7 Reasons We Need Basic Translation Worldwide

Basic Translation of words in a paper

We live on a mighty expansive planet that’s immensely dominated by technologies to a large extent. At the click of a button, we get to do everything! We even get to plan a fabulous vacation without any qualms.

So, when we finally take the plunge and set our foot down in one of the most beautiful countries, we may stutter when we realize, ‘Oh! What language do they speak!’, ‘How do I even communicate with them?’. That’s when you wish you have a translator or an app that can make your survival much easier.

Yes, that’s exactly what we are gonna cite upon in this article, the need for basic translation worldwide! Let’s dive right away into the 7 reasons.

1. “Sorry, we speak only in our mother tongue!”

Basic translations of a sentence in different languages
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Wouldn’t a teeny weeny bit of English suffice? Hmm..no not really!

Even though English is the most commonly used language, there are countries that do not have the influence of any international language at all. They communicate in their mother tongue and are uber-efficient that way.

So if you are on a wonderful vacation in any such country and you are unable to quickly snap up anything because the shopkeeper doesn’t comprehend what you say, or you are off-track in the middle of the road, what do you do? At this juncture, don’t you think any form of basic translation services which help you translate from English to the native language is crucial? Yes, translations can make your travel hectic-free and less emotionally draining!

Even in countries like Malaysia where English is widely used in big cities like Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, speaking a bit of Malay will help you go a long way. Since they are known to be very friendly towards tourists, the locals may just go an extra mile for you if you speak their regional language! Try out! For all you may know, you might get that extra scoop of rendang you’ve been eyeing at the stall.

2. If you want to expand and diversify your business

An informal work environment
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Formal or informal, basic translations are inevitable in business!

In order to diversify and expand your business, branching out to different countries can reward you exponentially. Like we mentioned before, it is impossible to communicate merely in English. Countries like Thai that thrive in tourism are super-friendly to kick-off a variety of businesses. But their documentation, legal works, and so on, happen only in their regional language which is Thai, therefore, high-quality explicit translations are the only way to effectively grow your business. 

Another example to cite is Singapore. The country being the melting pot for business in Asia, people from all over the world regularly invest in business here. Since English is one of the most widely used languages in Singapore, personal and business documents need to be translated into English before they can be processed and accepted by the authorities. So you know how translation services play a significant role in the current globalization era.

3. Websites being multilingual is the REAL NEED of the hour

Websites always have basic translations worldwide
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The use of multiple languages has helped major businesses go local!

Most of the major global companies that are ubiquitous have their official websites translated into multiple languages worldwide. To enhance their business and make it more flourishing, businesses need to cater to the regional and cultural needs of a specific region. So translating English to several other languages or vice versa is absolutely inevitable!

In the current era, the major players need to make efforts to connect with the locals and language is the only possible medium that relentlessly helps them do it. So the website needs to be translated into well-written regional languages that can easily be embraced by the people of the respective region. Do not heavily depend on translation websites, they cannot always give you the right emotion intended. If you want to do it the right way, do not use low-quality, cheap translation services. Things can really blow out of proportion on a word these days!

4. Yup, it’s finally time to immigrate

Immigration has enhanced the use of basic translations worldwide
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Immigration has enhanced the use of translation services worldwide!

You are all prepped up to immigrate and settle down for good. But you understand much later that the country you have decided to call home predominantly uses their mother tongue in most of their documentations. This can get even more challenging when you buy a property or a house that has all the legal documents written in the mother tongue. You are perplexed and have no clue how to sort it all out on your own. Let us divulge something to you! It ISN’T EASY AT ALL to do it on your own. In this scenario, translation services are sure to lend a helping hand to thwart all your worries and concerns on the same.

5. It’s official, it is the Netflix era!

A person accessing Tv with the remote
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By now we know, languages have no barrier!

We all are trudging through difficult times for quite some time now. Most of us have shut ourselves inside the four walls of our homes and the only thing that has kept us all alive is the unlimited access to movies and series we binge on. We are constantly watching international movies that are not made in the languages we are familiar with.

For instance, Korean dramas and K Pop have hit the top charts. Ever pondered how? The translation services used by these companies to translate the original language into multiple foreign languages in the form of subtitles and captions have helped us enjoy entertainment in foreign languages. This is how translation services are never going to be obsolete in show business!

6. For those who seek spiritual and religious guidance

Person reading the bible
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Spirituality and religion have helped major publication houses thrive!

The plethora of spiritual and religious books translated every day is uncountable! The Bible is one of the most translated books in the world. As years pass by, spiritual and religious books including Bible are made much simpler (due to translations) in a manner that can be comprehended really well by people.

By now you know how basic translations worldwide make a splash even in the current era.  If not done right, the very basic essence embedded in spiritual and religious thoughts may not be communicated to a larger audience effectively.

7. Empowering people through talks and speeches

A person giving a speech
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Translated speeches and talks have influenced people considerably worldwide!

Just like how it’s the Netflix era, it is also a time where people seek inspiration from highly successful and powerful people (mainly through digital media). The highly evolving digital world has paved the way in making a common man aware of the obstacles, tragedies, and challenges faced by successful people.

Speeches by great leaders, sportsmen, and social activists have become extremely popular worldwide. Such famous orations and talks are also incorporated in the school textbooks of children because of the powerful and effective language translations. Thus, basic translations worldwide have the power to touch people with the right use of words. By using very effective translation services, many have been able to empower and inspire millions of people globally.

To conclude

To connect and influence people around the globe, basic translation worldwide is mandatory. It is an absolute necessity to opt for translation services if you need to travel or venture into anything international. To make local the new global, and to strike the right chord with people, language is the most powerful tool. If you can get it all right in the communication, then you know you can have it all!

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