Website Localization Services: 3 Questions To Ask

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Everything goes digital in this digitalized era. Technology and the Internet have thrived at such a rapid pace that you feel like you still have a long way to catch up with it.

You might have heard about website localization services in the conversation you had with your colleagues, yet still do not have any clue what’s the term about.

So, what is website localization? It is the process when you modify the content on any website. Website localization services are provided so that the needs and preferences of users located in different geographic regions are satisfied.

Those who provide website localization services very often concentrate on the part where they need to translate web content, focusing on typesetting or desktop publishing

The most professional ones may also consider some other aspects of website localization services, e.g adaptation to local regulations and cultural differences, if there exist any.

1. Why do I need Website Localization Services?website localization services

You may need website localization services when, for example, you have a strong desire to expand your website to different other regions. This is not an easy process, as you need to do it  in a well-functioning way so that it adapts to the local language, and not only. Sometimes you need to adjust it to the local culture and regulations of your targeted region.

Be very careful with this. Website localization services are not only used to translate content to meet the needs of your targeted region, but also to replace any images or graphics to go well with culturally relevant examples.

In other words, website localization services are vital when it comes to the outcome of having an easily accessible website content for users possessing various native languages.

There are cases when there is no complete translation of the website content. Frequently, people end up utilizing some form of localization, namely welcoming the potential customers in their native language.

Website localization service providers make sure that the language, functionality and appearance of the website are adjusted to users belonging to foreign markets.

2. What Are the Advantages of Website Localization Services?

advantages of website localization

Indirect advantage:

– When reading the content,  users feel that the the text was written in their native language.

– There is no change in the original text in the source. The message remains the same.

Direct advantage:

– Tons of potential new customers will appear providing a long term cooperation and growth for your business.

So, you already know that website localization services enable you to refine any type of website content to  match with the corresponding language, culture and flow. The end result of this is that users enjoy their browsing experience on your website and most of them will end up taking your product or service.

The Internet is full of misinformation so, be extremely careful not to equate the two terms –  “localization” and “translation,”  and most importantly not to confuse them.

5 Key Features of Website Localization:

Here are the five key features of a website localization for you to never confuse it with something else rather than localization:

  1. Culture – by saying this we mean smaller elements such as date and time formats,  local holidays ensuring that websites understand the global nuances resulting in a more user-friendly environment within your website.  It is vital that the potential customers feel themselves at home on your website.
  2. Language – it is essential to make sure that the  copy goes alongside the content accurately so that the users have the feeling that the website has been customized for them specifically.
  3. Local Transaction –  if there is any issue related to payment options, currencies used, addresses, etc.  This all has to be handled accurately, within a timely manner for a successful operation in the future.
  4. Website Navigation – taking into account that this is a translated website, it is vital to assist users in the language selection to match their preference, only this way can they start interacting with the website at once and in an authentic way.
  5. Trust – this is a must if you want to have a successful run of your website in quite different areas of the world. Trust starts but is not limited to local addresses, phone numbers, customer support in their native language selected.  Here, however, legal content or security banners are not mission-critical, yet they are still important when it comes to engaging with local users. This all is interrelated, and will ensure that the in-market marketing and sales teams possess the information required in order to serve new customers.

3. How Do I Know if I Need to Do Website Localization?knowing when to do website localization

It is quite natural to have multiple questions in your head regarding the website localisation services.

Here is a checklist of questions to ask yourself, to understand if you really need a website localization services:

    • Is it worth it to invest in the experience users will get when browsing through the website. You need to be committed to your goal of creating an authentic, multilingual website with a positive user experience and feedback.
    • You will need a website team to support the international website your local one is transformed into.
    • Do I have a trustworthy partner to rely on when making a website localization?
    • Have you ever been asked by your sales team to provide a robust and complete online user experience for the existing customers?
    • Have you ever evaluated the content you currently have on your website?
    • Is it compelling and valuable enough to accelerate your international business growth?
    • Suppose you have a global audience, what is their feedback on your website?

Always put yourself in the place of your international customers and imagine the picture they get from your website. Put maximum effort to maximize the return you get from the investment you have made.

If you have answered YES to at least 3 of the questions, it means you are all set to go for website localization services.

To Conclude

A high quality website localization is exactly what you need for your website to expand globally.  You will need professional, world-class translators alongside powerful technology to serve the relevant localized content to target the right audience. Your investment has to serve its ultimate goal.

Keep in mind that a reliable partner is a must to be competitive and stand out in the market. Find a partner who can combine website translation and localization elegantly with the end result of a clear and effective content related to what your users seek.

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