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Tajik Language Translation

At Wordsburg, our ultimate goal is to provide professional and proficient translation services in different languages. We also provide very accurate as well as reliable Tajik translation services. Our ultimate objective is to provide precise Tajik translation services by translating English texts into Tajik and vice versa. 


We have a team of highly proficient Tajik translators who possess a strong knowledge of the language and its culture. Hence, it makes it easy to translate all types of documents in Tajik within a very short deadline.

Overview of the Tajik language

The Tajik language is also called Tajiki. The Tajik language is the national language of Tajikistan, with more than 4 million speakers worldwide. The language not only holds importance to the people of Tajikistan but also holds huge importance among many Persians in Iran and Afghanistan.

During the early times of the first world war, the Tajik language did not have a writing system. At that time, the Persian writing system was used by almost every Tajik speaker. Later, the Tajik language developed a different writing system. After the founding of the Soviet Union of Tajikistan, the Tajik language became the national language of Tajikistan.

Countries where the Tajik language is spoken

Generally, the Tajik language is mostly spoken by the people of Tajikistan. The southwest group of Farsi and Dari people in Iran and Afghanistan. It is also known as the Modern version of the Persian language and is widely spoken in Central Asia and Indo-Europe.

How to get good and reliable Tajik translation services?

Most of the time, what happens is that with so many options to choose from, we get confused about choosing the appropriate Tajik Translation services. However, you don’t have to worry about it now. Because at Wordsburg, we provide exceptional Tajik translation services at a very affordable cost.

Why choose our Tajik translation services?

At Wordsburg, our main goal is to make our customers happy and satisfied with our services. We believe that our company’s success relies on our customer’s satisfaction. Hence, our team works extremely hard to provide quality Tajik translation services to all our clients. Our team puts a lot of effort into providing our clients with satisfactory service 24/7.

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