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Malayalam is the official language used for communication in Kerala. The government, commercial, and mass communication use it.  Are you looking for certified Malayalam translation services? Do you wish to communicate effectively with people around the world? You can choose an appropriate English-to-Malayalam translation service to fulfill your needs.


Malayalam Dialects

Being one of the most popular languages in south India, Malayalam has developed more than 20 dialects. According to the Dravidian Encyclopedia, the regional dialects of Malayalam people is same within the community. It has fifteen dialect areas: Wayanad, North Malabar, Kozhikode, Eranad, Kasaragod, North Travancore, Central Travancore, South Travancore, Valluvanad (South Malabar), Palakkad, Lakshadweep, Beary, Ravula, Thrissur-Kochi, and West Vembanad.

Considering the Ethnologue, the various dialects of Malayalam are North Kerala, Central Kerala, South Kerala, Nair, Beary, Yerava, Malabar, Namboodiri, Nagari-Malayalam, Pullaya, Jeseri, Kasargod, Nasrani, and Kayavar. The commonly used community dialects are Nair, Pulaya, Arabi Malayalam, Nasrani, and Namboodiri.

Malayalam History

Originating from the words Mala and Alam, meaning mountain and town, the Malayalam language developed in the 13th century. Belonging to the southern group of Dravidian languages, Malayalam is the last to originate after other languages such as Kota, Tamil, and Kodagu. A distinct variation of the Tamil language, Malayalam started as Old Malayalam from the 9th century to the 13th century. Gradually developing into Middle Malayalam, several literary works are heavily influenced by Sanskrit and Prakrit.

Malayalam Influence

Over the years, Malayalam has incorporated many elements from other languages. Some notable languages are Dutch, Pali, Hindustani, Arabic, Prakrit, Syriac, Persian, and Portuguese. Sanskrit is prominently used in formal Malayalam, and several medieval liturgical texts composing in a mixture of early Malayalam and Sanskrit. Another language used in formal literature works along with Malayalam is Arabic.

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