Mongolian Translation Services

Mongolian Translation Services

At Wordsburg, we offer certified Mongolian Translation services. Our team of indigenous Mongolian linguists have years of experience. They understand that high-quality translation. It involves understanding the context, tone, and emotion of the text. We believe in delivering time-bound services at a reasonable price. With the promise of utmost professionalism.

Whether it is English to Mongolian translation services or vice versa. If you need Mongolian document translation services, we at wordsburg will help you out.


Mongolian Language History

Mongolian is the official language of Mongolia. The development of this language is from three main periods of history;

The Ancient Mongolian

The Middle Mongolian

The Modern Mongolian

The contemporary Mongolian spoken language took form in the 19th century.

Mongolian Language Influence

The Mongolian language belongs to the Mongolic family of languages predominantly spoken in the Central and East Asian regions. Some linguists claim that the Mongolian language connects with Turkic, Korean, and Japanese languages. However, this is a matter of serious debate, and there is little consensus on the subject.

Growing requirement for Mongolian language translation services

Mongolian is one of the most widely spoken languages in East-central Asia. Estimation says that about 8.3 million people speak Mongolian as their native language globally. This makes Mongolian translation services all the more relevant. Businesses aim to tap into the Central Asian region for potential clients and customers.

Why choose our Mongolian translation services?

  • At wordsburg, we offer a diverse set of services aimed at solving various problems that challenge our clients. Some of the services we render include business translation, website translation, technical translation, medical translation, travel content translation, legal contract translation, advertising translation, etc.

Our experts understand industry-specific terms as well as phrases of common usage. This equips us with the tools and knowledge to take up any Mongolian language translation project and deliver top-quality results. Our certified Mongolian translation services give our esteemed clients the option to translate Mongolian documents into over 200 languages.

We take pride in having a team of professionals from diverse fields. This means that we have professionals with appropriate industry knowledge for specialized subjects. At Wordsburg, we set the highest standards for ourselves and aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.

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