5 Benefits of Call Transcriptions

call transcriptions

Ever had a phone call with a customer and need to replay the conversation at a later time? Maybe there was a discussion about an effective way for a business solution or there was a key piece information that a customer shared. These are important information for a business to improve – whether it is sales, operations or customer service. Saving these audio and/or video recordings do not do much benefit unless they are transcribed as real data. This is how call transcriptions benefit you.

Nowadays, people know call transcriptions as the converting process of conversation that takes place by phone call into written words or conversational language. The software of transcribing calls will store the conversations as plain text. They can make this an automatic process. One comes about real time or after you record the calls (past conversations).

Transcribing calls can give you more benefits. Saving time from listening to an entire recording is one of them. The other obvious benefit is to determine important information from phone calls. It is because call transcriptions make the process more effective. Below, you can learn more benefits you can gain from call transcriptions.

Call Transcriptions Benefits

1. Enhancing Agent Performance

The other benefit you can get from transcribed calls is to improve quality monitoring process. They can also enhance operational efficiency by supporting a clear review. It is the review of how each agent handles every incoming call. Supervisors can see  effectively where their agents are struggling. They can get and use that information to provide useful feedback and training.

2. Improving Sales and Marketing Techniques


Call transcriptions are also handy for other departments. For example, sales department. They can use them to ensure their consistent delivery of products and services. Sales representatives can use call transcriptions to detect competitor cites and threats.

Research marketing transcription is a service for transcribing calls. It is focusing on marketing and sales. Research teams need to prepare various reports. They prepare these reports based on their discussion over phone calls. Call transcriptions go beyond call monitoring. They give an easy way to find call recording data. This truly matters to a specific business. Fast and accurate phone call transcripts are handy while making new marketing and sales strategies. Perhaps, you want to expand your business abroad. Call transcriptions in multi language will give you more benefits. One of the benefits is to help you make informed strategic business decisions. These decisions will help you deal with and determine issues.

3. Improving a Better Customer Experience

A customer experience is important to the success of any business, now more than ever. All conversations between agents and customers are recorded. Then, the records are transcribed. It is performed to gain information on customer satisfaction . This satisfaction can be on your products or services. For example, a customer says, “I’m satisfied with your service”. That phrase is considered as a positive impression.  If the phrase says, “I would like to speak to your manager”, it will get negative score. The total scores of call transcriptions determine many things. For example, whether a customer had an overall positive or negative experience.

4. Upgrading Accessibility

more accessibility

Written call transcriptions give more accessibility to people with hard-hearing.  More people can access your conversations. Providing a transcript is a way to make an all-in content. For example, for deaf and hard-hearing people.

A person might struggle to understand words while listening. It happens if the language they use is not their native one. Call transcriptions will provide them transcripts in multi language.

Call transcriptions are also handy if you do not have access to a compatible gadget. It applies for those with no access to a stable internet connection as well. For situation like this, they just wait. Then, they can download the transcript. They can also learn it as if they had the phone calls themselves.

5. Increasing Search Engine Result

SEO result

Search Engine depends on a word, or a combination of two or more. It is to give you best result. Most of your phone calls have important content. This content gives you information. Then, you can transcribe it. After that,  you can make them accessible on the Internet. Hence, it will boost your online presence. Next, you can provide keywords that are rich in content. People often seek similar one as yours. They will be able to learn about them, and find them in your document. Above all, it will improve your website content, and increase Search Engine.


Industries That Would Benefit From Call Transcriptions

A number of industries are in need of call transcriptions regarding to the benefits above. Here, we are sharing a list of businesses that needs call transcription services.

1. Law

Law industries are on the top of list. They are in need of call transcription services. If you happen to have a law firm or are a paralegal, then your business certainly needs call transcription services. Why are call transcription services important in the legal industry? Well, legal information are highly important, confidential, and may change a client’s life entirely.  It also makes information easy to be shared amongst judges, juries, and lawyers.

2. Healthcare

Healthcare is another field where call transcription services are ideal. In healthcare, call transcription services help in documenting details about patients. Therefore, if your business deals with matters in health or medicine then it is a must to have call transcription services.

3. Marketing

If marketing is your business focus, whether related with goods or services, then you surely need call transcription services. This is especially so if you use focus groups, interviews or any other outreach program. It is performed to gather information. The same goes as well if you are carrying out a product testing initiative or doing expert interviews.

You will be able to make the most out of the data you collect with call transcription services. Then, all the information will be transcribed. Even better, it allows you to have an accurate record of response. It will make the record of response possible for you to make informed marketing decisions.

It is worth noting that marketing consultants offer marketing planning and strategy both offline and online. Then, they call or email all marketing staffs. They rely on this call transcription services. It is to make everything work out as they are planned.

4. Education

This is another field where call transcription services are ideal. In fact, call transcription services in education benefit both academics and students. This is actually one of the many reasons why top learning institutions offer courses. The courses mostly include lecture transcripts.


To Conclude

Transcribing calls comes handy with all benefits you can gain. This will help you and your team improve their performance. You can hire a professional call transcription service to get your accurate and error-free call transcripts within fast time. This way you will be able to fully benefit from it.


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