Webinar Voice Over Services: 7 Facts To Know

Webinar Voice Over Services

When Covid-19 hit, it shook up several things, including learning, interacting with colleagues, and executing seminars. Physical workshops, business trips, one-on-one meetings, and live training became a thing of the past. Two years down the line, webinars are the new normal and are here to stay.

In simple terms, a webinar is an online presentation where one or a group of speakers interact with a remote audience, who participate in the meeting with questions, polls, and other methods. Webinar hosts can record themselves reading out the webinar script or hire a voiceover artist to do the work for them.

The latter has become quite popular, and experts have given several reasons for this.

Why Professional Webinar Voice Over Services are Popular Today

Why Professional Webinar Voice Over Services are Popular Today

Most business managers, webinar hosts, and public relations representatives prefer hiring voice-over artists over doing the audio themselves. For one, the host may be uncomfortable with their voice being recorded, having been used to one-on-one presentations. Secondly, most webinar hosts prefer professional voice-over artists to ensure the production is flawless.

Lastly, the work that goes into preparing, recording, and editing a webinar voice over can be overwhelming, making it necessary to hire an expert who can deliver these and other services together. For instance, the webinar host may need translation or transcription services for an international audience.

7 Facts to Know About Webinar Voice Over Services

7 Facts to Know About Webinar Voice Over Services

Webinar voiceover services are different from short-form voiceovers such as TV commercials, telephony, alarm systems, explainer videos, etc. As a client, you want to hire a voice talent that will deliver excellent work. The following facts will help you choose a suitable expert for your project.

1. The Voice You Choose Should Match Your Brand

Choosing the best webinar voiceover services for your business should be about elevating your brand. Before you start the search, note down the emotions that best describe your brand. For example, if you are a medical service provider, you want a compassionate, soft, and reassuring voiceover.

These emotions will help you narrow down your search because you can tell what kind of voice talent can deliver such feelings. At Wordsburg, we have a team of over 1000 voiceover artists ready to work on your project. We group artists according to tone, topic, gender, language, accent, and dialect to customize voiceover services for your needs.

2. The Gender of the Voice Talent Matters

The Gender of the Voice Talent Matters

Webinar voiceover services and other corporate voiceovers reflect your brand. Consider who between a female and a male would represent your brand’s qualities bets before searching for voice talent. For instance, recruiting a male voice over artist would be odd if the webinar is about women’s health. Identify the kind of voice talent your project needs to make the search straightforward.

At Wordsburg, you can choose from a pool of voice talents, both male and female, to generate output with varied tones and accents. Moreover, our recording studios are top-notch, and our equipment is professional to ensure high-quality work.

3. Consider the Experience

Consider the Experience of Webinar Voice Actor

If today you search for webinar voiceover services on the web, you will come across hundreds if not thousands of professionals. Most of them have solid persuading factors such as high-quality demos, affordable prices, and excellent client support. But how do you pick the right one for your project? It all boils down to the experience of the voice talent.

You can never hire mediocre professionals if you always put the experienced ones first. The longer the experience, the more the mistakes and learning. When you work with a voice talent who has previously worked on webinar projects, your work becomes easy, and you get excellent voiceovers.

4. Always Ask for Proof of Competency

The freelance workforce has skyrocketed with the advancement in technology and the need for flexible work schedules. As a business owner, you can get beneficial voiceover services from freelance voice artists from the comfort of your office. However, freelancing platforms cannot fully filter out novices and mediocre talents from experienced ones.

So how do you ensure you get the right person for the job?

Asking for demos is critical when searching for talents online. Demos give you an idea of what the voice actor offers and if they match your needs. A good webinar voiceover services provider will have several demos showcasing prowess in the sector.

5. Know Your Target Audience

Know Your Target Audience

Who is your target audience? What message are you passing with this webinar, and what is the demography of your listeners/viewers? These are the questions that should run through your mind when hunting for webinar voice over services.

For instance, if your webinar is meant for Korean women between the ages of 20 to 30, consider hiring a female voice actor with a Korean accent in her mid-20s. Your audience will relate to her voice and listen till the end because they put themselves in the actor’s shoes.

6. Let the Rates Guide You

Let the Rates Guide You

Do the math before signing a contract with a voice talent. The rate card of voice over services differs from one provider to the other. Be wary of cheap rates that seem too enticing to be true. You might end up with shoddy work on your desk only to spend more money and time hiring an expensive professional to fix the problem.

Make sure the rate you settle for will give you a return on investment (ROI). Avoid voice over services agencies that charge an arm and leg for standard services. At Wordsburg, we guarantee you the best voice over services at competitive prices.

7. Other Services

Your project likely needs other services in addition to voice over services. These include captioning, subtitling, transcription, and translation. It would save you time and money to hire an agency that offers these services under one roof.

Wordsburg is a hub for most of your business needs, including transcription, translation, voiceover, subtitling, captioning, and interpretation. Get in touch today for all-in-one webinar voice over services with a quick turnaround.

Wrap Up

Searching for the right webinar voice over services for your business is challenging, especially if it’s the first project. To make the search simple, consider the experience, rates, previous work, and flexibility of the voice talent. In addition, study your target audience, and identify your brand needs.

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