Professional English to Chinese Translators at work

Looking for a reliable Chinese translator?

We are here to help the businesses or individuals looking to engage a professional Chinese translation company. As a registered Chinese Translation Agency, we can translate English to Chinese and the other way around.

Wordsburg Translation Service comprises a team of Native Chinese Translators from Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Each of the translators is well equipped to offer you the localised versions of Chinese translation services.

Listed as one of the Best Translation Services, our Chinese translation service is accepted by the most Singapore authorities and overseas.

Professional English to Chinese Translators at work
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At Wordsburg, our Chinese translation projects comprise of over 75% of the total projects. Our qualified Chinese translation service team can successfully translate English to Chinese translation and vice versa.


With over 50+ Chinese linguists, our team comprises of translators with diverse education, work experience & regional backgrounds. Based in Singapore, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Macau, our translators can efficiently bring local nuances to the language. The nature of the project, subject matter and the target audience will take the precedence while selecting the right translator.


Our 6-step workflow process with the affordable translation pricing works just great for many companies as well as individual customers. If you are one of them in search of reliable Chinese translation services, Wordsburg Translations should be your pick.



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In most cases, business clients are charged on the source language word count.


– For Chinese to English Translation, we charge based on the Chinese character count.


– For English to Chinese Translation, we charge based English word count.


Note: If the scanned pages are unclear, such pages will be evaluated separately from case to case.

The best way to get the word count for English to Chinese translation is to share files with us.

As a professional English to Chinese translation company, we have tools that can accurately count the words.

We will evaluate the word count for you.  The other alternative ways are to check the statistics on the source files.
Our Chinese translators are the native linguists based in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Macau regions. The selected Chinese translators will undergo the screening process. We will test linguistic skills, commitment and quality of work produced.

Our Chinese translation team is segmented by the native language proficiency, subject expertise, work experience and past track record of handling projects successfully.

For specialised documents, we will involve specialised Chinese translators who are skilled and capable of pulling off the project successfully.
Yes, we can assign a dedicated translator for all Chinese language projects for your company.

If the chosen translator is working on an another project, expect a delay. The translator will work on your project once he/she completes the existing projects.

Yes. If you provide the editable source file in Chinese or English, We will retain the 100% layout and deliver the fully formatted file.


In case if the source file is not editable [Ex: Scanned PDF file], we will do our best to retain the layout. Depending on the quality of the scan the output will vary.

Yes. Our Chinese Translation Services  are acceptable to most of the authorities in Singapore & Overseas.


Depending on the purpose, authorities may ask for further steps apart from the certified translation of Chinese documents.


For ex: Notary & SAL/ MFA Authentication/ Embassy Attestation. Check with the authorities and confirm the requirements.

Our translation team are experts in Chinese Technical Translation, Chinese Medical Translation, Chinese Financial Translation, Chinese Certified Translation, Chinese Legal Translation, Chinese Website translation, Chinese Video Translation, Chinese Audio Translation and more.

Yes, we can offer a credit period of up to 30 Days for customers with a positive track record. T&C Apply. 


Kindly get in touch with our sales team to know more details.

Yes, we offer custom packages for business clients. <br><br>


By engaging us as a Chinese translation partner you will get custom translation rates.


Below are some of the benefits:


– We offer the best prices on bulk volumes of work.


– Pay for bulk at low prices and use them over the multiple upcoming projects.


– Enter into a service agreement with us and get fixed unit prices for a different range of word counts.


– 30 days credit period upon customer evaluation will help to fast track projects while your finance is working on payment processing.


Terms and conditions apply.


Kindly get in touch with our sales team to know more details.

Yes, we can offer monthly billing instead of project-based invoicing.


T&C apply.


Kindly get in touch with our sales team to know more details.

Yes, we can utilise the glossary or TM from past Chinese translation projects.


We will add them to the linguistic resources of the new projects. It will help improve consistency and effective the quality of translation.

Yes, we provide Chinese translation for HTML/ PHP/ InDesign files without breaking code or disturbing the layout design.

Yes, we offer Chinese Video Translation service. Along with video translation, we offer transcription, voice-over & subtitling services too.

Yes, we offer localised translation content. Let us know the target market for your Chinese translation.



If you wish to translate English to Chinese  for Singapore market, we will use a local Singaporean to get the local nuances of the target market. Likewise, for China or Taiwan.


The timeline for Chinese language translation depends on the volume.


As a thumb-rule, we will deliver in about 1 Working Day if the content is less than 5 page or 2000 words.

First, we will email you the soft copy.


The physical copy of documents can be delivered using one of the below options:


– Self Collect from our office in Cecil Street

– Singpost
– Courier

Certified Chinese Translation Service provided by Wordsburg is acceptable by most of the authorities in Singapore & Overseas.


Depending on the purpose, authorities may ask for further steps apart from the certified translation of Chinese documents.


For ex: Notary & SAL/ MFA Authentication/ Embassy Attestation. Check with the authorities and confirm the requirements.

In general, we don’t require original documents.


A good scan copy of your English/Chinese documents is sufficient to process for certified translations or notary & SAL authentication.

As per ICA guidelines, it is mandatory to get documents notairsed.

The Chinese language documents are required to be translated  & certified by a private third party Chinese translator in Singapore.

Upon certified translation, the translated documents have to be notarized and authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law (SAL).

Refer to ICA website before you make a decision.

No, you are not required to visit the notary personally. We will handle the process for you.

You need the Chinese Certified Translation or legal translation if you plan to submit documents for official purposes.


In Singapore, Chinese documents require English Translation certified by a registered third party translation company in Singapore.


In most cases, the Chinese translations produced by Wordsburg are accepted by all local authorities in Singapore. However, you may require additional requirements like Notary & SAL Authentication or affidavits.

Check with respective authority and let us know what you need & we can fulfil most of your requirements.

Unfortunately, we cannot certify the translations which aren’t translated by us.


We can only certify the Chinese or English Translations which are translated by our Chinese Translation team.

Yes, we offer English to Chinese Translation Service for the document usage in China.


In most cases, our translations are accepted directly.


However, in some cases, authorities in China may ask for authentication from the China Embassy.


We offer attestation & legalisation services. Check with the receiving authorities and confirm the required processes.

Yes, we offer this service. We will fulfil the requirements listed for Authentication Services on the China Embassy website.


A. Procedures are as follows:

a. Send documents issued in Singapore, such as Affidavit, Declaration, Power of Attorney, etc. to be notarized first by a local Notary Public and then to be authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law.


b. Send documents issued by the Singapore government, such as Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, No Criminal Record to be authenticated directly by the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


c. Send the documents authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law or Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be authenticated by the Chinese Embassy in Singapore.

At Wordsburg, we translate: 


– Chinese (Simplified) for China, Singapore & Malaysia markets

– Chinese (Traditional) for Taiwan

– Chinese (Traditional) for Hong Kong

Dialects: Cantonese, Hokkien, Teow Chew, Hakka

Yes, we translate Traditional Chinese language customised for Hong Kong & Taiwan, Macau Markets. 

The Chinese Translation and Notary Services offered are valid for a lifetime. Only a change in the rules by government or authorities may affect this.

Chinese (Simplified) & Chinese (Traditional) are two canonical writing forms used by the Chinese community across the world.


The target audience for translation is the decisive factor while choosing the right system for English to Chinese translation.


If the target reader(s) is from Mainland China or Singapore or Malaysia, choose Simplified Chinese.


If the target reader(s) is from Taiwan or Hong Kong or Macau, opt for Traditional Chinese.


While making an official submission to Singapore’s Government or Private institutions, China-based Businesses or Individuals are required to submit the Certified Translation from Chinese to English.

Business customers opt for Wordsburg’s Certified Translation for company’s Legal Contracts, Business Incorporation Certificates, Trade Agreements, Patents, Company Constitution or Memorandum Of Association, Articles Of Association, Bank Statements & more.


Personal clients choose Chinese to English Certified Translation for certificates like Birth, Marriage, Divorce, Household Registry, Graduation & other Education Certificates, Chinese Driving License & more. Likewise, for official submission of documents to China or Taiwan or Hong Kong* or Macau*, all non-Chinese language documents are required to be translated from English to Chinese.


Wordsburg Translations offers Chinese to English or English to Chinese Translation Service with certification, notarisation, SAL Authentication, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Authentication & China Embassy Attestation at affordable prices.


With fast-paced technological advancements taking place each day the list of emerging new terminology in the technical field is just never-ending. The more challenging part is that the origins of these technical terms take place in one language with no equivalent words in the target language. Due to this just like many language translators, Chinese translators’ find Chinese Technical translation to be one of the most challenging areas to work. Getting the best of technical translation for the Chinese language takes some serious efforts.


Chinese Technical Translation Services Team at Wordsburg comprises of linguists with a successful track record of completing over thousands of project requiring technical document translation services from English to Chinese & Chinese to English. 


Our regular Chinese translation works include technical manuals, catalogues, white papers, websites, blueprints, AutoCAD drawings, user guides, fact sheets, installation manuals, operation manuals and more. We cover a wide range of technical sectors like Manufacturing, Oil & Energy, Aviation, Logistics, Computing, Industrial, Irrigation, Telecommunications, Electronics, Mechanical & more.


Medical Translation Services is one such specialised sector where things cannot go wrong. Chinese Medical Translation team at WORDSBURG includes the qualified translators to perform the medical translation from English to Chinese or Chinese to English language. 


Our Chinese Medical Translators has worked closely with medical professionals, & staff attaining the successful track record by translating documents related to the medical dossier, product registration applications for medical devices submitted to HSA or IMDRF, clinical trials, patient logs, medical prescriptions, with precise medical terminology in English as well as Chinese languages. 


Apart from medical terminology related to Western medicine, Our Chinese translators are familiar with Traditional Chinese Medicine glossary to such relevant TCM projects.


Our Chinese Medical Translators in Singapore as well provide onsite medical interpretation assistance bridging the language barrier typically between a Chinese speaking Patient & non-Chinese speaking doctor.


Translating a website into Chinese will open up your market to 1.3 billion native speakers of Chinese Community. It is a market that’s worth to put in efforts and get Chinese Website Translation.


Wordsburg is a combination of Best Chinese translators in Singapore along with the efficient technical team of localisation engineers to pull off the complex software translation projects without disrupting the code.
There are multiple ways to get Chinese website translation into English or get English to Chinese website translation.
1. sharing the source code files (XML, PHP, HTML, PO, .json or any other developer file format)
2. sharing the Chinese/ English content through CMS connected to our system through API
3. sharing the source text in an editable file format like excel/ word
Choosing the right format will help you save costs and efforts. 
Wordsburg Customer Support Serving its Customers

Videos are a great source of communication. But creating meaningful videos with great content is tough. Producing them in multiple languages is even tougher.


That’s where Video translation service comes into the play.


Translating the videos and sharing them with subtitles or voice-over is not just cost-effective but convenient. At Wordsburg Translations, we help our clients with Chinese Video Translation along with over 100+ languages.  Being in Singapore, one of the frequent video translation service requested by clients are between Chinese to English & English to Chinese translation. We are happy to serve you with the same.



Apart from translating videos for Entertainment, Marketing, Information and Training purposes, we offer video/audio translation service for legal purposes (Ex: Court Submissions) 



Our multimedia translation suite consists of Chinese Video Translation, Chinese Audio Transcription, Chinese Subtitling / Chinese voice-over services

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