Medical Translation Services

Wordsburg Translations offers reliable medical translation services. Our medical content translators will assist you in complex or simple document translation.


Over the years, we have offered our services to hundreds of medical / pharma companies. We have translated a broad range of medical or biotech contents such as research documentation, clinical trial studies, medical dossiers and more.


Medical translation is the most sensitive domain in the translation. It requires extreme detailing and care. Our team of medical translators will produce the translation of high standards. Each of the medical translators onboard are well experienced to manage your needs.


Our high-quality medical translations fast, accurate & affordable. Our Medical translation service rendered in over 100+ languages including, European, Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Cyrillic and African languages.

Medical Translation Services



  • Medical Dossiers
  • Clinical Trial Reports
  • Medical Research Documentation
  • Patient information sheets
  • Medical Devices user guides
  • Scientific Research
  • Patient Medical Reports
  • Medical Videos
  • Patient Consent Forms
  • Medical Regulation Acts
  • Clinical Protocols
  • Medical Insurance content
  • Medical Reports
  • & other medical documents
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Medical translations are not everyone’s cup of tea. They are specialised contents and let the specialists handle that. Wordsburg is a trusted medical translation Company with a reputation of serving top Medical companies across the globe.

We have a robust translation process for medical content. We approach medical translation jobs with a two-pronged approach. While the primary focus is to translate into the target language, we will also ensure we localise the translation. Our translators will research on the local medical terminologies and ensure the content is localised.

We make use of translation glossaries, translation memories to ensure translation consistency. Upon completion of translation, a thorough QA check will be performed separately for linguistic and non-linguistic elements. We take special attention to the consistency of medical terminology across the document.

After completing the medical translation, we will perform a detailed linguistic & non-linguistic QA. During the QA process, we will emphasise on the linguistic and non-linguistic elements of the medical content. We will thoroughly check the consistency of the terms, numbers, metrics and more.

We understand that medical contents are very private. At Wordsburg, we take the required precautions to safeguard content privacy. Our team of translators, editors and employees have signed a non-disclosure agreement with our company. In turn, we will sign an NDA with your company, if required.

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This is the process of our medical translation services – easy, trustworthy and reliable! All you need to do is handover your project to us and we will deliver high quality results. 



  • Setup
  • Translation & Review
  • Document Certifications



  • By Email
  • By Handpick/ Courier/ Singpost
  • 6-month post project support


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