Malay translation Services in Singapore


Need Malay translation services for personal or business purposes?


If you are wondering where to translate your Malaysian Birth Certificate, or any Malay documents into English, we have you covered. Wordsburg’s Malay translation services is a native Malay translation service provider with efficient turnkey process & solutions.


With a team of over 35+ Professional Malay translators, we can assist you with the Malay to English translations for your business and personal documents.

Malay translation Services in Singapore
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At Wordsburg, Malay is one of the major languages we Translate, Transcreate or Copywrite every day. Our professional translators are experienced enough to taking charge of simple to complicated Malay translation projects.


Malay translation team includes a total of 35+ linguists with diversified education and learning backgrounds. The content type and target audience will take priority while deciding the best translator to take charge of a project.


Our 6-stage workflow process and impressive translation rates work perfectly for most customers.



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To provide an accurate pricing, we need one of the below details:


– Final Documents


– Total Word Count


We recommend our clients to share the final documents that require translation. That will help us to evaluate source the documents and give you an accurate pricing.

Our team of native Malay translators are based in Singapore and Malaysia. Each of the Malay translator is picked based on their linguistic skills, education & professional background. 


For specialised documentation like Malay Legal Translation, we will assign the document to the subject specialist.

Yes, we can arrange that. Just let us know your preferred choice of the translator.


If the translator is busy with another project, you may have to wait until the translator completes the current project.

Yes, our certified translation is acceptable by most government and private institutions. Based on the purpose, respective authorities may require additional actions apart from certified Malay translation.


For ex: ICA submissions require Notary & SAL Authentication .


Kindly seek advice from the authorities and let us know what they require. We will fulfill the requirements.

Our Malay translation team comprises of specialists capable of handling wide range of subjects.


Some of the popular ones are Malay Technical translation, Malay translation, Malay Business & Financial translation, Malay Legal translation, Malay Medical Translation, Malay Financial Translation, Malay Certified Translation, Malay Legal Translation, Malay Website translation, Malay Video Translation, Malay Audio Translation and more.

Sure, we can provide you a credit period of up to 30 days.

Terms and conditions apply. Kindly speak to our sales team.

We will do our best to offer customised  Malay Translation Packages that suits best for you.


– Our customised rates work best when the volumes are high. We offer our best prices when contents are over 25000 words.


– Pay for bulk content in advance at the lowest prices. Use them for your upcoming translation projects.


– Enter a service level agreement with us and get fixed unit prices for a different range of word counts.


– Offering 30 days credit period for selected customers. 

Yes, we can arrange that for you. Terms and conditions apply.


Kindly speak to our sales team.

If the source file is editable, we will publish the translation and retain the layout.


In the case of a scanned file, we will do our very best to keep the format. However, we cannot assure a 100% same format.

Indeed that would be helpful. Please feel free to share the TMX file and glossary for usage in upcoming Malay language projects.

We are able to translate the Malay  HTML/ PHP/ InDesign files into English without having to break code or design.

Please feel free to share the contents in these formats.

Yes, we offer Malay video translation service. Our multimedia translation services include transcription, voice-over & subtitling.


Please feel free to contact us for Malay Video Translation Services.


The timeline for Malay language translation depends on the total content volume.



To share an estimate, a human translator can translate around 7-10 Certificates or up to 2000 words per day.

We will send you the certified and notarised copies by email.


If you wish to get hardcopy we can have it delivered through one of the below options:


– Self collect from our office

– Singpost

– Courier

For successful acceptance by ICA, Certified Malay Translations must be Notarised and Authenticated by the Singapore Academy of Law.


Kindly refer to the ICA guidelines for Malay translation service while applying Singapore PR.

For ICA submission, you need below: 

1. Certified Translation from Wordsburg

2. Notarisation & SAL Authentication

Kindly refer to the Documents required for PR Application.

In most cases, it is not mandatory to get Malaysia Birth Cert translation for the back page.


While translating a birth certificate from Malay to English in Singapore, most of the clients opt for the front page only.

A registered Malay translation company in Singapore can assist you with the translation of birth certificate in Singapore. 


Wordsburg is a registered translation company that can offer Malay translation services for you.

You require Certified Malay Translation when you have to submit your Malay documents to other countries apart from Malaysia.


Ex: To submit an LTVP application to MOM, you are required to get Certified Translation of Malaysia birth certificate translation.

No, you are not required to see us personally. We look after the process for you.


All you need to do is send well-scanned pages and pay for the service.

No, we do not require original Malay language documents for English Certified translation or notary services.


A well-scanned document will suffice.

Our Malay Certified Translation is acceptable by most of the authorities in Singapore & Overseas.


Based on the purpose, authorities may ask for further steps apart from the certified translation of Malay documents.


For ex: Notary & SAL/ MFA Authentication/ China Embassy Attestation. Check with the authorities and confirm the requirements.

Yes, in most cases our certified translations are accepted overseas too. However, check the requirements from authorities carefully.


You may need additional requirements like Notary/Embassy chop.


Let us know the requirements. We will provide you with the necessary certifications.


Malay certified translations and notary services issued by Wordsburg are valid forever.


Unless there is any change in rules issued by the government or official authorities certifications will remain valid.