British Female Voice Over Services: 5 Top Hacks

British Female Voice Over Services

A recently published research found that 66% of internet video viewers prefer a female voice over to a male voice over.  This preference was because the female voice commands trust and accountability and soothes in times of distress.

The demand for British female voice over services has grown immensely, and so has the number of female voice actors. Standing out among thousands of voice talents is not a walk in the park. But with the right skills, persistence, and hard work, you can be the next top-rated voice actress in the UK and beyond.

Are you still doubting if there are enough gigs for British female voice over services? Do you feel intimidated by the male-dominated industry? It’s time to break that barrier and shine your talent on the world.

This article will highlight why female voice overs are gaining momentum and hacks to help you grow your voice talent as a female voice actress.

3 Reasons Why Most People Prefer Female Voice Overs

Reasons Why Most People Prefer Female Voice Overs

As we stated earlier, multiple research has shown that most listeners prefer a female voice over. The following reasons can explain the numbers behind the fair gender:

1. Trust

Female voices are likened to nature and motherly instincts. Regardless of age or class, most people trust a female voice over than a male voiceover. The high-pitch in most female voices raises confidence and assurance.

2. Soothing nature

You may have noticed that a woman voices most commercials that pass messages of hope and comfort. For instance, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, many goodwill messages were voiced by female celebrities. This is because, naturally, the female voice is soothing and reassuring.

3. Melodic

A female voice is high-pitched, clearer, and with the perfect articulation for most ears. Research by the University of Sheffield showed that the brain processes a female voice differently from a male voice. The part of the brain that perceives musical notes also processes a female voice.

5 Hacks to Help You Find the Best British Female Voice Over Services for Your Business

5 Hacks to Help You Find the Best British Female Voice Over Services for Your Business

When searching for British female voice over services for your business, you want to work with an expert who will give you value for your money and produce excellent voiceovers. Here are five hacks to help you hire a voice talent that will deliver your desired results:


You can never go wrong with an expert who has developed their skill over a long period. You get high-quality, well-polished, and satisfactory work because the professional has a reputation to protect.

Ask yourself how long the individual or agency has been in the voice over sector? Do they have a portfolio that showcases clients they have worked with before?

Go for an experienced voice talent who has offered British female voice over services for a couple of years.  At Wordsburg, we have been offering high-quality voiceovers for over a decade. Get in touch today for the best voice over services in the UK and beyond.


Not many people know this, but a professional’s rates can tell you more about their service quality, dependability, and expertise. When sourcing voiceover services, beware of low prices that seem too good to be true. Keep in mind that cheap is costly in the long run. You may get substandard work that will cost you more money and time to fix.

On the other hand, some agencies will charge exorbitant rates that give you little to no return on investment. Why choose such expensive talents when you can get similar services at competitive prices?

At Wordsburg, we give you a well-detailed estimate depending on your project type, the number of words, target audience, and urgency. Hire the best British female voice over services at affordable prices.

Write a Well-Detailed Script

Write a Well-Detailed Script

Even with an experienced voiceover talent, you may get unsatisfactory work if you don’t give enough details in your script and project description. When you hire your preferred voice talent, provide them with every possible resource to help them give you perfect work.

Write side notes, illustrations, if you want specific emotion here and there, intonations, pauses, etc. When you give performance details, you act as a remote director instructing the voice over artist on what to do. This way, you will get what you are looking for and reduce revisions and re-recording.

Look at Testimonials

Searching for the most suitable British female voice over services that will benefit your business is not easy. In addition to a voice talent’s experience and dependability, look at other clients’ reviews and testimonials. A good voiceover talent will have positive reviews and a five-star rating from satisfied clients.

Beware of false reviews meant to trick you into hiring mediocre talent. False reviews will say only good things about a service with no positive criticism or mention of weaknesses. Let’s face it; not every client will love a project a hundred percent, and most will mention a thing or two that they did not like.

To spot a reputable voice talent, look for a review talking about the good qualities but not shy of criticizing the areas that need improvement.

Additional Services

Voiceover services go hand in hand with other services such as subtitling, captioning, transcribing, translation and interpretation. It will be easier for you to access these services under one roof instead of hiring separate professionals. Before hiring a voice over talent, identify if you need additional services to narrow down your search

At Wordsburg, we also offer translation, transcription, subtitling, captioning, and interpretation services at affordable prices. Get in touch today for a quote.

Wrap Up

Female voice over services have gained popularity as brands strive to keep up with their target audience’s needs. Most people love a female voice due to its melody and soothing nature. Moreover, a female voice is trustworthy, so most listeners will feel calm and listen until the end.

Searching for British female voice over services suitable for your business is not easy. Consider the voice talent’s professional experience, rates, and versatility to handle additional work before hiring. In addition, provide a well-detailed script with performance instructions if you want to get excellent voiceovers.

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