Persian Translation Services

Persian Translation Services

Step into the race for global growth and communicate with stakeholders in their preferred language. If you want to expand your business, then you should consider Persian language translation services. But before we see why you need a Persian translator company, let’s learn more about Persian or Farsi.

Persian Translation Services

The Persian Chronicle

Persian finds its roots in the Indo-Iranian language family. It is the most spoken member of the West Iranian language branch. We can divide the vast history of the Persian language into three eras:

  • Old Persian, 
  • Middle Persian, and 
  • Modern Persian

Historians authenticated Old Persian from the cuneiform inscriptions of the Achaemenid dynasty. This was the ancien regime that ruled the Land of the Aryans (modern Iran) before it became the conquest of Alexander the Great.

Middle Persian came to be after the fall of Alexander’s rule. It was also called Pahlavi, after the Parthians who ruled Persia. It is well-known due to its use in Persian pre-Islamic Zoroastrian writings. Persians used the Middle Persian alphabet during the rule of Khosrow, the Sasanian king.

Compared to the previous two, Modern Persian came about in the 9th century after adopting a contemporary alphabet. The current Persian alphabet consists of 32 letters, of which 28 belong to Arabic. 

Global Persian Translation Services

Today, over 45.4 million people worldwide speak Persian as their mother language. It is the official language of Iran with a majority of speakers. It has two forms, Dari and Tajik, which are the official languages of Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

The global spread of Persian speakers calls for accurate and certified Persian translation services. And this is what you find at Wordsburg. Based in Singapore, we have a team of the best translators for English to Persian. We use only native speakers to offer precise Persian translation services for the government, public and private sectors.


Furthermore, our team consists of a wide range of subject matter experts. They allow us to work with various industries ranging from medical and legal to finance and engineering. We also cater to marketing, entertainment, travel, hospitality, and more.

How Wordsburg Can Help You

We guarantee 80% of English to Persian and Persian to English translations on the same day. For your convenience, we ensure you get a quote in 30 min. We also accept orders over the weekend, so your growth never stops. For businesses, our Persian translation services help them:

  • Get higher ROI.
  • Reach their target audience.
  • Identify specific market potential.
  • Enhance sales.

With customised payment plans and six months of post-project support, Wordsburg can prove to be the best Persian translator company for you.

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