Professional English to Chinese Translators at work

Are you looking for a reliable translation company to handle your translation projects? If yes, you are in the right place!

Wordsburg Translations is a professional translation company with offices in Singapore & the UK, often highly rated by our past clients! Depending on your location, we can help you make a smooth transition into working and / or living in Singapore or the UK by translating your documents and getting them accepted by the relevant authorities. Whether it is for personal or business purposes, you can be assured of our expertise!

Over the years, we have offered multilingual translation services to 25000+ happy customers.

Professional English to Chinese Translators at work

Certified & Notary Public Translation

Immigration & Checkpoints Authorities (ICA)
Ministry of Manpower (MOM)
Singapore Traffic Police
Health Promotion Board
Land Transport Authority
Local & Overseas Banks
Educational Institutes
& more

Certified & Notarised Translation Service

Offering packages for Certified Translation, Notary & SAL, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Embassy Authentication
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Personal customers engage us for Certified Translation Services. As a certified translator in Singapore, we have helped clients with ICA Certified Translation, Certificate translation for MOM, Driver’s License Translation, Notarised translation for ICA, Embassies. 

In both Singapore & the United Kingdom, we usually translate these documents:

Wordsburg is one of the trusted translation service company. We take pride in serving some of the top companies. Over the years, we have helped many businesses with our translation services. Below are a few industries we translate often:

Our professional translation team is segmented based on industry expertise. Some of the popular types of translation we handle are Technical Translation, Medical Translation, Financial Translation, Translation for Marketing & Advertising, Legal Translation, Website Translation, Video Translation & more


Technical Translation needs superior knowledge in technical as well as linguistics. Our expert translators bring years of experience in handling technical contents.

As a translation company in Singapore, we can help you with are AutoCAD Drawings, Technical Brochures, Manuals, White Papers, Websites, Descriptions, Training videos & more. Contact us
Technical Translation Service

Marketing & Advertising

Translation services for Marketing & Advertising need a perfect blend of accuracy & creativity. While holding on to the source, it is a must to meet target language requirements.

At Wordsburg Translation Services, we commit to meet your branding requirements. As a marketing translation company in Singapore, we can help you with Brochures, Google Ads, White papers, websites, videos & more.
Marketing Translation Service


Medical Translation Service is the sensitive domain. Our translators come with years of experience in dealing with Medical Document Translation. We will translate the medical content adhering to the standard practices.

As a professional Medical Translator in Singapore, we can help you with Medical Dossiers, Research reports, Patient information sheets, user guides, videos and more.
Medical Translation Service


Translating legal documents require subject knowledge in Law & Linguistics. As a professional translator in Singapore, we can translate, certify & notarise documents. If necessary, we can also help you with legalisation service for Embassy or overseas use.

We can help you with the translation of ACRA Bizfile, MOA, AOA, Arbitration, contracts & more.
Legal Translation Service


If you are looking for Financial Translation in Singapore, we are here to help you. Our certified translations are acceptable to major banks, financial institutions, Ministries & embassies.

Our Financial Document Translation Services can help you with the translation of Financial statements, Audit reports, B/S, P& L, Blockchain/Crypto, Tax statements and more.
Financial Translation Service


Wordsburg is one of the renowned website translators in Singapore. Our integrated translation solutions will help you with translation in the loop.

Most of the clients prefer our integrated website translation services over traditional methods. By opting our translation company, you will save costs, time & load on your resources.
Website Translation Service
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