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Wordsburg Translators working for approved ICA TRANSLATION SERVICES

Are you submitting a Singapore PR or Citizenship Application to ICA? or
Looking for ICA list of private translation companies for LTVP application?

If yes, look no more. Wordsburg is one of reputed ICA Translation Service provider in Singapore. As part of the service, we offer Certified Translation with Notarisation & SAL Authentication.

Unlike MOM, ICA accepts only Notarized Translation Service. Our Certified Translation with Notary & SAL Authentication is 100% acceptable to ICA. Daily, we assist over 50+ clients with the ICA Translation Service. With our expertise in managing document translation for ICA, your documents are in safe hands.

Our turnarounds are fast, Translations are accurate &  documents are secured. You will receive the ICA recognized translation in less than 3 Working Days. Should you need faster service, we offer express service to meet your urgent requests.

Wordsburg Translators working for approved ICA TRANSLATION SERVICES

The document submission process for ICA can get exhaustive. An applicant should submit the required documents within 168 hours since initiating application. A small mistake with the choice of certification can lead to rejection or delays.


To avoid such scenarios, we have set up an indicative guide for you below. It may help to decide the required certifications based on your application type.


Note: Kindly note that below is an indicative guide only. It is prepared based on our experience and research. However, depending on your requirement, you need to countercheck with authorities before finalising the requirements.

I am translating for



If you are a Pass Holder in Singapore and intend to apply for Singapore PR, you need to adhere to the guidelines issued by ICA. One of the requirements is to get the below steps fulfilled for Non-English documents to be acceptable by ICA:


– Certified Translation

– Notarisation

– SAL Authentication


At Wordsburg, we offer the requested 3 steps. Our Certified Translation with the Notary & SAL Authentication is acceptable to ICA for PR Application*.

*Published information is sourced from the ICA website [As on 1 January 2020]. There may be additional requirements which you require to fulfil. We can help with every requirement, just confirm what is needed by the authority.


Our Certification

For our diligent services, we issue you a certified translation which is widely accepted by most of the authorities. The certification is proof of confirmation stating the designated work completion by our expert linguists.


Certification involves the translation printed on company letterhead with certified translation stamp & company representative signature.


However, for PR Application, regardless of the certified translation, notarial services have to be executed for the application to be successfully accepted by ICA.

Next Step: Notarisation


Notarial Certificate & Seal

Notarisation of translated documents is a mandatory requirement to ICA for PR Application. A notarisation of translation documents is to be performed by a Notary Public, appointed by the Board of Commissioners for Oaths and Notaries Public, Singapore.


As part of notarial services, the notary public scrutinises the document to successfully issue a notarial certificate with the notary public seal, chop & signature.

Next Step: Singapore Academy of Law Authentication


SAL Sticker

From 1st October 2019, as per the new guidelines of Singapore Academy of Law, all notarisations issued by a notary public in Singapore are liable to a mandatory authentication by the Singapore Academy of Law.


At Wordsburg, we render these services for you as part of our notarial service package!



Once completed, your documents will be delivered to you using the below options: 


– Soft copy: Sent by email

– Hard copy: Available for collection from our office or sent via courier or Singpost depending on your choice.

ICA does not have a specific list of Private Translation Companies. Neither it endorses a particular Translation Company in Singapore.  ICA accepts Certified Translation with Notary & SAL authentication. We offer a 100% guarantee on acceptance of our certified translation & notarisation for ICA submission.

The breakdown of ICA official translation fee is listed below: 


Certified Translation: For ICA submission, certified translation pricing varies upon the language. The price ranges between 45 SGD – 70 SGD depending on the language pair.


Notarisation & SAL Fee: The notarisation & SAL fee is 210 SGD. 

Above mentioned fee is inclusive of Notary Public Fee – 75 SGD & SAL Fee – 85.6 SGD.

The remainder of 49.4 SGD is our service fee to visit notary & SAL offices on your behalf.

The estimated timeline for Notary Public attested translation takes between 2-3 Working Days. We also offer express service for 1-2 Working days.

Yes, we can notarise the documents if the certified translation provided by a registered private translation company in Singapore. You will get the notarial certificate and SAL Authentication.

At Wordsburg Translations, we offer services required by ICA for Singapore Permanent Residency application. You can email us at info@wordsburg.com.sg.


Alternatively, you may visit us at 105 Cecil Street, #13-28 Singapore 069534.

100% –  ICA accepts our notarised translation service. ICA document translation require certified translation & notary service. So make sure you ask for the same while ordering.

We will email you the certified translation along with notarial certificate & SAL authentication sticker.

The physical copies can be either picked up from our Cecil Street Office or via Singpost or Courier.

No, your physical presence is not required for notarisation or SAL authentication. We will handle it for you.

ICA wants you to submit all the required documents on time. Any insufficient documentation to support your application may result in non-acceptance by ICA. The requirements for ICA application varies from each application.


Apart from the mandatory set of documents, we recommend submitting any certificate that you believe will add merit to your application. Non-English documents require to undergo ICA official translation process.

Below are some of the documents you may consider while submitting to ICA:


  1. Valid Travel – Document
  2. Birth Certificate or
  3. Household Register
  4. Name Change Certificate or Deed Poll (If applicable)
  5. Highest Education Certificate (Including All Tertiary Qualifications), Transcripts, Memberships, Professional Licenses or Vocational Trade Certificates.
  6. Past Employment Testimonials
  7. Valid Business Registration Certificate (If you are self-employed)
  8. Cover Letter to Immigration Controller
  9. Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  10. Annex A to Form 4A.
  11. Current Employer’s letter
  12. Declaration of Application (PTS)
  13. Form 4 A
  14. IRAS Consent Form
  15. Bank Statement
  16. 6 Months Payslip
  17. Spouse Travel Document (if applicable)
  18. Spouse Birth Certificate
  19. Name Change Certificate or Deed Poll (if applicable)
  20. Children Travel Document
  21. Children Birth Certificate
  22. Child Adoption Papers
Unfortunately, NO. The ICA translation documents must be done a private translation company and notarised by a notary public along with SAL authentication. Self translations are not acceptable to ICA.
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Wordsburg Translations is rated high amongst the list of ICA Translators in Singapore. We offer our services in over 100+ languages. Our translation services come with affordable pricing and fast timelines. Apart from affordable translation services we offer express services to meet your timelines.


With a translation network of over 5000+ Linguists, we offer 100% Human translation from native language specialists. We specialise in offering ICA approved translation services in Singapore for various purposes like Singapore PR/ Citizenship Applications. We have helped over 10000+ customers with documents translation services in Singapore approved by ICA.


We offer 6-month post-project support on our translation services. This will assure you are covered if any changes are required on translation document. Our friendly customer support will help you with all your queries, requirements and help you with acceptance of your application.



At Wordsburg, we will provided Certified Translation & Notarisation with SAL Authentication. ICA accepts our certification & notarisation services. 


Data Security Badge

Our translators & staff have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with us. We can sign NDA with your company to assure the safety & security of the documents.


Wordsburg Customer Support Serving its Customers

Your ICA Translation Service requirements will be looked after by a dedicated manager from start to end. Project Manager will ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery. If you need post-translation support, the project manager will assist you.

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