face any challenges with authorities, we will identify the possible solutions and try our best to resolve the matters for you.


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At Wordsburg, we provide document legalisation from authorities in Singapore. By engaging us, you will be saved from running around multiple offices to get your documents legalised. We are a one-stop legalisation service provider.


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Our translators & staff have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with us. We can sign NDA with your company to assure the safety & security of the documents.


Wordsburg Customer Support Serving its Customers

Your document legalisation requirements will be looked after by a dedicated manager from start to end. Project Manager will ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery.

Over the years, we have worked with many different organisations from various industries on a wide range of translation projects! Here are some of our esteemed past clients and their respective industries. 

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Government & NGO
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