Legalise Birth Certificate: Why & When Would You Need It

legalise birth certificate

When would you need to legalise birth certificates? It is needed when you plan to live abroad, for example, for making Resident Cards (Titre/Carte de Sejour for those in France), health insurance, continuing school, and other needs abroad.

Birth Certificate is a civil registration certificate resulting from the recording of a person’s birth. It tells you about a person’s identity, such as name and date of birth and parents’ names. At the end of the certificate, there is a signature of the relevant official stating the validity of the data.


Who Should Translate Legalise Birth Certificate?


When applying for a visa or scholarship requirements abroad, a birth certificate is one of documents that needs to be completed. Since the destination country is outside of your country, the language written in the certificate must follow the language of the country concerned. So, who should translate it? For this reason, you need the help of a sworn translator for your birth certificate.


Why Do Only Sworn Translators Allowed to Translate Birth Certificates?

legalise birth certificate

To answer this, here’s the review:

1. Ensure Data Validity of Birth Certificate

One of the basic reasons you need to engage a sworn translator to translate birth certificates is the validity of the data from the translation. When using the services of a sworn translator, the contents of the translated birth certificate will be the same as the original language.

Sworn translators of birth certificates will not reduce or add words to the translation. It has legitimacy by affixing postage stamps, signatures, and footnotes. The authenticity of the data becomes more guaranteed with these three things.

2. Streamlining the Bureaucratic Process

When you use a sworn translator for a birth certificate, the translated document will also include a stamp bearing the translator’s name. The stamp used by a sworn translator has legal force equivalent to that of a notary.

Thus, you no longer need to go to a notary for the certificate to have legal force. As a result, the time needed to process documents is shorter, and you don’t have to worry about a complicated bureaucracy.

3. Confidentiality of Identity Guaranteed

Another reason you need a sworn translator to translate a birth certificate is the confidentiality of the customer’s identity. Sworn translators commit not to reveal the customer’s identity to the public. That’s why, you don’t have to worry about the confidentiality of your identity.

A birth certificate is a very personal document, so of course, you don’t want the certificate’s contents published. This is why a sworn translator is present. Through a sworn translator, your identity and the contents of your birth certificate will remain confidential, except to the persons concerned.

4. The Translation Quality is Satisfactory

As we all know, the process of becoming a sworn translator is not easy. He or she must take a test first to measure the ability of the translator.

After passing the exam, the translator gets a decree stating that he is a sworn translator.

Therefore, the results of the translation carried out by sworn translators are of satisfactory quality.


Services Provided by Sworn Translation Service Providers

When you call or visit the office of a sworn service provider, you will find several services provided by a sworn translator. One of these services is a translator service. As the name implies, this service is applicable when you want to translate a document. There are various documents you can translate, including legalise birth certificates. All translators who work on this service are sworn translators, so you don’t have to doubt their quality.

Apart from translation, another service offered is document legalisation. If you feel that the document legalisation process to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is too confusing, you can submit it to a sworn translator.

You do not need to translate the documents to be legalized in advance because a sworn translator will do it. What’s more, you are just waiting for the final result because the translation service will also bring the document to be legalized, and legalise birth certificate with the ministry of Law and Human Rights.


Difference Between Sworn Translator and Non-Sworn Translator


A sworn translator is a translator who has obtained a decree issued by the competent authority. Before getting it, the candidate for a sworn translator must take and pass the translation test held by the relevant authority.

Meanwhile, non-sworn translators are professional translators who do not have permission or decree as sworn translators. To become a non-sworn translator, one does not need to take or pass a translator exam.

One of the clear differences between sworn translators and non-sworn translators lies in the legal power they have. Documents translated by sworn translators have stronger legal force than non-sworn translators.

That’s why sworn translators often handle official documents such as diplomas, birth certificates, document legalisation, and so on.

Another difference between sworn translators and non-sworn translators is the presence of wet stamps, footnotes, and signatures in the document translated by sworn translators. It states that they have translated the document at the end of the document. Sworn translators have registered it with the embassy to legalise birth certificate or other official documents.

The document will also be affixed with a wet stamp and the translator’s signature so that it is official. In non-sworn translators, you will not find this.


To Conclude

Now you know that translating birth certificates is not as easy as you might think. Therefore, it would be better if you use the services of a sworn translator to translate your birth certificate.

There are many sworn birth certificate translation services providers out there, so you have to choose the best service provider.

All citizens, both domestically and abroad, must have a birth certificate. We need a birth certificate as one of the requirements to go abroad. Therefore, birth certificates need to be translated according to the language of the destination country.

Based on this, we need the services of a sworn translator of birth certificates. Using the services of a sworn translator makes arranging requirements to go abroad faster, and the content of the translation becomes reliable.

To get the best results, you need to use the services of a trusted translator.

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