7 Firms for Translations from Chinese to English

Translations from Chinese to English

Are you a businessman who wishes to expand your product internationally, particularly to China? Or are you planning a trip to this bamboo curtain country and need to prepare certain documents to help your business or complete documentation for international requirements? If this is the case, you should without a doubt look for a translation service to help you achieve your goals and meet your needs. Here, we will discuss 7 firms for translation from Chinese to English, how we choose the 7 companies to be included in this article, how to identify the best translation services, and what you should know about the translation process.

7 Firms for Translations from Chinese to English

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China has the largest population in the world. With such a large population, it will affect several industrial sectors, including retail, technology, engineering, and finance. In addition, with a spike in mass migration from the 19th to the 20th centuries, the Chinese diaspora can be found on almost every continent in the world.

For business people from Malaysia or other Asian countries who want to expand their business to China or export and import to this country, of course, they will encounter difficulty in a variety of processes that are essential to the smooth operation of their business. So, we need a communication bridge that can ease the import and export process, including product offerings, product specifications, letters, contracts, and standard operating procedures. These documents must be made in a language that is understood by each of the business parties, and hence the translation service providers from Chinese to English play a crucial role in making these papers understandable to all parties involved.

So, if you’re looking for firms for translation from Chinese to English, you can choose the translation service that best suits your needs. In some cases, finding the service that will satisfy all of your requirements can be difficult, but it is not impossible either. Indeed, we selected 7 firms, which you can read about below. Rest assured that they are all capable of providing you with qualified help, even if some of them have their drawbacks.

1. Wordsburg


Choosing a Professional Translation Partner is an important decision. In addition to translation and document legalization, Wordsburg also provides transcription and interpretation services as well as multilingual voiceover, subtitling, and desktop publishing solutions. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, and the UK, Wordsburg is expanding their highly-rated services in the next few years!

This company is one of the best translation companies in Singapore due to its swift service, attentive client support, and speedy turnaround.

It began by providing translation services in Chinese, and by the first quarter of 2017, Wordsburg Translations had expanded its services to include translation services in a variety of additional languages, including Malay, Tamil, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, French, Thai, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Persian, Filipino, German, Italian, Khmer, Lao, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.

So, are you looking for Malay translation services for personal or business use? Wordsburg is unquestionably a viable alternative. They can translate your Malaysian Birth Certificate or any other Malay document into English. Wordsburg provides native Malay translation services with effective turnkey processes and solutions.

2. Jinyu Translation

Jinyu Translation

It is a professional service provider that specializes in Chinese translation and interpretation as well as travel guides and Chinese training, among other things.


> Contract translation,

> Legal paper translation,

> Notary file translation,

> Technical manual translation,

> Translation of Medical report and Media content

So, if you require Chinese translation services, Jinyu Translation is the place to go. They provide the highest quality services at the reasonable prices.

3. Bright Translation Services

Bright Translation Service

Established in 2005 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Bright Translation Services (BTS) has secured a nationwide reach with branches in Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

BTS partnered with Telelingua International, Belgium’s top language service provider, in 2008. Telelingua International, founded in Brussels in 1985, is one of the world’s top 20 translation companies, with offices in Europe (Brussels, Paris, and Munich), North America (New York), and Asia (Shenzhen, Beijing and Tokyo).

In addition to interpretation and multi-sector translation, BTS also provides software and website localization, document and brochure design and production, as well as animation design services.

4. Synergy Translations

Synergy Translations

A leading provider of translation and interpreting services in Guangzhou, China, Synergy Translation is a global leader in the field.  The company specializes in translation and interpretation and has a strong presence in the field, which allows them to connect clients with translators and interpreters who are well-suited for long-term employment with certain firms. Their customers who use their service are from different industries ranging from health care, telecommunication, and life sciences.


> Document translation,

> Interpretation,

> Listening,

> Dubbing,

> Subtitles

Also, this company helps both foreign and Chinese companies establish themselves in China and abroad. Synergy Translations seeks to remove language and cultural barriers, fostering worldwide corporate collaboration. They are well-represented in the sector and regularly link clients with experienced translators and interpreters for long-term roles. They also serve clients in fields as diverse as health care, telecommunications, and life sciences.

5. Mars Translation

Mars Translation

Mars Translation is a global market leader in the translation industry, providing a clear, intuitive, and cost-effective online gateway for customers that require documents, web content, and video content translated with a high level of quality and speed.


> Language Translation,

> Transcription Service,

> Voice over Service,

> Subtitling Service

6. Beijing Global Friendship Translation Co., Ltd

Beijing Global Friendship Translation

If you need to have a professional translation, Beijing Global Friendship Translation is the best company in China to work with. This company specializes in translation and software localization. It can translate more than 90 languages, such as English, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish, as well as many other languages.

This company has experienced rapid growth as a result of its dedication to the translation industry, as well as its commitment to translation and content globalization, software localization, and software testing. They have always been motivated by a strong belief to innovate and improve on every assignment.

7. Beijing HYW Translation Company

Beijing HYW

Beijing HYW Translation Company is a big translation service company formed and managed by specialists from Tsinghua, Peking, Fudan, and Shanghai Jiao Tong Universities. The corporation has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. It is China’s top translation website. Google, Baidu, Sohu, and Sina all rank it in the top three for translation.

Since its establishment in 1995, the company has completed over 100 large state-level translation projects, including the Gezhouba Water Control Key Project, Yellow River Diversion Works, and West to East Gas Pipeline Project. It has also published around 100 foreign scientific books. The United Nations Grain Plan Bureau, the State Development and Reform Committee, the State Council Development and Research Center, China International Bid Company, China National Petroleum Gas Corporation, China Petroleum Chemical Corporation, the World Economic Forum, IBM, HP, Boeing, Siemens, China Renmin Universi.

Because of this, the company has a good reputation both domestically and overseas.

How We Choose the Firms for Translation from Chinese to English?

How We Choose the Firms for Translation from Chinese to English?

When looking for a translation service, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. The following are the factors that the majority of reviewers consider:

> Customers’ testimonies and a firm’s entire background information.

> Services offered by the firms

> Policies that offer a money-back guarantee in the event that it fails to correct any errors in your work.

> Certified translation 

> Confidentiality to make sure that your documents are in safe hands.

> Affordable rates

So, keep these things in mind when looking for a Chinese translation company.

How to Find the Best Chinese Translation Service

Read online reviews, then contact the firm directly. This combination will bring the best outcomes.

Translation Process

translation process

The next step is to comprehend the flow and process of translation when you’ve found a translation service that meets your needs. Since professional translation services do not only translate documents but there are several processes that are carried out in working on translation projects. Below are the most basic steps of the translation process:

1. Preparation

2. Translation

3. Editing

Editing is the next stage of a professional translation service. Following the completion of the translation, the translation company/translator edits it. Editing (alternatively called revision) is the process of comparing the target text (translation) to the source text (original) in order to ensure the translation is accurate and consistent in style. The best practice is to send the manuscript to a linguist who is a native speaker of the target language for proofreading and editing.

4. Layout and Proofreading


Once the final revisions have been made, the translation is either desk-published or typeset and formatted per the specifications of the client. Headers and footers, as well as pagination, were checked. The graphic elements are re-evaluated and improved.

The professional translation service’s next stage is proofreading. Due to the fact that the length of text in the target language may differ significantly from the length of the source text, proofreading (final check) is performed to avoid situations such as having only half of the text visible on a page, being overwritten by other text, or being hidden beneath graphic elements.

To Conclude

This is where we talk about the Chinese-to-English translation firm and other relevant details. We hope you find this post helpful, especially if you’re planning to start a business abroad or apply for a visa to live elsewhere, or if you’re looking for a Chinese to English translator service for a specific purpose.

Any of these firms will supply you with top service, but there are also drawbacks to look out for. Do your own research and communicate with a company personally. This will help you make the correct choice and get the translation you want!

So, choose the best translation service company and enjoy the results.

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