University Transcription Services: Finding Specialists

University Transcription Services

University is a beehive of activities, with so much to do in the little time a day offers. Both students and professors need to use everything at their disposal to maximise the time they have. Traditional lectures and writing notes are time-consuming. However, universities have embraced recording and transcribing lectures, presentations, interviews, etc.

Transcription is the conversion of audio and video files into written text. It is popular in the business, legal, medical, digital and research sectors. But did you know that university transcription services are gaining momentum, especially in this internet era? If you take transcription services for granted, you miss out on better opportunities and productivity as a student or professor.

The Importance of University Transcription Services

Importance of University Transcription Services

University transcription services are significant in the following ways:

a) Transcription services make university life easy, productive and fun for students, instructors and professors. The following are the benefits of transcribing university audio and video files:

b) Lecturers can use the transcript to add new ideas to their presentation, create exam questions, assignments and review questions from students

c) Transcription saves professors’’ time because they don’t need to slow down or wait for students to write down the notes before moving on to a new slide/page. The lecturer will record the lecture and send it to the students to transcribe, then use it as a reference for reading

d) Students and professors can outsource the transcription to professional transcriptionists, giving them time to focus on other things such as research, assignments and extracurricular activities

e) Students listen to the lectures with minimal interruptions since they are not pausing to write down notes. They will retain more information and get a chance to ask questions. Therefore transcription improves understanding leading to better grades

f) Expertly transcribed notes are clearer than handwritten notes

g) Transcription improves students’ health and well-being by eliminating the fatigue and eyestrain that comes with wiring notes during a lecture.

Finding University Transcription Specialists

University transcription services help students transcribe audio and video files for several items. These include but are not limited to the following:

> Lectures

> Presentations

> Academic Interviews

> Symposia

> Group Discussions

> Debates

> Seminars

> Research / Dissertation / Thesis projects

What to Look for When Looking for University Transcription Specialists

What to Look for When Looking for University Transcription Specialists

Do you seek university transcription services? Are you stressed about how to find the right person for the job? We have compiled the factors you should consider when hiring suitable specialist. These are:

1. Types of Transcription

There are three types of transcriptions, and each serves different purposes. These include:

A. Verbatim Transcription

B. Edited Transcription

C. Intelligent Transcription

A. Verbatim Transcription

Verbatim transcription is a type of transcription where the transcript captures both the words and other background sounds, noises and movements. It can be divided into clean and true verbatim.

  • Clean verbatim

This type of transcription omits pauses and unwanted words from the audio /video file to produce precise and easy to read content.

  • True verbatim

A transcript that includes all the words, phrases, noises, and repetitions on an audio or video file.

B. Edited Transcription

This is a fine-tuned transcription where unnecessary words, sounds, noises and phrases are omitted to produce grammatically correct, precise and easy to follow transcripts.

C. Intelligent Transcription

Transition words and conversational fillers such as ‘mmh’,’err’, repetitions and rhetorical questions are omitted in an intelligent transcript. Similarly, slang words such as ‘gonna’, ‘ain’t’ etc., and clearing of throat and coughing aren’t included in this transcription.

We offer the best transcription services in the UK, Singapore and Malaysia. Are you looking for accurate transcription with a fast turnaround time? Look no further. Enjoy the following benefits when you hire our university transcription services:

2. Quality

Seminars, interviews, lectures, etc., are marred by background noises such as murmurs, turning of pages, computer beeps and other movements. Choose a transcriptionist who will guarantee you 99% accurate transcripts, regardless of the surrounding noises and background movements.

Moreover, a highly-trained, multilingual, dedicated specialist will make your work easier, especially if you need non-English audio or video transcribed. Does the transcriptionist have top-notch transcription software and equipment such as high-quality headphones, computers and editing tools? These are the questions you should ask before hiring a transcriptionist.

An inaccurate transcript can cost you because the wrong information can lead to confusion, poorly understood notes and poor grades.

3. Affordable rates

When shopping around for university transcription services, you need to hire a company or individual who matches your budget. If you are a student, go for firms with student discounts and offers.

In addition, go for specialists who offer holistic services such as transcription, translation, subtitling, captioning and interpretation. This will save you time and money.  Transcription will often go hand in hand with translation, especially for foreign-language content.

4. Experience

In this internet era, the number of freelancing transcriptionists has risen, and it’s not entirely a bad thing. You can find pretty good transcriptionists on freelancing sites, but the daunting task is to choose the right person for your job.

Not sure what to look for in a transcriptionist? Avoid the doubts by hiring tried and tested specialists. Look at the number of years this firm or individual has been transcribing and if they have an impressive portfolio. Customer reviews will also play a part in informing you if they are novices or experts.

5. Confidentiality

confidentiality is important in transcription services

University transcription services demand privacy and confidentiality, just like most legal transcriptions. You don’t want your work falling into the wrong hands or leaked information from non-secure websites. Ensure the platform you are working with has a secure website and that no third parties can access your files.

When hiring a transcriptionist, let them sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as a commitment to uphold confidentiality.

6. Certified Transcriptionist

Does your university or professor need a certification for your transcript? First, it is a wise move because it proves the transcription is accurate. You cannot overemphasise the importance of accuracy in transcription because a single error can alter the context or meaning of the message.

Choose a certified transcriptionist to work on your file. A certification shows that the transcriptionist has the required training, resources and materials to deliver accurate transcripts.

7. Quick Customer Support

Consider the customer relations of a transcriptionist before deciding to hire them? Impeccable customer support is paramount when dealing with a remote university transcription services provider to help you track the progress of your project or request some amendments.

*Bonus Tip!

When looking for a good transcriptionist, check if they offer additional services that go hand in hand with transcription, such as translation, captioning, subtitling, legalisation and interpretation. It makes your work easier and saves you money sourcing these services in one place.

Wrap Up

Getting a suitable university transcription services provider is a daunting task in such a time when hundreds are offering such services. However, several factors can help you narrow down your search. Consider the type of transcription you need. Additionally, consider the quality, confidentiality, experience and customer support that a transcriptionist offers.

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