Danish Translation Services

Danish Translation Services

Write in Danish to reach a larger audience. We at Wordsburg offer professional Danish translation services. Whether Danish or English is your target language, our commitment to only using native speakers. This ensures the original document’s context, grammar, and cultural meaning are never lost in the translation.


Danish Language - An overview

Besides being a co-official language in the Faroe Islands, Danish is the official language in Denmark. In Greenland, it is the official language of the government. In Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, it is the official language of regional identity. Additionally, it is a compulsory subject in Faroese primary schools.

File types we translate

  • Legal Translation Services

A challenging area of the translation industry is legal translation services. You need a reputable legal translator to translate these documents. In Singapore and the UK, Wordsburg Translations is well-known for its legal translation services. We can handle your complex requirements through a network of certified Danish translation services specialists.

  • Medical Translation Services

In all the translations, medical translation is the most delicate area. Danish translation services have provided our services to hundreds of pharmaceutical and medical companies over the years. We translate a wide range of medical and biotechnological contents. This includes clinical trial studies, medical dossiers, research documentation, and more.

  • Travel Translation Services

There are countless ways that expert travel translation services may help you grow your business when it comes to the tourism and hospitality sectors. Danish Translation services instantly provide everything relating to travel, from online ticketing services to restaurant menus in Danish or English.

  • Marketing Translation Services

Our team of qualified marketing translators is something we are proud of at Wordsburg Translations. We only employ native language speakers who are familiar with the transcreation and copywriting processes and offer expertly interpreted market research materials and marketing plans, including brochures, white papers, blogs, case studies, social media postings, and more.

  • Website Translation Services

We collaborate with a global network of experts to guarantee that you obtain the best candidate for the job. By translating your Danish website into several languages, Wordsburg can increase the number of visitors, visibility, reach, and engagement to your site.

Why Us?

With offices in Singapore and the UK, we have worked with numerous companies in various industries, each with its unique needs. We take pride in the talented writers who contribute to the spectacular content. Therefore, Wordsburg is the greatest option if you search for someone who does more than translate!

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