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Around 100 million people in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore speak Tamil in their daily activities. In addition, residents of the states and territories of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry (formerly known as Puducherry), and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India also speak Tamil. With the spread of Tamils ​​to various regions and the world, translating from Tamil to English becomes very important because not everyone can understand this language or vice versa.

For example, in Tamim Nadu where the majority of the population is not fluent in English, however, they communicate in Tamil as their first language. This is in contrast to jobs in the government and private sectors, where the majority of jobs are in English.

In this article, we will explain in more detail the reasons for translating Tamil to English, the purpose of translating Tamil to another language, the documents required for translation, the process of translation services, and the average cost of translation.

Why Do You Need Translation from Tamil to English?

Why Do You Need Translation from Tamil to English?The digital world comes to mind when thinking of 2022, as practically every business today has a website where it promotes itself. But you may have visited a website and been unable to understand due to language. All you had to do was translate the website’s content into your language. In today’s digitalized world, translating your information into the native language of your audience is critical to increase internet traffic and traction. India’s Top language translation is the best way to accomplish this.

If you want to establish the strongest possible connection with the Tamil people, simply speaking English will not be enough. In order to successfully expand your business in Tamil Nadu or other Tamil-speaking regions, English to Tamil translation becomes absolutely essential to your success. The English to Tamil translation service you get from an online tool is not only full of mistakes, but the language also sounds like it was written by a machine. Here are some reasons why you need a Tamil to English translation:

1) To make communication easier between people who speak different languages.

2) The existence of translation service will enable Tamils to access English content in their mother tongue.

3) In addition, the use of translation services will make research and study materials available to all Tamils and to anyone, anywhere in the world, without the need to master the original language.

4) To submit all required document requirements for various purposes, such as studying abroad, working abroad, and migration or emigration.

What are the Purposes of Translating from Tamil to English?

India is a very big country with many different states and different languages. You can’t learn them all. There are about two hundred and fifteen million Tamil speakers in India and around the world. If you want to communicate with them, you need help from a company that can provide the best English to Tamil Translation services.
In this case, people will need translation services from Tamil to English for various purposes, including:

1. Studying Abroad

Translating from Tamil to English for studying abroad

Studying abroad requires preparation that is not simple, but also not difficult. The existence of language differences makes you have to prepare documents that need to be submitted to parties abroad from the previous day. This is important to avoid administrative problems. You can start preparing these documents by making a scanned copy of the document and making a translated version into the appropriate language for the country you are studying abroad for. For example, if you are from Malaysia, and want to study in England, the translation required is usually Malayto English.

2. Working Overseas

Working Overseas

Working abroad, especially in a well-known company, is everyone’s dream. However, there are some absolute requirements that must be met, including submitting a letter of recommendation from your previous company.

Those who have worked in the country or have experience, of course, need a letter of recommendation in order to support a career. This recommendation letter is also a necessary condition in applying for or working abroad. A letter of recommendation translation service will help with this. That way, you can work comfortably, and freely, because you get a better recommendation letter that has been professionally translated by an official and trusted translator service.

Here are the disadvantages that you will get if you are going to work abroad but you still have an untranslated letter of recommendation from the previous company:

> Not recognized for its validity, because foreign corporations do not understand the language written in the letter
> Unable to get employee protection rights
> Inability to obtain insurance
> Did not get a position that matches the letter of recommendation
> The company is unable to provide facilities

3. Migration or Emigration Purposes


4. To settle the inheritance of a deceased family member living in another country


What Documents Need to be Translated?

What Documents Need to be Translated?

Generally, document translation services perform translations for legal documents which consist of three types, personal, educational, and commercial. So, what documents need to be translated from Tamil to English or vice versa? Here are the documents:

1) Diploma: translated to continue study overseas

2) Birth Certificate: translated to marry a foreigner, live abroad and work abroad.

3) Family Card; translates to living abroad along with family.

4) Identity Card: Translated to complete the requirements every time we go abroad.

5) Certificate of being single: Translated to marry a foreigner.

6) Power of attorney: Translated to give special power of attorney in specific affairs

7) Bank Reference: Translated to study abroad as a financial guarantee

8) Letter of Recommendation from the prior job.

9) Marriage Certificate

10) Divorce Certificate

11) Death certificate: Translated for individuals who will take care of the rights of someone overseas who has died.

Process of Translation Service

Process of Translation Service

Certified translation services use the following process to translate the official documents:

1) The customer will either mail the legal certificate or send a high-resolution image of the certificate.

2) The translation service team will examine the certificate’s content and conceal it in editable text.

3) An expert translator will translate the certificate.

4) The team will return the draft to the customer for approval.

5) The translator will make the necessary corrections if they found any errors.

6) Once the translation is complete, the original template will be combined with the translated text.

7) The customer receives the translated marriage certificate.

Cost of Translation Service

Cost of Translation Service

The cost of translation depends on various factors, the biggest of which is the length of the text for translation, i.e. the number of words, and the linguistic combination. The rarer the language combination, the higher the translation rate: for example, a translation from English to Japanese will cost much more than a translation from English to Bahasa Indonesia because fewer translators are available for this language combination, and the cost of living in Japan is much higher than in Indonesia.

Apart from these two variables, the price of a translation can vary greatly by subject. The more specific and technical the terminology in a translation, the higher the level of translation. A translation of an essay on nuclear reactor operation will cost more than a translation of a brochure on Malaysia’s greatest eateries.

Finally, the price of a translation varies according to formatting, urgency, and type of translation (sworn translation, proofreading of previously translated material, certified translation, and more).

To Conclude

When you are going to hire a translation service for your official documents, please do not use an inexperienced translator to translate important personal documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and the like, as this will not only increase your processing costs by requiring repeated translations but will also result in refusal from the relevant authorities.

Translating from Tamil to English should be handled by English translators with Native-Expert level of expertise in their respective subject areas. Each of these translators has an excellent grasp of Tamil, and the majority of them are native multilingual. This assures that your document from Tamil to English translation jobs are in capable hands, and that quality is assured.

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