5 Benefits For Engaging Certified Transcription Services

The world has become one global village, thanks to the internet. With the digitization of learning, business deals, official proceedings, and other crucial services, you may need to transcribe audio to text or write down the contents of a video for future reference.

Whether it’s a business meeting recording or a legal court proceeding you want to note down in text, you need a good transcription service provider. But how do you choose the most suitable transcription service among the hundreds of transcribers at your disposal?

This article will discuss certified transcription services and how choosing a certified transcriber helps your business or company.

What are Certified Transcription Services?

Certified Transcription Services

We are living in an era where most people have at least a college degree. This is also a time where fast internet speeds have become a basic necessity. A combination of a good education and a good internet connection has led to a surge in freelancers, among them hundreds of contract transcribers. It becomes tough to know who the best guy for the job is.

This is where certification comes in handy. Companies providing certified transcription services have the necessary skills, software, equipment, and experience. They also have various transcribers for different languages, and you can also get other related services such as translation.

While you may find a very good transcriber among the many upcoming freelancers, with a certified transcriber, you know they are trained and tested. Before a transcription training center certifies a transcriber, they need to pass accuracy and quality tests.

Why take chances when you can settle for the tried and tested?

What are the Different Types of Certified Transcription Services?

Types of Certified Transcription Services

Different countries have different ways of certifying transcriptionists. Some institutions offer certifications for general transcriptions, while others accredit specialized fields transcriptionists. The following are the different types of certified transcription services:

Certified Court Transcription Services

These are transcription services specially accredited to handle legal work from courts, government agencies, and private firms.

Certified Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcriptionists are certified by medically affiliated institutions. They need to have a good grasp of medical terminologies. They also need confidentiality as they will transcribe the medical records of thousands of patients and other hospital records.

Certified Academic Transcription Services

This group of transcriptionists transcribes academic audio and video files to text, such as lectures, debates, research findings, journals, etc.

Certified Business Transcription Services

For business owners seeking transcription services for their board meetings, business agreements, contracts, product launches, press releases, etc., you will work with this group of transcribers.

Certified IT Transcription Services

This group is certified to handle technology-related audio and video files that need to be transcribed into text. They are tech-savvy and up-to-date with recent developments in the tech space such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc.

Certified Marketing Transcription Services

Marketing transcribers are well-informed about marketing strategies and jargon. They are certified to transcribe audio and video files of conferences, marketing interviews, reports, etc.

Certified General Transcription Services

Some transcribers can transcribe just about anything in any field. These are referred to as general transcribers. From entertainment videos, movies, podcasts to live events, there is only so much a general transcriber can put into text.

Benefits of Hiring Certified Transcription Services

Benefits of Hiring Certified Transcription Services

Transcribing audio and videos is good for your business. It helps you get more clicks, more conversions, and optimal interaction with your clients. The following are the benefits of hiring a certified transcriber to handle your work:

1. Professionalism

It can be time-consuming and annoying to deal with a transcriber who does not follow instructions, honor deadlines, or provide accurate work. Working with a certified transcriber assures you of professionalism. You get well-written, clean, and accurate transcriptions delivered smoothly and confidentially.

A certified transcriber is also confident and will handle your project with the utmost care, asking for clarifications if the need arises. After all, they have a reputation to maintain and a certification to safeguard.

2. Experience

A certified transcriber is in no way a beginner. They have gained experience from the training institution, unlike a freelance transcriber with self-taught skills learnt from YouTube tutorials or how-to articles. You want to deal with a transcription expert who has mastered the craft and can handle the pressures of transcription, such as noisy recordings or videos with a heavy accent.

You can never go wrong with a certified transcription services firm like Wordsburg. To check out if a certified transcriber has the experience you are looking for, look at their reviews and ratings from former clients.

3. Confidentiality

Whether it is legal proceedings in a court or private meeting recordings for your business, you need a transcriber who is will uphold confidentiality. Suppose you are a psychologist with audio recordings between you and a celebrity patient that needs to be transcribed. Would you risk with any Jack and Harry who might sell the information to media houses?

A certified transcription services firm ensures all its transcribers sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Any employee who goes against this NDA faces huge consequences, so this is rare. You rest assured the company won’t leak your work to the public or your competitors.

4. Quality

Most workplace audio and video recordings have background noise. It would be best if you had a transcriber who is well trained, have the necessary software, and equipment to produce high-quality transcriptions. The only place you are assured of that is with a certified transcription services provider.

No one wants a poorly done and inaccurate transcription. It will cost you more money and time because you may need to cancel the poor transcriber and assign the work to another transcriber. Avoid the risks by hiring a certified transcriber.

5. Additional Services

Transcription usually goes hand in hand with other services such as translation. Depending on your business needs, you may need  to transcribe into another language. When you work with a certified transcription services provider, you may get the other services under the same roof.

Instead of wasting time and money jumping from one service provider to another, why not give the whole project to one client who deals with all or most of the services.

To Conclude

Transcription is an integral part of most businesses today. From regular videos to legal audio and video files, the need for transcription services has grown immensely. Choosing the right transcriber for your work is crucial to saving you time and money. A certified transcription services company assures you of high-quality and accurate transcriptions.

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