Pashto Translation Services

Pashto Language Translation

Wordsburg provides one of the best Pashto translation services all over the market. We provide high-quality translation services to our clients. Our services are accurate, reliable, and of low cost.

Pashto Translation Services

Our translators are fluent in both Pashto and English. They are also well-versed in the vocabulary of both languages. This enables them to understand and interpret the Pashto translation documents with ease.

Translation expertise in many fields

Wordsburg provides Odia translation services in various fields. We have expertise.  We can ensure that they will provide you with the best work. Their expertise in various fields includes the following:

Industries we help in translation:

Legal, Finance, Aerospace and Aviation, Automotive, Banking, and Financial Services, Engineering, Education, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Legal, Medical, Pharma & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media Publishing & Entertainment, Marketing & Professional Services, Oil, Gas & Petroleum, Travel, Leisure & Hospitality.

More about our fields of expertise

  • Certification Translation


Document translations are not always enough. We need to get it translated by a certified translator. Wordsburg provides certified translations that are 100% accepted by government and private institutions. The certificate translations we provide are birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licenses, educational certificates.

  • Website Translation


We provide specialized software and website translation services. We are a team of over 5000+ Native Human Translators. Our team of professional translators will translate your website documents into over 100 languages. The list of languages we provide translation services for include:

Asian, European, Indian, Middle Eastern, Cyrillic, and African languages. All our translators provide the best work of high quality for an affordable cost. We at Wordsburg ensure smooth and hassle-free delivery.

  • Medical Translation


Translating medical documents or information can be tricky. Wordsburg is a trusted medical translation company. We have a reputation for serving top medical companies across the globe.


Why us

We have a team of experienced translators who are experts in their respective fields. We provide translation services for over 100 languages, and currently.  Our translators are native speakers of the languages so you can trust us with your needs.

We provide other services besides translations, such as transcriptions, voice-overs, interpretations, etc.

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