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Wordsburg Translations is the trusted technical translation service provider. Our technical document translation team translates complex documents with high quality.

Technical document translation demands a great deal of subject-level. We feature the quality translation work produced by our technical translation experts. Our translators have years of experience in translating technical contents. We can handle all types of Technical Documents for your business needs.

We are able to support technical document translation into 100+ languages. It includes Asian, European, Indian, Middle Eastern, Cyrillic & African languages.

Our technical translation turnaround is Fast; Prices are affordable; Quality is great. If you are still wondering where to translate Technical documents? Get started with us.

Technical Translation in Singapore



  • Technical Manuals
  • Installation Guides
  • AutoCAD Drawings
  • Patient information sheets
  • Safety Instruction Manuals
  • Product Descriptions
  • Technical Maintenance Guides
  • Technical Websites
  • Technical Documentation
  • Technical Training Modules
  • Technical Brochures
  • Technical White papers
  • Technical Videos
  • & other technical documents
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At Wordsburg, we offer technical translations produced by a native linguist. Our technical translation team comprises of experts in the Technical domain. Each of them holds expertise in at least one area of engineering. [Ex: Automotive, Electronics, Mechanical, Aviation etc.,]

To produce the best technical translation services, we approach the projects with a two-step approach. First, we will exercise the technical jargons. Our translators will work on the glossary to precisely capture the technical terms. Second, the translators will work towards localising the contents to the target readers.

Our technical translation process is robust. We make use of translation glossaries, translation memories to ensure consistency. After completing the technical translation, we will perform a detailed linguistic & non-linguistic QA.

During the QA process, we will emphasise on the linguistic and non-linguistic elements. While the focus is on the language & tone, we check the consistency of the terms, numbers, metrics too.

Technical documents or drawings will remain confidential. Wordsburg Translations takes serious measures assuring the security of your documents. Each of our employees and translators has signed non-disclosure agreements with us. We will in turn sign a non-disclosure with you, if required.

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This is the process of our technical translation services – effortless, safe and accurate! All you need to do is handover your project to us and we will deliver high quality results.



  • Setup
  • Translation & Review
  • Document Certifications



  • By Email
  • By Handpick/ Courier/ Singpost
  • 6-month post project support


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