You have managed to produce a visually stunning commercial, yet it is incomplete without a perfect voiceover. You got good content for e-learning and need an engaging voiceover. Whether it is for commercial, e-learning or other types of video content, we can help you!

We offer voiceover services in over 100+ languages with multiple dialects & accents. Whether you need a British English voiceover services or a voiceover with Singapore accent, we have everything for you.

Whatever is your requirement, we have the best voice talent in multiple languages to fulfil your multilingual voiceover requirements. We will help you with the script translation, voiceover, A/V sync & video edits & captions/subtitling. Get in touch with your project details now!

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Our professional voice-over team is segmented based on the language and expertise. Some of the popular types of voice-over services we offer are for Ads, Elearning, Telephone IVR, Explainer Videos, Promotional Videos and Audiobooks

Ads/ Commercials

Voice-over for Ads/ Commercials

Voice-over for advertising is the creative space for voice-overs. The tonal and modulation requirements vary based on the visuals and the requirement of the brand the advertisement is promoting. The voice actor should have a great command over vocal emotions.

Our Voice artists will just do exactly that. The skilled voice actors at Wordsburg are professionally qualified to understand the branding of a company. The actor will fine-tune the vocals accordingly.

Telephone IVR

Voice-over for Telephone IVR

Getting people to call you is the first step of the lead generation. Giving them the rich experience on the first call will increase your chances of winning them. You definitely do not want to leave such an opportunity for some instrumental music. Take a step forward and win your customer with your choice of messaging using our voice-over for Telephone IVR. Our pool of Voice Actors comprises of great voice-overs that fits this requirement.

Get in touch with us now.

Promotional Videos

Voice-over for Promotional Videos

You have already heard that Videos work fantastic as a promotional tool. You have recorded videos that have the potential to tell the story of your brand or product or the services you offer. Now its time to "Tell the story". Voice Over add a great deal to your promotional videos. Just like the background music, voice type or tone makes or breaks the promotional videos.

At Wordsburg, we understand the nuances of the advertising. Our professional Voice-over artists will add value to the videos. Contact us now.


Voice-over for Elearning Courses

Voice-over for E-learning Courses is a specialised field of Audio Production for producing training materials. The type of voiceover that best suits is the one with clear and easy to hear. The tone of audio required is plain yet not boring. With years of experience in producing Elearning modules, our Voice talent pool is a great fit for you. At Wordsburg, our voice artists understand the content of E-learning modules. Discuss them with the clients and understand the target audiences.

Explainer Videos

Voice-over for Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are a great way of promoting your product or services. The quality messaging of the videos can take your product or services to places. Good storytelling with a compelling voice-over can make your brand viral in no time.

Engage our Artists to voice for your explainer videos that have the potential to make it big. Contact us now.

Audio Books

Voice-over for Audiobooks

Audiobooks are quite successful in recent years. Our increasingly busy lives are making it difficult to spend hours reading books. That’s exactly where audiobooks have come into play.

By engaging the right narrator to voice-over for an audiobook will bring the experience close to the reading experience. At Wordsburg, our Voiceover artists have narrated over 1000+ Audiobooks. The narration style is modulated based on the audio content and target demographics.

Convert your book into an Audio Book now.

Our pool of voice talent includes both female & male voiceovers with ability to generate output with varied tones / accents. We record the audio using professional equipment in a controlled studio environment.

Our voiceover prices are affordable and quality is great. Our voice actors will add value to your content. At Wordsburg, we will oversee your project requirements. We will work closely with you and voice artists to complete your project successfully.

We have over 1000+ Multilingual Voiceover artists working round the clock in different time zones. Be it a Chinese Voice Over service or a Spanish Voice over service, we have multiple voice artists for you.
Just tell us your needs and we will provide you with samples that best suit your voice over needs.

At Wordsburg, we offer something more than just voice-overs. You will get a complete set of services required for the production of audio or video. We have professionals who can help you with Translation, Subtitling, Video & Audio Editing. You do not require to juggle with these. We will handle things for you.

Our pool of professional voice-over artists is specialised by the Topic/ Tone/ Gender/ Language/ Accent/ Dialect. You don’t have to be limited with options. We will help you with the voice over services customised for your needs.

As our Voiceover Artists are on different time zones working round the clock, we can meet your Fast Voice over needs. You can expect voiceover as fast as 4 hours depending on the complexity of the project.

We offer Multilingual Voiceover services. We have professional voice over artists from all parts of the world voicing over 100+ languages. Tell us your languages and we will provide you with multilingual voice over.

Our Support staff & project management team will make sure your projects are completed on time. We are available at your service over a phone call, chat or Email. Just reach out to us.


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