Sinhalese Translation Services

Sinhalese LANGUAGE Translation

Sinhalese belongs to the Indo-European language family. A very small population of the world knows this language. Thus, finding someone to help you communicate in this language can be difficult and unusual. The trainers at Wordsburg ensure you get Sinhalese Translation service that addresses all your concerns. They are experts and have vast experience in the field.

Sinhalese Translation Services

Overview of the language

The common term for referring to Sinhalese is Sinhala. This is an Indo-Aryan language and is mostly spoken by the Sinhalese people of Sri Lanka. Sinhalese people contribute majorly to the population of Srilanka. There are about 16 million Sinhalese people living in Sri Lanka. Other ethnic groups of Sri Lanka also consider Sinhala as their first language.

The language is written using one of the Brahmic Scripts: Sinhala. It is the descendent of the Brahmic Script and is closely related to the Grantha script. It is the first language for a major class of the people of Srilanka. About 2 million people consider it as their second language. Many people of Maldives are also well versed in this language.

Industries we help in translation:

Legal, Finance, Aerospace and Aviation, Automotive, Banking and Financial Services, Engineering, Education, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Legal, Medical, Pharma & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media Publishing & Entertainment, Marketing & Professional Services, Oil, Gas & Petroleum, Travel, Leisure & Hospitality.

Some Essential Sinhalese Phrases

Okay/Very Good- Hari Hondai

How are you?- Kohomada

May I Telephone?- Mata Call Ekak Ganda Polu Wandeh

I Don’t Speak Sinhala- Sinhala Danna Na

Wait a Minute!- Poddak Inna

Do you speak English – “Oyate Ingrisi Katha Karanna Puluwanda” Oyate Ingrisi Ka-tha Karanna Pulu-wanda

I don’t understand – “Mata Teri Neh Neh” Mata Terenne Na

Thank you very much – “Bohoma Stuti” Bo-hoh-mah Iss-too-tee

Hello – “Ayubowan” Aayu-bo-wan


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