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If you are running a business and want to expand it in Hungary. In that case, you need to hire Hungarian translation services for your business.

The language barrier can be a massive hurdle in international trade. Companies need to hire Hungarian translation services to communicate with their customers in Hungary without problems.


The Hungarian language has several dialects, making it difficult for people who do not speak it fluently. However, with the help of professional Hungarian translators, you can communicate with your customers without any issues or problems.


Hungarian Language Dialects

Over 13 million people worldwide speak Hungarian in various dialects. The main three are Northern Hungarian (or Western), Central Hungarian (or Eastern), and Southern Hungarian (or Transylvanian).

Northern Hungarian speakers are in millions in Slovakia, Ukraine, and Romania. Its phonology is similar to that of other Slavic languages; it has a relatively simple sound system with few diphthongs or consonant clusters.

About 1,22,623 people in Central Hungary speak Hungarian as well as in Romania and Slovakia. It has more diphthongs than Northern Hungarian because it includes many words from Turkish loanwords. This dialect has influences from Polish, Czech, Slovakian, Ukrainian, Croatian and Serbian languages.

About 4,22,065 people in Slovakia, Romania and South Hungarian speak the language. According to research, it shares many characteristics with Romanian. They have borrowed many words from Hungarian throughout history. However, they have diverged significantly since then. This dialect is closer to standard Romanian than any other dialect.

Growing requirement for Hungarian language translation services

It is no secret that the demand for Hungarian translation services is proliferating. As the Hungarian population continues to grow, so does the need for translators and interpreters.

At Wordsburg, we are making it easier than ever for you to find the Hungarian translator you need to help your business grow. With our network of translators from around the world, we can connect you with someone with experience with your specific industry or topic area.

We know how important it is to get things done right the first time. Our translators study the work before they begin working. To ensure you get quality work, each translator on our platform ensures that they have a strong command of English and their native language. They sample a piece of your content before they begin working on the project so they can ensure they understand everything.

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