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You have an event or a meeting with participants who do not speak a common language. With participants from various countries and speaking multiple languages, it is a difficult place to communicate. In scenarios like this, an interpreter can fill the void.


A professional interpreter is a linguist who is well versed with more than one language. An interpreter will translate & relay the message from the speaker to the listener who does not speak the same language as a speaker. The relaying of the message can be fulfilled with different types of interpretation.


The technology of the skillset of the interpreter required for each of the mentioned interpretation services varies. At Wordsburg, we have the quality interpreters who are well versed with each type of interpretation requirements.

Interpretation services Network

Simultaneous Live Interpretation

Simultaneous Live Interpretation Services

Simultaneous Interpretation is the process of translating or interpreting the message instantly in a difference of a few seconds. The interpreters are supported by the Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment like Booth, Transmitters & receivers/ Headsets.

For a virtual, live simultaneous interpretation is supported by the most online Meeting tools. [Ex: Zoom, Gotomeeting]. Using these internet tools, one can experience the same output as onsite simultaneous interpretation but for virtual meetings.

Wordsburg Translations offer Simultaneous Interpretation in Singapore for over 100+ languages. We can meet your different needs like Conferences/ Meetings/ Training sessions and more. We also provide Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment in Singapore. If you need a certified interpreter in Singapore, Contact us.

Remote/ Telephone Interpretation

Remote/ Telephone Interpretation Services

Remote/ Telephone Interpretation services have become quite popular due to the COVID-19 pandemic across the world. Today, most of the meetings or conferences or in fact some events are held remotely. Like physical meetings, people are attending Live Sessions and need Interpreters when multilingual audiences are amongst the group.

Remote Interpretation can be done both Simultaneously as well as Consecutive. Online meeting tools like Zoom & Gotomeeting provide the option for Interpreter Rooms replacing physical interpreter booths.

At Wordsburg, we offer quality remote interpretation services at cost-effective prices. We offer both Simultaneous and consecutive remote interpreters for remote or online sessions. Our remote or online interpretation rates are very affordable and cheaper compared to on-site interpretation services.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation Services

Consecutive Interpretation is the process of interpreting the message after listening to the speaker’s message completely. The messaging process is a bit more delayed than compared to the simultaneous interpretation process.

During Consecutive Interpretation, the interpreter listens to the whole message and interprets the message to the listeners accurately. The speaker may speak short sentences or for few minutes in a stretch prior to interpretation. For long messages, interpreters usually take notes to ensure he recreates and communicates the message effectively.

This is ideal if the group of listeners are large in a number or the usage of technology is limited. It is also helpful when the interpreter needs time to recreate the message and communicate to listeners in a compelling manner.

Wordsburg Translations Offers consecutive interpretation services in over 100+ languages. Our Consecutive Interpretation Rates are quite competitive.

Conference Interpretation

Conference Interpretation Services

When you have people speaking different languages are attending a conference, it is best to have an interpreter specialised in the Conference interpretation. Depending on the type of conference, you may require a simultaneous or consecutive interpreter attending your conference. At Wordsburg, we have the specialist interpreters for handling conferences. We can arrange simultaneous as well as consecutive interpreters for the conferences.


Whispering Interpretation Services

Whisper Interpreting is a form of interpretation where the interpreters listen to the speaker and interpret the message and whispers to the listener. It is a simple form of interpretation. It doesn’t require any technology like booths or transmitters or headsets.

Whispering can also be exhaustive for an interpreter as well as the listener. An interpreter cannot be part of interpreting for more than 45 Mins to 1 Hour. Usually, it would take more than 1 interpreter if the events or meetings are more than 1 hours.

Whisper interpreting is ideal for private use without interrupting other audiences in the event.

Sign Language Interpretation

Sign Language Interpretation Services

Sign language is used by deaf people to communicate with others or primarily with other deaf community members. Sign language interpretation is the process of interpreting the message from spoken language to impaired or deaf individuals. The sign language interpretation has been in practice for many decades. It has been a very helpful channel to relay the messages to deaf individuals.

There are about 135 forms of sign languages existing across the globe. The usage of sign language varies from the country or at times region. For example, SgSL [Singapore Sign Language], ASL [American Sign Language], BSL[British Sign Language] is used in Singapore, USA & UK respectively. Likewise, each country has a separate sign language.

A Deaf Interpreter or a Sign language interpreter in Singapore is specialised in Singapore Sign Language (SgSL). Apart from local signs, SgSL is influenced by Shanghainese Sign Language, Signing Exact English (SEE2) and American Sign Language (ASL).

At Wordsburg, we can help you with the Sign Language Interpretation services for your events. Contact us now.
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Wordsburg offers you a team of qualified interpreters experienced in various topics. Be it a Medical or Legal conference with the multilingual audience, Wordsburg will bridge the gap.

With a team of over 1000+ interpreters, we are available to meet your immediate needs of interpretation services. Our interpreters are skilled to meet your different interpretation needs including Simultaneous, Consecutive, Sign & remote interpreters.

Should you require an interpreter to accompany you to travel along to attend a meeting overseas, we can help. Whether you are looking for Japanese Interpretation service or a Chinese interpreter, contact us. We will give you an interpreter that fully understands your language needs and serve you at best capacity.

With Wordsburg Interpreters on your side, you can expect seamless, confidential & quality interpretation Services. Get in touch with us to know more about our Interpretation Services.



At Wordsburg, our interpreters have been part of 100’s of Interpretation Events. Each interpreter on board is segmented by language, subject knowledge & technical expertise. 


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