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Telugu LANGUAGE Translation

At Wordsburg, our ultimate goal is to provide exceptional translation services in many languages. To get the best Telugu translation services, you have to look no further than Wordsburg. Here, we provide the best quality Telugu translation services within less time and budget. Using our budget-friendly Telugu translation services, you can translate all kinds of texts and documents from Telugu to English and vice versa. 


Telugu Translation Services

Overview of the Telugu language

The Telugu language is considered one of the largest members of the Dravidian language family. The language is popularly known and spoken in Southeastern India. It is the official language of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in India, with more than 75 million speakers.


The Telugu language is diversified into many different dialects based on different factors such as geographical area, religion, education, etc. Depending on the region, the Telugu language is divided into four regional dialects. On the other hand, based on various factors such as caste, religion, etc., the Telugu language is divided into three social dialects. The formal language, that is, the literary language, has a different dialect when compared with these various spoken dialects. This formal Telugu dialect is called Diglossia. 

Industries we help in Telugu Translation

Wordsburg is one of the largest translation services providers in and outside India. Here, we help you with Telugu translation services for almost every kind of document. However, the following are the core industry areas where we specialize in providing proficient and accurate Telugu translation services.

  • Legal documents
  • Banking and Financial documents
  • Pharma and Healthcare documents
  • Educational documents
  • Food and Beverage-related documents
  • Documents related to vehicles and automobiles 
  • Marketing, Media, and Publishing-related documents
  • Entertainment related documents
  • Travel and Leisure related blogs
  • Blogs and articles related to Hospitality and other professional services

Why choose our Telugu translation services?

At Wordsburg, we believe that satisfying our customers is the first step in making our business shine and be successful. That is why our main motive is our client satisfaction. To satisfy our clients, our team works extremely hard by providing them with high-quality Telugu translation services within a shorter deadline. We put on a lot of effort into providing specialized Telugu translation services all over the world. 

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