Interview Transcription Services: What Is It?

Interview Transcription Services

Interview transcription services refer to writing down a real-time or recorded conversation between two or more speakers. Several interviews can be transcribed, including legal, business, medical, academic, and media interviews. Audio and video interviews are great, but transcribing them makes them better.

Unlike other types, interview transcriptions can be demanding, and they are not as simple as they seem. Experts note that transcribing one hour of an interview may take you between 4 and 10 hours, depending on the transcriptionist’s expertise, number of speakers, complexity, terminologies, and accents in the audio. At Wordsburg, we provide high-quality interview transcription services with a quick turnaround time.

But what are the reasons why you should transcribe your interviews?

This article will highlight the benefits of interview transcription services and how to choose the right one for your project.

Benefits of Interview Transcription Services

Benefits of Interview Transcription Services

In this technological era, audio and video interviews, podcasts, and talk shows have grown immensely. But do you know transcribing these files is equally important? The following are the benefits of interview transcription services:

1. A Transcript Helps You Trace the Key Topics of the Interview

Unlike audio or video that requires you to rewind or guess where certain information is in the file, a transcript is easy to read and straightforward. You can find the keywords or phrases you seek by referring to timestamps and skimming through the text.

2. Written Interviews are a Richer Source of Information

Researchers believe the brain retains more information from a written text than listening to audio or watching a video. A transcript is easy to understand because the text is grammatically correct and with the proper punctuation. Clean verbatim eliminates background noises, transitional phrases, and other unofficial words, making it straightforward for the reader.

Moreover, a transcript eliminates the confusion brought about by accents, slang words, jargon, and technical terms. Are you looking for fast and accurate interview transcription services? We can help.

3. Transcripts Boost SEO

Transcripts Boost SEO

Interview transcripts with specific keywords can rank on search engines, making your content rank high and attracting a large audience. For instance, if you are interviewing a scientist on their day-to-day activities and they mention the process of extracting DNA from living cells, a transcript for such an interview could rank for the keyword” extracting DNA from living cells.”

Ranking well on search engines can be a great marketing strategy, especially for e-commerce businesses, media houses, etc. It also gives your website or agency organic traffic and free publicity.

4. Transcribed Interviews are Easy to Manage

A written interview is easy to store, edit and examine compared to an audio or video file. Searching through keywords is more straightforward than playing several files when looking for a particular one.

Suppose you are a recruiter who conducts numerous interviews for job placements. It would be a lot of work to go through several recordings looking for the best candidate at the end of the day. But with transcripts, you will skim through the questions and answers to identify who is most suitable for the job.

Written Interviews Capture Accuracy

Recording the interview is the first step if you are a researcher interviewing community members about a particular subject. These dialogues may contain inaudible words, murmurs, and background noise. When you transcribe such an interview, you get clean verbatim that represents the main ideas captured. This makes your interpretation and reporting easier.

Moreover, transcripts are good reference points when quoting a speaker or crediting a source. It is easier to refer to an article than an audio or video. After all, the reader may have time to skim through a blog but lack time to listen to audio or watch a video.

How to Choose the Right Interview Transcription Services For Your Business

There are many agencies and individuals offering interview transcription services today. How do you choose the best among hundreds of providers?

The following tips will help you decide:

Consider the Transcriptionist’s Experience

Consider the Transcriptionist’s Experience

One of the primary factors to consider when hunting for the right transcriptionist is their expertise. How long has this person or agency offered interview transcription services? Do they have a portfolio to show or testimonials?

Experienced transcriptionists will make the work easy for you by delivering quality services? Unlike a novice who will depend on you for directions, an expert will lead and even suggest ways to improve your work.

At Wordsburg, we let our portfolio and excellent services do the talking. Contact us today for fast and accurate interview transcripts.

Read Reviews and Ratings

Read Reviews and Ratings

In this internet era, you can hire the best person for the job with only a few clicks. Search for the best interview transcription services on the search engine and go through the results. Compare several providers and look out for both negative and positive reviews.

When you find a good match with great reviews and ratings, contact them and negotiate a deal. However, in your quest for providers with excellent reviews, beware of false reviews that look too good to be true.

Ask For Recommendations

Talk to your peers, friends, family, and colleagues to see if any of them have worked with a good interview transcription services provider. Recommendations always work because no friend would jeopardize the relationship you share by recommending someone who will deliver substandard work.

However, please do your research after a recommendation to ascertain they are the best fit for your project.

Go For an All-Rounded Service Provider

Interviews require more than transcription sometimes. You may be working on a project that requires other services such as translation, subtitling, or captioning. Note down all the services you need before hiring a specialist for your project.

Accessing these additional services under one roof saves you time and money. It also keeps the circle in possession of confidential information small to avoid leakage to third parties.

Wordsburg is a hub for most of your business needs. We offer translation, transcription, subtitling, captioning, interpretation, and voice-over services under one roof to make your projects complete. Contact us today for a quote.

Wrap Up

Interview transcription services make interviews easier to follow and can make the information rank on search engines. However, it is not easy to transcribe interviews. Hacks such as transcribing short clips at a time, creating a draft first, using the right tools and software, and using shortcuts such as autocorrect can help you create high-quality interview transcripts.

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