Translating Japanese to English: 7 Best Firms 2022


Translating from Japanese to English is not easy because Japanese is not at all similar to English, the writing is complex, and the sentence structure is also different and fluctuating. The three different writing systems – the Kanji, the Hiragana, and Katakana make the Japanese one of the most complex languages in the world. This is just one of the reasons why individuals and businesses look for Japanese translation services to help them with their projects. Make sure that your translation project is handled by the best Japanese translation service with linguists who have the ability to convey the same message as the original text.

If you’re looking for a professional translation service that can translate from Japanese to English and meets your personal or business needs, this article will evaluate the 7 best firms in 2022 for translating Japanese into English.


Wordsburg Translations

Wordsburg is the first company we’ll talk about in this article. If you need a good translator or a localization service in Singapore, this company is for you.

They have a team of skilled native Japanese translators that come from a variety of backgrounds and have extensive experience translating Japanese to English and vice versa.

Legal, Technical, Business, Medical, E-Commerce/Website, Media & Entertainment, Beauty & Lifestyle, Food & Culinary, Software, Apps & IT, Travel & Tourism, and Marketing & Advertising are some of the things this company does for people who need help.

They will assign a resource to translate the content based on the project type, subject, and target market. Their Japanese translators are classified according to their proficiency, subject matter expertise, work experience, and track record of successfully completing projects.

This is why we think you should hire them for your translation: they offer express service, and they can take orders on the weekends, too. In addition to the reasons above, this company also has a good thing going for it, which is that it is good at what it does. Human translation is the only type of translation that can be 100% accurate.

You should choose them if you need a good translator from Japanese to English in Singapore.

#2. The

the wordpoint translation company

In the second place, you can go to The It is a company that has been in business for a long time. It has a lot of different languages. Due to the accuracy and quality of the translations, this company quickly became a favorite with clients. The reason this company is so popular is that it hires the best translators.

This company has a lot of different services that are good for both businesses and people. They fall into four groups: translation, certified translation, localization, and proofreading. Each of these services can be used in your specific field, such as legal, medical, technical, business/finance, art, literature, academic, and so on. Technical manuals, immunization records, and birth certificates can all be translated for clients. They can also get their driving licenses translated, as well. Language experts can make any software, website, app, or game in another language.

Regarding the prices, it will vary depending on the package you choose, the language pair you choose, the length of your project, and how important it is for you to get it done. In all cases, this company gives extra free proofreading, which other companies don’t do.

#3. GTE Localize

GTE Localize translation company

Thirdly, GTE Localize offers professional translation and localization services for all major world languages. Additionally, they provide language services such as media localization, interpretation, data collection, and annotation. The clients are multinational corporations with operations in multiple international markets. GTE Localize has developed a reputation as a language service provider for hundreds of B2B clients worldwide, with over 80% of their clients returning after their first contract is over.

Their team of native translators and localization experts can help you with everything from the document, website, and marketing localization to software, game, video, and application localization, as well as e-learning and media localization.

#4. Simulingual

Simulingual translation







The fourth company we’re going to talk about is Simulingual, which has more than 2,000 top-notch translators spread across Japan and around the world. As well as translating English into and out of Japanese, Simulingual also provides high-quality translations in 40 other languages. These languages include Chinese, Korean, French, German, and Italian, as well as other European languages.

They specialize in finance, business, and contracts translation, and IR translation. Customers include government agencies and large corporations. They get many requests from schools and research institutes on various topics.

Aside from IR activities for overseas investors, Simulingual can also assist with translating shareholder meeting notices, press releases, annual reports and interim reports.

#5.  Joho

Joho translation agency

Japanese is not the only language that Joho can assist you with; they can also assist you with translations into more than 25 other languages. These languages include but are not limited to the following: English; German; French; Italian; Spanish; Portuguese; Russian; Chinese; Korean; Thai; Vietnamese; among others.

Joho translates a wide range of documents, including general business documents, economic, legal, and patent documents, technology, medicine, and documents for printed materials, among others.

For translations from Japanese to English, Joho will select the optimal translator for each job based on their field of expertise from our database of translators. After the translation is complete, another translator checks the work to ensure quality. For translations into other languages, native and Japanese translators work together in translating and checking. This ensures a natural and speedy translation that cannot be obtained by only Japanese translators along with reliability which is not possible with only native translators.

People can get these services for a reasonable price while still getting a good level of service. Prices for Japanese translations range from 800-1,500JPY per 100 words, and English translations cost 1,000 to 1,800JPY per 100 characters. People have to pay at least 8,000 and all prices are before taxes. There are no extra charges for using the native checker.

#6. Asian Trust Translation

Asian Trust

The sixth is Asian Trust Translation. The company was established in 2005 and has nearly 20 years of experience in the translation industry. we offer Multilingual Translation, Interpretation, and Localization with over 120 language pairs. They have more than 2000 local and overseas clients with thousands of translation projects; especially many big projects from Vietnam, Japan, China, Thailand, Burma, Karen, Karenni, Hmong, Hindi, Nepali, Sinhala, Tamil, Tagalog, and Punjabi. Asian Trust Translation is one of the Top Translation Service Providers in Vietnam as well as in Asia.

#7. ELITE Translations Asia

Elite Asia

“ELITE ASIA” provides translation, transcription, and interpretation services in English, Japanese, and Korean. It has representatives, language partners, and translators all over Asia and the Pacific. Their goal is to help you establish a strong presence in the Asian-speaking market while maintaining your brand’s identity and voice. For new clients or for a more diverse workforce, clear and concise translations are essential.

Elite Asia started in 2006 and now helps businesses move across East and Southeast Asia. They have offices in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Japan. Their TECHNOLOGY and HUMAN RESOURCES power their innovative language services and solutions. They communicate with clarity, cultural context, and faith.

To Conclude

We chose the best translation companies in Japan to assist you in finding the best Japanese to English translation service by following these steps. When selecting the best translation service from a pool of translation agencies, it is critical to understand the three steps outlined below.

First, learn enough about the Japanese translation company to understand what it specializes in. Searching the website will help us find the information we need, such as client lists, sample projects if they are uploaded, and much more.

Second, feedback from their clients on social media websites will assist us in selecting the best Japanese translation service provider.

Third, conduct a quality assessment by translating small documents or sections of the website to gain an understanding of their work processes, efficiency, and delivery times.

That concludes our review; I hope you found this article useful.

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