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Wordsburg provides a certified Nepali translation service for any document translation you name. Our translators are fluent in the literature and language skills required for both Nepali and English languages.  


Translational skills can be utilized in any industrial sector, from technical to classic literature. Professional Nepali Translators at Wordsbug will give you quality translation service in a short period. The regular clientele at Wordsburg is from automobile, technical, medical, Travel and Tourism, Publishing, and many other industrial sectors. 

The Nepali Language

According to Manusmriti, the Khasha people of antiquity, referred to as “legal experts,” spoke a language descended from Nepali. The western, central, and eastern regional dialect groupings make Nepali. 

The royal family and the higher classes also speak a particular dialect. This dialect is increasingly being used by the educated middle class and the newly rich.

It features a unique lexicon and a four-level honorific system. In addition to a body of written literature that has grown over the last 250 years, Nepali has a significant oral literary tradition. The vocabulary and style of written Nepali are influenced by Sanskrit and recorded in the Devanagari script.

Certified Business Translation

Nepal’s business sector is booming daily and widening the global market. Connecting with local entrepreneurs with business ideas, transactions, and technical documents requires you to know the Nepali language. Our best Nepali-to-English and English-to-Nepali translators can help you with certified business translation with speedy delivery. 

Travel Content Translation

The tourism sector of Nepal is boosted by millions of tourists from around the world. Thus, travel content in the regional Nepali language and vice versa would help tourists interact with the locals of the place. Our Nepali translation service can provide quality translated content in a short period.

Why Wordsburg

Over more than 100 languages may be translated into Nepali by our skilled staff of writers. We offer reasonable-priced translation services for a range of content. Our website services are of the highest caliber and are grammar-checked. Get in touch with us for a comprehensive range of Nepali translation services immediately.


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