Slovenian Translation Services


Wordsburg has linguists who are subject matter experts and proficient in both their native language as well as English. Thus, we can provide a variety of Slovenian Translation Services with utmost ease and precision. This ensures two things- quick delivery and high quality data. Our Slovenanian translation services include but are not limited to medical, technical, legal, website, marketing, video, travel & tourism and financial.

Slovenian Translation Services

Some insights about the Slovenian language

Slovenian is the official language of Slovenia. The other popular terms for this language are Slovene or Slovenščina. It belongs to the Western subgroup of the South Slavic branch of the Indo-European language family. Slovene belongs to Proto-Slavic which is the ancestral language from where the evolution of the all the Slavic languages can be traced.

There is a very small population of the world that knows this language very well. Most of the people are from the Republic of Slovenia and others are found in various parts of Italy, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

There exists a significant amount of influence from other languages in the grammar and vocabulary of Slovenian. Most notably Serbian, Croatian, and German are amongst the languages that influence Slovene. In recent years, it has also borrowed a considerable number of words from English.

Our services are designed to look after all your individuals as well as business needs. Some of these services are as follows-

Business Translation-

Business content can be of varied nature. Our translators will give you personalised content that will cater to your specific needs and for the audience you wish to target. Your requirements could be any of the following- document translation and legalisation, transcription, interpretation, voiceover, subtitling and desktop publishing.

Travel Content Translation-

We have a team of skilled translators who have years of experience in the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. This makes it easier for us to deliver refined content with accurate slovenian translation and multicultural marketing solutions that will allow your customers to have a culturally rich and worthwhile experience. Localised content will help you gain loyal customers for your business- be it a restaurant or a chain of hotels.

Why choose Wordsburg?

Since such a small population has a command over this language, it is a challenge to find translators that will give you high quality Slovenian Translation Services. Overcome the hurdle of going through the trouble of finding a translator, contact us to know more.

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