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Maori stands for both the native language and the native people of New Zealand. It is a popular Eastern Polynesian language that has a major influence on the culture of the Maori people residing in New Zealand. Maori translation services provide a solution for Maori to English or English to Maori for websites, manuals, and mobile applications.


Overview of the Maori Language

Derived from the English word Maori, meaning ordinary, the Maori language was the only spoken language in New Zealand during the 1800s. When the European settlement started in the early 1800s, the Maori language declined, and English became the dominant language. In 1975, a Maori language week was established before any significant legislation was passed. 

Since then, this festival has been continually celebrated every year. This week is dedicated to the Maori language, and both Maori and non-Maori people are encouraged to use Maori terms and phrases in regular conversation. Beginning in 1985, laws were passed to support the resurgence of the Maori language.

Under the Maori Language Act of 1987, Maori was swiftly made the official language of New Zealand. Additionally, this law authorized the use of Maori in official contexts. The Act also created the Maori Language Commission. These were significant advances in increasing the Maori language and cultural acceptance in New Zealand society.

Maori Popularity

Maori plays a big role in New Zealand culture and is an important aspect of participation and identity. Forming a broad part of the heritage of New Zealand, several efforts are being taken to implement the language through media such as radio stations and TV channels. These two ways are effectively restoring and revitalizing the language in society. Another important factor is the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team performing a traditional Maori war cry before every match.


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