business translation service

We have helped businesses and their teams with all types of language requirements. We promise High-Quality Translations at the low cost with superior translation process that can be easily scaled.

business translation service

Our business friendly translation pricing, processes & terms are sure to impress you. 

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Government & NGO
Banking & Finance
Travel & Leisure
Digital & Education
Government & NGO
Banking & Finance
Travel & Leisure
Digital & Education
Customised for Business Documents

Language Set 1

0.1 – 0.16

S$ per word

Chinese (Simplified), Malay, Tamil

*Minimum order of 45 SGD is applicable

Language Set 2

0.11 – 0.17

S$ per word

Bahasa Indonesian, Chinese (Traditional), Thai, Vietnamese

*Minimum order of 50 SGD is applicable

Language Set 3

0.12 – 0.18

S$ per word

Arabic, Bengali, Burmese, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Indian Languages, Hungarian, Italian, Jawi, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Lao, Persian/ Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog/Filipino, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu

*Minimum order of 60 SGD is applicable

Language Set 4

0.14 – 0.2

S$ per word

All Other languages

*Minimum order of 70 SGD is applicable

  • Human Translation
  • 1 Round of free review by 1st translator
  • Non-Linguistic QA Check
  • Basic Layout for Non-Design file formats [Ex: Word, PPT, TXT]
  • Glossary & TM Management
  • Free Bilingual Version [Optional]*
  • Credit Facility for Corporate & Government Clients* [T&C]

A 6-Step robust process which will enhance the quality of the translation while keeping the costs in control.


1. Analyse

- Content
- Tone
- Target Audience
- Key Terminology
- File Format
- Style Guides
- Client Instructions

2. Prepare

- File Conversion
- Pre-translation layout fix
- Content Filtering
- Content Segmentation
- Glossary
- Translation Memory


3. Setup

- Language Pairs
- Add files to the project
- Production flow as per SLA
- Set up TM & Glossary
- QA Process
- Deadlines
- Project tracking parameters.

4. Production

Production steps based on the agreed SLA:
- Translation
- Translation+Proofreading
- Full TEP (Translation+Editing+ Proofreading)


5. Review

- Linguistic Quality Check
- Non-Linguistic Quality Check
- Layouting/ DTP Inspection
- TM & Glossary review
- File Conversion
- Font Check
- Style Guide Inspection
- Linguistic Sign off

6. Deliver

- via email.
- If applicable, physical copies to be self-picked from office or shipped to the given address upon client review & certification.


Fully Automated & Integrated Delivery through API


  1. Plug-in CMS/VCS via API
  2. Push the original content from CMS/VCS to our translation system
  3. Translate Content
  4. Pull the translation to CMS/VCS & Repeat on the loop.

*PDF files required to be reviewed

Get the translation layout design 

“just like original”

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Based in Singapore, our professional translation solutions have expertly tackled 100+ languages with an average of 1000 successful cases every month. Wordsburg specialises in providing reliable translation services in a time-bound manner, which means that we value your time and invest in it with utmost care to bring you quality translation within the shortest period.

We are a team comprising of Professional Linguists, Localisation Engineers, DTP Specialists, Sales & Support Representatives whom you can place your trust. Our expertise will cruise you through Pre-Translation, Translation and post-translation assuring you a quality translation service.

  • 100+ Languages
  • Fast Quotation
  • 2,000 Words/ Translator/ Day
  • Express service available
  • Orders accepted over weekends
  • 100% Human Translation
  • Robust QA Process
  • Native translators
  • Industry experts
  • Dedicated Translators
  • Pay less for more volume
  • Customised pricing plans
  • Monthly Invoicing Facility*
  • Credit terms for Business clients*
  • 6 months post project support

We are proud to offer full suite of language services for your business


Wordsburg offers its professional translation services to Businesses & Individual clients. Businesses searching for translation and localisation services for global expansion or an Individual migrating to a new country, or a Work Pass holder seeking for Permanent Residency or Singapore Citizenship, you will likely need to engage a registered translation company. When you’re looking for such translation services in Singapore, Wordsburg is your best pick. Wordsburg is equipped with the ability to offer a full suite of translation services, as well as fulfilling the required certifications & legalisation processes required for your documents.


Wordsburg is known to be one of the fastest and best transcription services in Singapore. Our transcription service can deal with challenging scenarios such as multilingual audios, multiple speakers, background noise, poor-quality recordings, Whatever material you need to be transcribed; we will rise to the challenge and get the best possible transcription output. Once completed, you will receive an accurate and certified transcription that is in general accepted by most authorities across the globe.


Wordsburg has the best in industry interpreters who can offer the quality in-person interpretation services in Singapore and virtual interpretation for any other location in the world. While offering the widely requested consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services in over 80+ languages, we are happy to discuss your needs and offer the customised interpretation services best suited to your circumstances. 


Wordsburg is one company that can offer you a single window for translation and document legalisation service in Singapore. The legalisation process can seem arduous, but we take all the hassle out of it and will present you with a fully legalised document. For you, we will do Certified Translation, Notarisation, Singapore Academy of Law Authentication [SAL], Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation [MFA] & relevant country embassy. This will allow your document to be valid in whichever country you will need it in.


Multilingual and single language desktop publishing and typesetting services are offered by Wordsburg’s team of experts. With the ability to work across the most common design software tools, we can publish the translations into existing designs or create fresh designs for publications, book and magazine layouts, and offer a full suite of DTP services. Our dedicated team will make your copy look great and prepare “ready to print” versions.


International audiences are but a click away from your company. Adding multilingual subtitling to your corporate or commercial content ensures your company is accessible to as many customers and colleagues as possible. Our multilingual subtitling service will complete the task from beginning to end. At Wordsburg, our highly-skilled linguists will translate the content into the required languages. Upon translation, video editors in collaboration with our linguists code the subtitles on to your videos, ensuring accurate timing and efficient text placement.


Producing a video with the right spoken language is the perfect way to extend your content across markets. At Wordsburg, we offer recordings by professional voice artists across more than 100 languages who can adeptly voice your words in whichever style you need. You are in control, with options of gender, accent, age, and tone all available. 

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