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Serbian Language Translation

Serbian is the official language of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The language isn’t just confined to Serbia; there’s a huge Serbian-speaking diaspora in many neighboring countries such as Bosnia, Kosova, and Herzegovina. It uses both Cyrillic and Latin scripts. 

Serbian Translation Services

The government generally uses the Cyrillic script, at all levels of education, in the media, and all parts of social, cultural, and private life.

Serbian, Bosnian, and Croatian languages share similarities when spoken. However, when it comes to writing, there are minute spelling and grammatical differences that translators should be aware of to produce quality content. 

Some Popular Serbian Phrases:

  •  Pleased to meet you: Drago mi je
  • Have a nice day : Prijatan dan želim
  • Hello (General greeting) : Zdravo
  • How are you? : Kako ste
  • Thank you : Hvala lepo
  • Congratulations! Čestitam!

Dialects of Serbian language 




Adriatic coast and surrounding islands, primarily spoken among natives of Croatia


Bordering communities of Croatia and Slovenia

Shtokavian (Standard)

Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro


Countries where Serbian is spoken

There are approximately 8 million speakers of the Serbian language. According to the latest census, the language is also spoken in countries as under:

  • Albania
  • Bosnia
  • Macedonia
  • Croatia
  • Australia
  • Montenegro
  • Slovenia
  • Belgrade
  • Kosovo
  • Herzegovina
  • A few parts of the United States, Russia, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

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