Best Interpretation Services: The Checklist

best interpretation services

Language barriers can be a major hindrance to business growth. It can prevent you from communicating effectively with people of different dialects, extending your business operations globally, etc. However, you can overcome most of these drawbacks by hiring the best interpretation services.

The professional interpreters will use their skill set to translate and relay the information from the speaker/sender to help you close quick deals. In a nutshell, they will help you expand your networks and utilize more business opportunities globally.

If you still have questions about interpreters, below is a guide on everything you need to know about the best interpretation service.

What Is Interpreting? 

interpreting services

Interpreting is the practice of converting a spoken or signed dialogue from one language to another. It aims at establishing manual or oral communication between two or more people who are not speaking in the same language.

For effectiveness, the communication needs to be truly direct. As such, the interpreters should convert the information in the first person. Additionally, they should interpret accurately and faithfully to maintain the efficiency of the communication.

Contrary to what many people think, interpretation is different from written translation. While interpreting is based on speech and listening skills, the written translation is based on writing and reading skills.

However, some people with unique abilities can do the two roles effectively.

Why Do You Need Interpretation Services?

why would you need interpreting services

As mentioned above, interpretation services can help establish verbal communication between you and people of different languages. Therefore, investing in it can help you.

> Extend your business networks by interacting with people from different walks of the world

> Expand your area of knowledge by sharing ideas with people operating in the same business niche

> Unlock new opportunities by informing potential global customers about your brand

> Improve employee commitment in the case where your team members share different languages

Please note: the kind of interpretation service to hire will depend on the nature of your business or the need for interpretation. And, that takes us to our next subject.

What are the Different Types of Interpreting?

types of interpreting services

Businesses need interpretation services for different needs. As a result, interpretation agencies like Wordsburg have come out to offer businesses with varied interpretation service options, including:

  • Simultaneous/ Live Interpretation Services

Live interpreting is an instantaneous conversion of speech from the speaker’s language into another language. The interpreter takes only a few seconds to digest the speaker’s words and then releases them in a language that their client can understand.

Compared to consecutive interpreting (discussed in the section below), live interpreting is much more complex since the interpreter must convert words directly from the speaker’s mouth.

For this reason, experts in live interpreting use simultaneous interpretation equipment like transmitters, receivers, and booths to enhance their onsite interpretation accuracy. They also use tools like GoToMeeting, and zoom among others, to improve their remote interpretation.

It can be the most ideal if you need an interpretation for significant events like trade shows, conferences, or the United Nations.

  • Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting involves interpreting the speech after the speaker is done talking. Therefore, its message is a bit delayed compared to the live interpreting discussed above.

In this type of interpretation, the interpreter must take notes to avoid the omission of vital information from the speaker.

It can be the most ideal if you need the message to be interpreted for many listeners like your employees. Or in the case where your interpreter needs time to proofread the message and pass it to listeners enchantingly.

  • Remote/ Telephone Interpreting

Telephone interpretation services have become a trend during the pandemic era. Today, leaders in organizations, institutions, and social groups use remote interpreters to break down the information into a more straightforward language when holding remote conferences with a multilingual audience.

Your interpreter can do this task either simultaneously or consecutively, depending on what they prefer most. It can be the best interpretation option when communicating with online customers from different corners of the globe.

When Do You Need An Interpreter?

needing an interpreter for your business

When planning to hold a conversation with business partners, clients, or new prospects who don’t understand your language, you need an interpreter to facilitate your communication.

Remember, even if your audience (say customers) can speak in more than one language, they can express themselves better using their native language. And, you can only understand their needs better by hiring an interpreter to convert the message for you.

As such, you will need interpreters anytime you hold a conversation with people who speak different languages, whether onsite or virtually.

Who Makes A Good Interpreter?

what makes a good interpreter

For one to qualify as an interpreter, they should be trained and well experienced in the subject. Contrary to what many leaders and individuals believe, being eloquent in speech does not qualify an interpreter.

For instance, if your secretary (Jane)is eloquent in French, she does not qualify to be an interpreter. And, subjecting her to the interpretation job may result in omission, alliteration, or misinterpretation of vital information, especially if they are going through stress.

Remember, she is only trained as a secretary but not an interpreter. For these reasons, you should hire a qualified individual who can interpret effectively no matter the situation. That way, you will end up getting quality interpretation results.

 Where Can You Find An Interpreter?

finding an interpreter

There are various sources where you can find interpreters, including:

  • Searching from online interpreting websites for agencies
  • Asking for referrals
  • Checking with state/ country records, etc.

Below is the procedure for hiring an interpreter regardless of the source.

How Can you Hire an Interpretation service?

getting an interpreter

Now that you know what interpretation is and what it entails, how will you secure the best service for your needs? Below are some helpful tips you follow.

  • Understand Your Interpreting Needs

Identifying your current and the possible future needs for an interpretation will help you find an agency that best fits your needs.

  • Look For A Reliable Agency

You need an agency whose interpreters are well trained and experienced in dealing with your problem area. For instance, if you need a live Spanish interpreter to interpret medical information, you need to look for the most reputable agency in that niche.

For best results, ask the agency to produce certifications for any interpreter before assigning them to you.

  • Consider The Technology Used By The Agency

What type of technology does the agency bring to the table? Any reliable agency should offer solutions that make it easier to order, schedule, and manage interpreting services.


Investing in interpretation services can help you establish your business globally. In the article, we have outlined various aspects and benefits of investing in interpretation services. We hope going through it will help you secure the best interpretation service for your business.

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