Professional Audio Transcriptionist at Work


Speech to text transcription services help with an easy understanding of the content. It will save time from listening to lengthy audios. Audio transcription shapes the ideas better with easy-to-read text. It is even more useful when the audio quality is not great.


Wordsburg offers professional audio transcription services at best rates. With a team of 5000+ transcribers, we can assist you with the human audio transcription with fast turnaround. Be it a simple interview or a complex medical transcription services, we will transcribe them all for you. We deliver transcription services in over 100+ languages.


Our transcriptions go beyond simple audio content. Our native transcribers can work with audio having an accent or noise.

Professional Audio Transcriptionist at Work

Our professional transcription team is segmented based on the language and expertise. Some of the popular types of transcription we handle are Academic, Medical, Business, Certified/ Legal, Conferences, Digital, Training, Research & Focus groups and videos.


Academy Transcription Services

We will provide accurate Academic Transcription Services with speed and accuracy. Transcribing the lectures and training sessions will make it easy to read or learn. Starting from research content to journals we will deliver the best.

Certified - Legal

Certified Transcription Services

For legal usage, you may need Certified Transcription Services. Our certified transcriptions are acceptable to most Courts, Government or Private firms. Our Certified Transcription Service rates are affordable.

Focus Group Sessions

Focus Group Transcription

Focus Group Meetings and interviews take a lot of planning. With overlapping speeches, at times it will be difficult to hear everyone. By engaging our Focus Group Transcription Services, you will hear every participant's opinion.


Medical Transcription Services

Our Medical Transcriptionist will transcribe confidential content with care. We will provide you with a quality medical transcription service in fast turnaround time. We have assisted many medical and healthcare professionals.


Conference Transcription Services

Our Conference Transcription Services will transcribe the content spoken at meetings, conferences and Conventions. We will transcribe the recordings from your official conferences that will provide you with the content to revisit.


Training Transcription Services

It is very resourceful to record & transcribe the lectures for better learning. Our Transcription Service will deliver the text form of the training modules. Providing this to students will help them to revisit lectures at ease.


Business Transcription Services

We offer Business Transcription Service for your business requirements. Bet it board meetings or one to one meetings or other business needs, we are here to help. Our round the clock transcriptionist will meet your deadlines.


Digital Transcription Services

Digital recordings are a great way of storing the content. Transcribing the recordings will help to convert audio to the paper. It will create endless possibilities for further editing and publishing. We offer Digital Transcription Service at best rates.


Video Transcription Services

With Netflix, Youtube, Youku the content generation is on the next level. Such high volumes of the content need optimisation to make your video seen by many. Video Transcription Service will help with better online search rankings. Transcribing videos are helpful to publish subtitles.
clean Verbatim

Clean Verbatim is the process of transcribing the text after trimming down the unwanted pauses or words. The audio transcription with clean verbatim is easy to read and digest the content. 

clean Verbatim

True Verbatim is the process of transcribing every single word on the audio tap. It includes everything like verbal and non-verbal communication like noises, repetitions, words like Umm, ah, err, etc., 

Timecodes or Timestamps are the intervals on the audio. Timecodes are useful to navigate to a specific point on the audio and review the text. 

Speaker labels are the text on the transcript that will help to identify who spoke the contents on the transcript. It can be the name of a person or profession or something distinctive.

We offer multilingual transcription services in over 100+ languages. Along with audio transcription, we do offer audio translation services into multiple languages.

Wordsburg offers Best Transcription Services in at a fast pace. We will deliver accurate transcription with a timestamp and the name of the speaker. We offer certification for our audio transcriptions.  Our certified transcriptions are acceptable to most government bodies, ministries, courts.  With 99% accuracy guaranteed, we will provide the best transcription possible for noisy audio. Our audio transcription services are affordable and best transcription service providers in the market.

Our English transcription prices start from as low as 2$ per min. Non-English language transcriptions start from 3$ per minute. 

We provide quality transcriptions in record time. With 99% accuracy guaranteed, we will provide the best transcription possible for audio with noisy environment.

Our project managers and transcriptionists will serve you to ensure you get the best experience. With a team of over 5,000+ transcribers working round the clock your projects are in safe hands.

We offer tape transcription services and treat contents with the utmost confidentiality. All our transcriptionists haves signed signed NDA with us. We will do the same with you to assure data confidentiality.

At times you may need certification to prove the accuracy. At Wordsburg, we offer Certified Transcription that is acceptable by the most. If the receiving end has any specific instructions we will fulfil them.

In the event of any problems with transcription, we offer you quick customer support. We will ensure your transcription queries are resolved on time.


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