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A certified translation service is necessary for spreading new information and ideas worldwide. Translation is essential for written material and paper-based documents. Maltese Translation Services helps your business to grow exponentially and provides access to many potential customers.


Overview of the Maltese Language

The Maltese language seems to be significantly similar to a language spoken once in the ancient Mediterranean, called the Phoenician language. Malta’s national language, the Maltese language, is usually written in the Latin alphabet, just like English. 

Considered to be a mixture of multiple languages, the Maltese language is said to have borrowed multiple words from Sicilian, Italian, and English. Moreover, the Maltese language is also known as the Maltese language. Maltese became the official language of the European Union when Malta joined the European Union.

Maltese History

Maltese became the language of influence during the 9th century AD when the Arabs conquered Malta for around 400 years. Initially mentioned in a ballad written by Pietro Caxaro, Maltese became a spoken language later in the 19th century. 

Maltese remains a language of influence that ranges from food to architecture. After the Arabs departed, Malta became occupied by various other cultural interests, such as the French, the Italians, and the English. Closely related to the Arabic dialects of Algeria and Tunisia, the Maltese language is also influenced by the Sicilian language.

Growing requirement for Maltese language translation services

Widely spoken by over 95% of the population as well as around 520,000 native speakers, Maltese is a recommended language for communication. Certain cultures that transcend global boundaries are best in their languages, such as music, films, literature, and art. Furthermore, it is required for trading with countries worldwide.

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We offer you translation services in various formats, such as:

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We pride ourselves on being the industry’s most flexible language service provider. We offer accurate English-to-Maltese translation services and Maltese-to-English translation services for corporate organizations and multinational enterprises.

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