What is Corporate Voice Over & What Is It For?

Corporate Voice Over

A corporate voice over added to any piece of business content can help you increase your brand identity and sales conversions across the globe. This is because reliable corporate voice over service can help you translate all the content into the desired languages and then deliver it to the target audience in an engaging and compelling manner.

That said, a corporate voice over can be your best solution if you are looking for an effective way to create a strong brand. Below is a guide on everything you need to know about corporate voice over.

What is Corporate Voice Over?

corporate voice over

Voice over is a production method where a voice that is not part of the subject content is used in television, radio, filmmaking, and other presentations. In essence, the voice over mainly accompanies a presentation narrated from a script and is spoken by a person who is not part of the production.

A corporate voice over is a voice over that a company applies to conduct internal training, create brand awareness, or introduce a new procedure.

You can use a corporate voice over to explain your brand’s history and educate the target audience about your policies, products, and services.

Why Do You Need Professional Voice Over Service?

Corporate Voice Over Service

If you run a company, you will need to produce a piece for advertising your brand or training your employees from time to time. While you may create the piece yourself, you need professional voice over experts to help you correct the minor errors, translate and present the content to your audience.

Additionally, a professional voice over artist can analyze your audience’s content to come up with the right tone, pacing, and other presentation elements. This analysis helps them present your piece to the audience in the best way possible.

If your piece is not well crafted, the professional voice over experts may ask you about your voice goals and create a more relevant piece for your brand.

 When Do You Need a Corporate Voice Over Service?

You might need voice over in your company for either internal or external applications.

Cases Where You Need The Internal Corporate Voice Overs

The internal corporate voice overs accompany videos that your employees can use for informative or instructional purposes. You can use them in the following cases.

  • When You Need To Do Corporate Imaging

Corporate imaging involves giving new employees an overview of the company. It may consist of explainer videos about its history, current status, goals, and concerns.

  • When You Need To Train Your Employees

Using a combination of voice overs and videos will help you break down production procedures and instructions so that your employees can quickly understand them.

A professional corporate voice over agency may edit the piece to make it more relevant to your goals. They may also analyze each piece and develop the right tone and mood to enhance their impact on your employees.

When Do You Need External Corporate Voice Overs?

External corporate voice overs are ideal for connecting the company to the public. You can use them in the following scenarios.

  • When You Need To Advertise Your Brand

You can use a voice over to share any information about your products or services to enhance your sales turnover.

  • When You Want To Communicate To The Public

If you want to explain to the public how to do things related to your company, external corporate voice overs are the best way. Examples of the information you may pass using external voice overs include: how to use a particular product, how to make a purchasing order, etc.

Again, using the right voice over will help you convey the right tone and enhance the advert’s success.

Where Can You Find A Professional Corporate Voice Over Service?

Nowadays, the most reliable corporate voice over agencies are available online. You can find one by entering the keyword and location in your search engine.

For instance, you can enter the key phrase, ‘Corporate Voice Over Service In Singapore,’ if you stay in Singapore, and a list of voice over options will appear.

You can create a checklist using the voice over agencies you find on search engine and then interview them to choose the best.

Who Can Make A Good Corporate Voice Over Artist?

Corporate Voice Over Artist

Generally, any good voice over artist should:

  • Be Capable of adapting to different tones and vocal emotions
  • Be able to pass various voice overs in a clear and audible manner for quick understanding, especially for e-learning modules
  • Should be capable of winning you new customers using voice over messaging for telephone IVR
  • Should be capable of making your brand go viral using voice over for explainer videos

The above are a few examples of the type of voice over artist you need to work with. Since a single artist may not effectively meet all your corporate voice over needs, we recommend that you outsource the services from a reputable voice over agency.

In a nutshell, a good voice over agency should deploy the right team to get all your voice over needs met satisfactorily.

How To Select A Professional Voice Over Company?

Corporate Voice Over COmpany

Choosing the right voice over company can give a voice to your brand. It can enhance your conversions and strengthen the bond between you and your customers. Below are several tips you can use to land the best voice over company.

  • Shortlist The Emotions That Define Your Brand

Listing down the emotions that define your brand will simplify the process of finding a voice over agency. For example, if you sell household and cleaning products, your emotions can be friendliness, positivity, and efficiency.

Find an agency that can offer the voice that can help you with high-end marketing translation and can offer a voice that meets your emotions well.

  • Analyze The Samples Of Their Past Work

One way of weeding out bad voice over agencies from your checklist is by looking at samples of their previous work. Choose the one whose work has a similar buying demographic as your brand.

Final Word

Finding a reputable voice over company is a vital step towards achieving your marketing goals. The agency will help you translate your piece and offer a voice that blends the right tone and emotions. There are also many other types of voice overs, other than corporate, that a business might need. For example, cinematic, infomercial and multilingual.

A voice with the right elements will appeal to your audience, who will, in turn, convert to your business or market your brand even further.

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