Kids Voice Over: When Would You Need Them?

Kids Voice Over: When Would You Need Them?

Everyone wants their business to be thriving and be the finest market player. Businesses are always on the run to do extremely well. So in order to be the most sought-after in your business, it is highly crucial to diversify your business and take the huge plunge whenever necessary. You cannot depend on the age-old print advertisements when the world itself is moving forward with new dynamics in communication. Sometimes you need to think out of the box and make people recall your brand when they come across a simple tagline or a piece of art. But how do you do it? Yup, you need to be unique here! That’s where most people use voiceovers these days. Not just simple voiceovers, but voices that can stimulate you and make your target audience feel connected with the brand. Nowadays do you know what’s in vogue? Kids voice-over! 

Kids have a unique charm that’s unbeatable and their innocence coaxes you to cuddle them with love and affection. They have oodles of energy that get rubbed onto us within a few seconds. When we have kids around us the whole world looks beautiful and vibrant with positivity. Now with the evolving technology, even kids get their share of pocket money through multiple ways and one such lucrative field is voice-over services. It may sound a bit strange, but kids attract people to a great extent and their voices make you smile. So is there any other better way to make your customers get connected with you? 

Also, remember that you cannot use kids voice-overs for anything and everything!  

So let’s know when your business would really need stunning kids voice overs.


1. Your Client’s Target Audience is KIDS

Your Client’s Target Audience is KIDS
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You are running a voice-over company where you have a plethora of voice-over artists and suddenly you get a client whose products are catered only to children. For this very reason they insist on something different, they want a child to do the voice-over! So you do not have any other option other than to hunt for a cute little confident voice that would drive their business to a whole new level. This way you will be working with child voice actors in your business. Working with them is so inevitable because you cannot undermine their abilities and talents.

For instance, your client is a baby diaper company, and this time they are coming up with plastic-free cloth diapers that are gonna benefit the baby and the environment equally. Usually, the voiceovers of such brands are done by adults, but this time the brand thinks out of the box and makes sure that they use a kid to do the voice-over talking about the efficacy of the product on their sensitive skin. This may do wonders and can instantly go viral in the present digital age. 

Did you know? Several companies predominantly into translation services have gained prominence in voice-over services in the last few years? Some companies offering translation services in the UK,  have ventured into voice-over services. Also, there are quite a number of translation services in Malaysia that cater to different business and personal voice-over needs of the consumers. Such services are in rage now!


Photo by Joydeep Sensarma on Unsplash

Children’s day is dedicated to kids around the world and it is the duty of the society in which we live to make them happy and energetic. So when such a day falls on a specific month of every year, many brands and educational institutions would find it a necessity to work with child voice-over actors. If you need the ball rolling in your business it is mandatory to give emphasis to such days and events that make children too connected with your business/brand. The memory power of kids is unbeatable and when they coax their parents on such special occasions to get a product or a toy of their liking parents may pay heed to it.

For example, if you are running an apparel store and you want to drive more sales in the month of children’s day you can run some offers and discounts exclusively for kids’ apparel. This may generate more sales because even parents would be excited about the brand discounts. So in such scenarios, if you need people to be heard, using kids’ voiceovers in your podcasts and advertisements can increase the footfalls in your store. 


3. If You Are Producing A Children’s Movie Or  A Short

If You Are Producing A Children’s Movie Or  A Short
Photo by

All children’s movies require the voices of kids. If not for all the characters, at least some of the characters need children’s voices. In Disney movies such as Finding Nemo and the like, we have numerous kids giving voiceovers and we absolutely adore them. This is one of the scenarios where a business will have to use children’s voiceovers. Disney is an exception because a majority of their productions are only for children. But there are scenarios where a production house is gonna produce their first children’s movie ever and it would also be their first time working with kids’ voice-over actors. So they will have to hunt for some good talents in the market.


4. If You Are Running An Educational Institution

If You Are Running An Educational Institution
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Not all educational institutions require kids’ voiceovers. But when yours is an exclusive kindergarten or preschool there is no way you can rule out voiceovers. This is mainly because they function only for children. There are numerous children’s activities that take place in schools and in this digital age, we have a plethora of platforms to showcase their talent. Especially in the Covid era where all the offline activities have gone online. All celebrations where children collectively performed once upon a time are done through zoom calls, google meet, etc. 

Numerous ways in which schools use kids voice overs these days are through 


a. Podcasts – Most preschools, kindergartens, and educational institutions have their own podcast channels. Through these mediums, they are working with child voice actors and they share knowledge online and the absentees in the classes get access to the missed chapters.

b. Story narrations– There are many story narrations that happen on the internet which are exclusively for the kids genre. In many stories, we find kids’ voiceovers which make children attracted to the stories. Almost every school has a youtube channel in which they narrate such stories.  Some companies are very successful in offering such international voice over services on various digital platforms. 

c. E-learning – In the Covid era E-learning is the new normal. Certain learning schedules can be made interesting by using kids’ voiceovers to break the ongoing norm and also make children excited about their studies. For nursery rhymes and children’s stories, nothing can beat the voiceovers given by children.  Several translation services in Singapore exclusively offer such voice-over, transcription services for schools and universities.


5. If You Are Publishing Children’s Audio Books

If You Are Publishing Children’s Audio Books
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Audiobooks are in the vogue! More and more children have access to audiobooks and parents make efforts to cultivate good habits in children by making them listen to audiobooks before their bedtime. The demand for such audiobooks is on the rise these days. So for kids to feel connected with the characters in their fictional stories we need kids’ voice-overs in the audiobooks. If not for all characters, at least in some portions it is crucial to have the voice-over of children. This gives a vibrant and great feeling to the overall story. When children hear such voices they get easily carried away and get immersed in the audiobooks. This is one of the greatest ways to attract children to audiobooks. 


6. If You Are Doing Radio Commercials or Jingles

If You Are Doing Radio Commercials or Jingles
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Not always, but there are scenarios where you need kids’ voice-over for any specific commercial or a jingle. When it is a conversation between a parent and a child you need to be working with child voice actors who are proficient in the language and have great intonations. Even for jingles, we hear the voice-over of children. Similarly, if it is an advertisement catering to children then you need to have kids voice overs to generate more attention from children and their parents. 

Even though we know people are more inclined to social media and other apps, there is also a huge audience that listens to the radio on a daily basis. Some drive to their offices daily by listening to their favorite RJ or music through the radio. So we should never underestimate the power of jingles or radio commercials. At times, a particular voice gets registered in your brain more than an image. 

The aforementioned 6 points are the fields in which we use kids voice overs. We cannot refrain from not using them because if your product is targeting children then always go for a voice where a child can relate to. This is one of the most feasible options to reach your target audience. 

Now that we have covered when you would need to be working with child voice actors let us also introduce you a bit into the REASONS why it is mandatory to have kids voice-over in your businesses.


5 Reasons Why You Need To Use Kids Voice Overs

1. To Recall Your Brand

Recall road sign
Photo by istock

Brand recognition is so important and crucial in this era of huge competition. A voice-over will help you connect with your customers more than a logo or a print advertisement. So imagine having a cute little kid doing the voice-over of your business? We are sure people are going to recognize your brand just with the voice-over. You should also make sure that the kids’ voice-over doesn’t look funny or odd for your business. If you wanna add a humorous yet appealing tone, then nothing can beat the significance of using a kids’ voice-over.


2. To Make More Sales

Making online sales
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End of the day, the idea behind any strong and creative marketing is to generate more sales. People need to be assured that the brand is good and can satisfy their needs as a customer. The voice-over can help customers understand more about their purchase and it feels like personal communication between the customer and the brand. The voice-over artist can mention how they benefited from the product and this can be a propelling factor in the brand purchase. 

For example, if the product is a kids’ health drink, then a kids voice-over is so mandatory to make children feel assured about the product. The kids’ voice-over used here comes as a plus point for the brand when the kid talks about how it helped him/her overcome their tiredness and how active they have been after consuming the health drink.


3. To Feel Long Term Connection With The Brand

Long term connection
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

When you have a kid as the voice of the brand you don’t feel cheated! Yes, that’s more than assuring and convincing for the customers. Even the brands wouldn’t want to give unnecessary promises in the pretense of a child’s voice because it has its legal implications too. So when a brand decides to use a kids voice-over people know it is authentic and they can trust the brand. This will help people enable a long-term connection with the brand because you know that the brand is genuine and trustable. Due to this, the longevity of the brand is also established really well. 


4. To Be Unique

Trying to be unique
Photo by Noah Näf on Unsplash

Not always do you find kids’ voiceovers! Unless the product is targeted to kids or it is a special occasion dedicated to children. But even when you are a big player in the market and you decide to make children’s voice your brand’s voice then you are going to be deemed as one of the most unique brands and it helps your consumers remember you for the fresh or brave idea that has been implemented by your brand.  

In India, the e-commerce site Flipkart is very popular for using children as the main brand ambassadors. They only cast children in their advertisements and people still relate to the funky hilarious advertisements acted by vibrant children dressed as adults. This has made them extremely popular in marketing their e-commerce site. Now when people witness a group of children in an advertisement they know it is about Flipkart. Such a concept has made them really unique in their respective fields.


5. To Be Entertaining

to be entertaining
Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

Sometimes brands need to be happening and entertaining. Unlike the usual boring adult voiceovers in the promos and out-of-hours greetings on phone calls, using a kids’ voice-over would make it really interesting for the consumers. Even if there is a waiting period you wouldn’t feel the time passing because the voice-over is creative and cute. It is also the identity of the product or the brand and this makes it really interesting.

Sometimes when the consumer’s call is on wait, they need to be reassured that their call is really important. So to make them wait without any boredom this is one of the most fascinating features you can rely on. But make sure that you do not bombard the customer too much with the kids’ voice because too much of anything can be boring!


Now that you have understood the reasons to work with kids you also need to know the tacts tricks while working with kids. It is not that easy to work with children. You really need to be tactful and make sure they are not bored or tired. You always need to keep their spirits high and make sure that they are excited throughout the voice-over. So we have some tips for you, check it out!


7 Tips To Work Effectively With Kids During The Voice Over Sessions


1. Be Gentle (THE MOST IMP)

Gentle gesture
Photo by Reign Abarintos on Unsplash

Kids are sensitive and the most purest at heart. They require the same amount of respect and dignity with which you treat an adult. Always boost their morale and never look down upon them. Make sure you keep on motivating them so that they do not lose interest in doing the voice-over. Never hurt their feelings because they might soon break down and this would never get you a good voice-over. Remember you are the one who is in need of the voice-over, so if you hurt their sentiments accidentally they can also be scarred for life. 


2. Be Patient

Kids playing on the bed
Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash

Children may not understand exactly what is being conveyed by you. Of course, they are not adults to comprehend what is being said. So you need to muster a lot of patience while dealing with them. They may also misinterpret what is being directed. Therefore, always approach them calmly and be persistent enough!


3. Make The Voice Over Comprehensible To Kids

Kid laughing out loud
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

It is not necessary for children to understand the meaning of the sentences in the brief. So make it understandable to them in the form of stories, visuals, or storyboards. This would draw their attention more and you will also be successful in getting the desired tone and emotion in the voice-over. It would ultimately result in an excellent voice-over. 


4. Carry Some Treats Or Toys

Children's toys
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We all know that children love gifts! When rewarded with gifts each time when they do a good job it can be really encouraging and motivating for them. This would enable them to give their best shot while doing the voice-over. So after a tiring day, they can get back home really happy and gay!


5. Rehearse Well

Children rehearsing
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Children may not get it right when you suddenly ask them to do the voice-over. So take time and effort to do enough and more rehearsals. This can help them in multiple ways to get the intonation, pronunciation, and emotions right. By doing so, you are not wasting time on the day of the recording and children are also well acquainted with what is expected out of them. 


 6. Make It Fun

Kids having fun
Photo by Steven Libralon on Unsplash

Children tend to get bored easily. They cannot strain like adults for hours. So make sure you take breaks in between recordings. Organize some games inside the studio and keep them entertained throughout. So that if there is any technical glitch and if they are required to come another day for the shoot, they are at your doorstep wholeheartedly without making a fuss. 


7. Make The Studio Kid Friendly

Kid having fun
Photo by Hannah Tasker on Unsplash

When you’ve decided to work with kids you need to take extra steps in making them happy and jovial. Have some good colorful microphones, if possible go for the ones which have the image of their favorite cartoon characters. This will make them curious and excited to do the voice-over. Also, have a kids’ room where you have bright colors painted on the walls. Make kids feel it is their game zone. To lift up their moods in between the voice-over sessions all you will have to do is put them inside the kids’ room where they have their favorite toys and board games to play with. Within a few seconds, they are good to go and it will work wonders in your voice-over. 


If you follow these steps you are sure to have an upper hand with kids. They are never going to be lethargic or bored whenever they come to your studio to do the voice-over. This will also ensure that your business has credibility and reliability among the locals in your area. A place that treats children and old aged people is highly revered by the public. 


Also, before you come out with a casting call for child voice actors make sure that you take into consideration several factors.


Important Factors that Need to be Considered Before Making the Kids Casting Call


1. The Law Of The Land

law of the land
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Laws vary from county to country. So if you are working in any specific country make sure that you are aware of the laws related to kids. This is because it is illegal in several countries to recruit any kid as an employee. Most of the time you are required to get written consent from the parents of the child. Several social service officers need to give you permission to use a kid for any professional service. The officer will brief you on the compensation, hours of work, working conditions, etc that have to be followed mandatorily. 

2. DO NOT Use Kids Voice Overs On Alcohols & Adult Products

No kids voice over must be used on alcohol
Photo by Vector Stock

It is not ethical to use children’s voice-over in any alcoholic or adult products. Their voice-over can only be used on family-friendly products and you need to make sure that the message of the product is conveyed properly and clearly. Having an unclear voice-over is never gonna do anything good for your brand. If your target audience is people in their 20’s, using a kids’ voice-over will not be very effective. 


3. Spend More Time In Getting The Right Voice

Different kids
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Kids are of different nature and some cannot take directions well. End of the day you need to get the right voice for your brand and you do not want any hassle taking place while recording the voice. So do enough research on the kid you are appointing for the voice-over. Talk to the parents and teachers to find out whether the child is receptive and can follow instructions with ease. This will make your time more worthwhile while recording the voice-over. 


The reasons and factors mentioned above are unavoidable in this era of hard competition. So in order to stand out from your competitors, one always needs to think differently and make the customers connected with the brand. Everybody is busy these days and there is no time to sit back and read the lengthy emails. Therefore, more and more companies are relying on voiceovers to brief the employees and the customers about the products and services. This is a great change and we need to embrace it with open arms because change is the only constant! 

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