Professional DTP Services


Desktop publishing (DTP) or typesetting is the process of converting a plain text into a ready to publish the file. Traditionally used for printing purposes is now used for publishing content online too.


Using our desktop publishing services, you can publish a wide range of publishing materials. From food menu to brochure, we offer you multilingual desktop publishing services.


At Wordsburg, we will translate, design & publish the content in many languages. We cover most of the publishing tools & formats. Some of the popular one’s are:


– InDesign

– Framemaker

– Illustrator

– Coreldraw

– Quarkxpress

– Microsoft Publisher

Professional DTP Services

*PDF files required to be reviewed

Get the translation layout design “just like original”

Publishing a good resourceful content in one language is a tedious process. It is not only time consuming but comes with costs. Now imagine getting the same done in many languages. This is where Wordsburg will serve you. At Wordsburg, we will translate and publish the content into various languages. With a team of over 5000+ translators and 10 DTP professionals, we are able to offer quick service.

The technical process of translating a simple word file varies from Publishing file. While translating the content on a Word file, the translator is licensed to go off the page limits. The text may flow from one page to another or one cell to another. But we cannot say the same for an Indesign file. The text in the Indesign file is bound by the text frames. So as a translator one needs to be conscious about the length of the text.


In an ideal world, it will be a great choice to have the translator working on a document layout too. Yet the complexity of the design tools makes it difficult for the translator to work on the layout.


This is exactly where a DTP specialist comes into the place. A DTP specialist is a professional Layout artist who works with publishing tools.


The process of translation & layout is teamwork. It involves a translation team & DTP specialist. Due to the need for varied skillset in the process, the dependency on one another is at various stages.

The publishing files like InDesign are not readable by the most text editors like MS Word. In general, translators do not have the skillset of working with design files. A DTP specialist of Pre-work Manager will extract the contents into a bilingual Word file. Pre-work manager will preserve the header tags to use in post-translation.
The translator is a specialist in the linguistic arena of a particular language. He/She will work on the Bilingual file produced during the content extraction stage. While working the translator will preserve header tags. The translator will try to keep the word length as per original. Yet, the target language content may need words to convey the same message. Ex: Thai content needs more space compared to English.
The translation review process includes editing, proofreading and client’s pre-publishing feedback.

Our proofreaders & editors will work on the translation to further polish the draft. Upon satisfaction, we will deliver a bilingual Word file for the client’s review.

Upon client feedback, we will make the necessary edits and revert back to the client. The process will repeat until the final draft is out.Once the final draft is out, the scope of editing the translation is to be minimal to None.
Using the final draft, our DTP specialist and translator will work as a team. The DTP specialist will work on the layout, typography, formatting. The translator will focus on the linguistic areas like font issues, line breaks and more. As a team, they will produce a published pdf file for the final linguistic check.
The translator will review the final published file from a linguistic perspective. If any changes are necessary, the translator will work with DTP specialist and get it fixed and sign off.
Upon linguistic sign-off, the published files will be sent to the client for final review. While expecting minimal or no feedback on the translation, the client will review the DTP work. Upon complete satisfaction, we will proceed with content packaging.

The final stage of DTP work involves the final DTP checks to ensure your documents are print-ready. We will package the contents that best suits for printing needs and future usage. We will provide you with all link files, fonts and other necessary contents in a package.

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Translation of Design or publishing files need a different approach. The chances or making a mistake is possible at different stages. Imagine you are going for a print of 10,000 Brochures. One minor mistake on the final print can cost you a lot. To avoid such scenarios it requires meticulous planning and implementation. At Wordsburg, we will exactly do that. Plan the work & Work the plan.


With a team of In-House desktop publishing / typesetting specialists, we can assure the fast turnaround and quality output. This will allow translators and Desktop Publishing team to work closely and get better output. We will translate, design & publish the content in many languages. We cover most of the publishing tools & formats.


Wordsburg is a network of 5000+ translators serving in 100+ language pairs. Our professional translators can translate Technical, Medical, Business, Financial, Marketing and more. With years of experience, our translators understand the challenges with the design files. This will help you save costs & time.



Wordsburg offers the best desktop publishing services rates that will save your multilingual publishing costs. Share your files with us to get accurate prices.


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Our Translators, Desktop Publishing team & support staff have signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our company. We are able to sign an NDA with your company to assure the safety & security of your content.


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Our Support staff & project management team has a fair knowledge of desktop publishing/typesetting software. This will make your communication easier and work faster. We are available at your service over a phone call, chat or Email. Just reach out to us.


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