Multilingual Typesetting: What It Is And What It Entails

Multilingual Typesetting

If you want to increase your customer conversions through visual and content marketing, then multilingual typesetting is the key. Typesetters help you produce aesthetically pleasing business collaterals and with multilingual typesetting, you can customize quality website, brochures, user guides, marketing flyers, and multimedia and slide presentations to reach your global target audience effectively.

However, converting text or existing graphics into an aesthetically magnificent design to increase conversions is not always straightforward. You need to be good at translating different texts and graphics into multilingual languages.

But, how will you achieve your visual marketing goals when you only speak one language?

If you don’t have multilingual typesetting designers in your organization, you can always outsource the service from a reputable agency in your locality.

Without further ado, our guide below will take you through what multilingual typesetting entails. It also outlines various ways you can use to find a reliable typesetting agency.


What Is Multilingual Typesetting?

multilingual typesetting

Multilingual typesetting involves placing and converting a translated text into a graphic or a design program like InDesign. Though seemingly a simple process, multilingual typesetting is more involving than you may think. To become a typesetting pro, you must understand the rules and peculiarities that must be met so that the graphics or the publications can be read naturally.

Typically, the process of multilingual typesetting involves translating the text into the desired languages, typesetting the translated text and finally producing the output.

In a broader sense, the term multilingual typesetting may simply imply producing documents, banners, product guides and other publications that combine texts with images in diverse languages.

Typesetters generate publications using programs like:

  • Indesign when doing multiple publications
  • Illustrator for doing single page materials
  • Photoshop for graphic-dominated and angle page images

Typesetting designers may also apply the QuarkExpress program to meet various typesetting needs.


Why Do You Need Typesetters In Your Every Step?

reasons for typsetting services

The typesetting job is not a joke. You need to typesetting experts at every step of the process because:

Expert Translators Will Ensure Accuracy

Having your typesetting project done by typesetting professionals will ensure that your foreign language commercial texts align with your goals. In other words, they will ensure that your translations are done accurately and that they meet your bespoke typesetting intentions.

Professional Typesetters Are More Effective

They will use their expertise to proofread the foreign texts to ensure their clarity and precision. As such, your target audience from different cultures would be able to understand your message effectively. After all, customers would convert to you depending on how well you can reach them out.

Expert Typesetters Will Ensure Quality Output

The experienced typesetters will carefully analyze the publications against your specifications to ensure adherence to your every detail.


When Should You Look For A Professional Typesetting Designer?


professional typesetters

As mentioned earlier, the typesetting designers help create business publications and graphics, which aid in visual advertising both physically. You need to order for their services when:

  • Your typesetting personnel is not familiar with the technicalities of a particular typesetting project like formatting and translating the text into some languages, etc
  • Need to reach out to your target audience effectively by hiring a competent agency.
  • You don’t know how to use different typesetting programs effectively.
  • You have an urgent project that needs a quick and accurate execution
  • Need quality multilingual typesetting results

You may also need a typesetting professional when your typesetting personnel doesn’t have quality typesetting equipment.


Who Can Make A Good Typesetting Designer?


What do you look for when choosing a typesetting designer? Choosing a typesetting designer can be overwhelming, given the numerous designers in the market. Make sure you avoid mistakes commonly made by typesetters.

If you need a designer to help with your typesetting needs, you should select the one who is:


Multilingual typesetting involves translating diverse languages, converting the text into graphics or publications, and producing the output. To succeed in every step, you need a typesetting designer who has spent years in the field to avoid errors.

You can judge the experience of your typesetting prospects by asking for their certifications or checking what customers are saying about them on their websites or social media pages.


As repeatedly mentioned, multilingual typesetting involves designing publications and graphics in diverse languages. With that in mind, you should select a designer who can do varied tasks in different languages while maintaining quality.

Selecting a flexible designer will help you cut the cost of hiring several designers. It will also be easier to manage a single designer than several of them.


In the case where most of your prospective designers are all qualified, flexible and reliable, you should go for the one who is willing to offer their services at an affordable price. After all, you are after making profits, and one way of doing it is minimizing costs.


Where Can You Find A Multilingual Typesetting Designer?

multilingual typesetters

There are various sources where you can find a reputable typesetting designer. Examples of these sources include:

Asking Friends And Relatives

If you have friends who have used typesetting services before, they can refer you to a typesetting designer or an agency where you can secure a reliable designer.

Online Sites

Most typesetting designers and agencies are marketing their services online. To land a good designer online, you need to check the experience of their past customers by checking their customer reviews on their social media pages and websites.  If their negative reviews exceed the positive, that could be a clear sign of poor typesetting services.

Kindly note: typesetting agencies have absorbed the most reliable typesetting designers in the market. And, you can only find a great designer from an agency. That takes us to the following question:


How Can You Find A Typesetting Agency In The Market?

multilingual typesetting agency

Below are the various steps you need to follow to find a reliable typesetting agency:

Understand Your Typesetting Needs?

What kind of publications do you need? Why do you need it? Why do you need the services of a typesetting agency? Finding answers to some of these questions will help you express yourself well to your selected agency.

Find A Reputable Agency

The next step is to find a reliable agency to offer you the service. You will need the information in the step above to explain your typesetting requirements to the agency. This will help the agency to know what kind of designer to deploy for your project.

To land a reliable agency, you need to shortlist the agencies you think can meet your typesetting standards then choose the one who can:

  • Prove how they will reduce the complexity of the project
  • Translate the project in all required languages
  • Have expertise in translating in all languages
  • Deal and coordinate with your designers smoothly
  • Offer their services at a relatively lower price
  • Have high-quality typesetting equipment



If correctly done, Multilingual typesetting can help you achieve your visual marketing needs effectively. To get the most out of it, you need to hire the services of a reliable typesetting individual or agency to help you with your needs. We have outlined the various ways in which you can secure a typesetting agency. Read through the article and apply the suggested tips for your benefit.

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