Latvian Translation Services

Latvian Translation Services

The Latvian language is the official language of Latvia. Nearly, about 62% of the population in Latvia speaks the Latvian language. The Latvian, also known as Lettish, is the mother tongue of nearly 1.1 million of the population. Today almost every official domain in Latvia functions in the Latvian language. The Latvian language governs the education system in Latvia. Moreover, it is also the primary language of mass media. Hence, we offer Latvian Translation Services. 


Today, Latvia is known for being the top country to do business. Therefore, in this rising globalization, business development in Latvia is emerging.

But it is hard to establish a business due to the language barrier. Latvian Language Translation is one of the most common problems in developing business. Therefore, Lativian could be hard to understand without a translator.

Wordsbug provides you with a high-end, detailed-oriented transition service. Wordsburg makes the job easy to understand through Latvian Language Translation.

Dialects in Latvia

There are three dialects in Latvia: Livonian, Latgalian, and Middle. 

Latgalian dialect is used by the people in the country’s east, whereas the people in the country’s center speak the middle dialect.

The word formation in Latvia does not adhere to any particular rules. Therefore, it can be a little challenging for language beginners. The Latvian language has two genders, which are feminine and masculine. 

Why choose our Wordsburg translation services

You must contact Wordsburg translations for certified Latvian translation services. Wordburgs translations is a language service agency based in Singapore. It provides language Latvian language translation along with 100+ other languages. 

Their services include translation, transcription, voiceover, subtitles, and desktop publishing. Additionally, they also help with legal documentation & notary services.

Areas of Expertise

Wordsburg covers all types of translation services, whether Latvian Document Translation Services or a simple subtitle translation.

We provide English to Latvian Translation Services and Latvian to English translation services. Their areas of expertise include Engineering, Education, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Legal, Medical, Pharma & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media Publishing & Entertainment, Marketing & Professional Services, Oil, Gas & Petroleum, Travel, Leisure & Hospitality.

To sum up, language is the key to communicating transparently. It becomes very important when dealing with an important document or job execution. Latvian, unlike languages like English, could be comparatively harder for people to learn. That is the reason it is very important to have a complete understanding of the documentation in your language. Therefore, a professional Latvian translator makes the execution of the documents easier. 

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