Wordsburg Delivers Remarkable Translation Services: GoodFirms 

By Discriminating “mere translation” from  “the right word” Wordsburg Translations Delivers Remarkable Translation Services: GoodFirms 

Wordsburg Translations is a professional translation firm offering affordable services to clients with different translation needs, in various languages. The firm gets ranked at GoodFirms for its innovative approach to work.

Company Introduction

Based in Singapore, Wordsburg is a professional translation firm founded in the year 2016. The firm is a combined team of united professionals who believe that communication, when combined with a personal touch, works the best. The firm has a knowledgeable team who understands the difference between “mere translation” and “choosing the right word” because it is the tiny details that make a translation comprehensible. The firm is a team of expert translators who take their work seriously and understand their work requirements minutely.

Wordsburg team offers technical translation, certified translation, business translation, food & culinary translation, media & entertainment translation, etc. The firm was initially started with a small team of three passionate members and today it’s flourishing as one of the leading translation companies in Singapore.

GoodFirms Research process

GoodFirms is an internationally accredited research and evaluation platform that does extensive research of companies to give them rankings on the website. The profound researchers of GoodFirms evaluate every company on Quality, Reliability, and Ability attributes, and these factors make the service seekers choose a reliable translation firm. 

GoodFirms evaluated Wordsburg on the same parameters and observed them delivering much more than just translation services. The details of exceptional translation work done by Wordsburg are cited below. 

Wordsburg consists of professionals and translators who are highly skilled members working with strategy and innovation to provide optimum services. The team at Wordsburg holds excellence in 120 languages, so the clients can approach them for any language. The firm follows a system for receiving work from clients. The clients can first order translation through which they can receive online quotes and order translation. The second process starts from the firm’s end, where they start the projects, and the third process is receiving translation by the clients. The clients can receive the translation directly by email, by courier, or get it published on the source.

Every translation services by the firm are of high quality because Wordsburg knows the importance of the right words. This makes the translation look neat and understandable. By promising 100% human translation, Wordsburg provides express service, plus they also accept translation orders over weekends. With a proper understanding of the client’s needs, they offer services in Korean, Japanese, Thai, French, Spanish, and other global languages. Today, Wordsburg has a network of 1000+ native translators and 25+ project managers who work across the globe for them. The firm prides itself on committed team members who work with new technologies and science to provide translation services. Moreover, in every translation they do, the team gives a personal touch. This is why the translation services delivered by Wordsburg are unique.

By promising fast, affordable, and quality translation services, Wordsburg has become the top choice for translation services in Singapore. The translation offered by Wordsburg is accepted by MOM, ICA, IRAS, and other Singapore Government and foreign bodies. With guaranteed accuracy, they have delivered services to other embassies also. Wordsburg’s translation services assist clients in expanding their business or communicating with a larger clientele. After the work has been completed, the clients can receive their projects in the promised time. Moreover, 80% of the jobs are delivered on the same day. Additionally, they also provide six months of support post project completion. These all factors accumulate to make Wordsburg a professional and a reliable translation services firm.

Thus, for delivering unique translation services with guaranteed excellence, Wordsburg earns a position as one of the top translation companies in Singapore at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C.-based GoodFirms is an innovative B2B Research and Reviews Company that extensively combs the market to find top Translation Services firms that offer the best services to its customers. GoodFirms’ extensive research processes help rank the companies, boost their online reputation and help service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs. 

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