Political Voice Over: How To Find Suitable Voice Actors?

Political Voice Over

We all know about voice-over actors and how important it is to have the right voice for your advertisements that reach millions of people. But when it comes to political voice-over, you cannot take it lightly. Politics require a much more serious approach than the rest of the voice over genre. You shouldn’t go for a voice-over artist just because you have prior experience working with him/her in the past.

A political voice-over actor needs to be a great voice performer who can deliver the very essence of political advertising, political campaigns, etc. Mostly, at the time of political elections, you find a multitude of campaigns, charity missions, and commercials produced by various political parties. This is done to support a specific political candidate, a party, or a ballot initiative. Since these kinds of voice overs require a certain level of expertise you need to make sure that you get the right voice to convey the message more clearly. 

You cannot expect to get a good political voice-over just because the voice-over actor has a great voice. Also, the political voice-over cannot be considered effective simply because you have got the recording done in an amazing studio with high-quality microphones and sound systems. To reach all demographics of people you need to go for a political voice-over actor who has a persuasive voice. Voters would love to cast their votes for voices that are really endearing, authoritative, and friendly. So you know how important it is to get a good political voice over artist.

With plenty of websites and companies offering voice-over services, and with a pool of voice-over actors, we know it isn’t easy to get a voice-over artist that is perfect for your political advertisement or campaigns.

Hmm, we know you are a bit bewildered and all this might sound really daunting and overwhelming. But do not worry, we are here to help you get a good political voice-over actor who is going to be the right fit for your political endeavor. Come on, we know the seriousness of the job! So we are here to make your lives much easier and hassle-free.


Tips To Select The Right Political Voice Over Actor


1. Work Experience Of The Voice Over Actor

Work Experience Of The Voice Over Actor

If you find someone who has a wealth of experience in rendering their voice several times before in politics (especially for political campaigns), half your job is done! You can check their volume of work by asking for their past works. By scrutinizing their work, you will get an idea of whether this person has the right voice to effectively convey the message of the political advertisement or the campaign.

With their years of experience, they will be capable enough to fine-tune their voice to numerous mannerisms. They will be well trained and you will have to give only a few directions to such people who possess a range of experience in the voice-over field. By getting someone of this caliber on board, your time is less consumed and the recording can get done within a few hours.

Several translation services in Singapore have also ventured into voice-over services. They have a plethora of versatile voice-over artists who have years of experience and are right for any kind of voice-over service. Check them out!


2. Give Emphasis To The Tone

Set the right tone
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

The tone is of utmost importance in politics! If the tone of the political voice-over comes off as aggressive, emotional, or arrogant then it can end up being a huge turn-off for the people who are listening to it. 

So always have a plan in place and decide the kind of tone you want in your political voice-over. If you want to promote your political leader as a grounded, friendly person, then brief your voice-over actor about it. Tell him/her that the tone should be really endearing and affable, and not serious or authoritative. If you get it right here, then the overall impact of the political advertisement or campaign can reach places without any difficulty. 


3. Represent Your Target Audience

Different people from different regions
Photo by Alexander Suhorucov from Pexels

This is the basic foundation of a political voice-over. Know who your target audience is! Based on the target group, start hunting for the right voice. If you are targeting more on a specific region, you need someone who is fluent in their colloquial terms and slang. 

Also, you cannot go for a really aged voice-over actor if your target audience is college grads.  If you want to pull more people to your party, the voice should be really persuasive, interesting, and relatable. 

People need to be able to resonate with the voice and think this is more like me and they are talking about my needs and wants. If you get this right, then you do not have to worry about the efficacy of your political campaign. It is gonna take off really well than how you anticipated it would turn out to be. 

Some translation services in the UK, have amazing British voice-over actors because they also do several works such as voice-over, subtitling, etc. If you are on the lookout for such voice actors, check them out!


4. Check Out With Some Video Production Companies

A video production company
Photo by Kyle Loftus from Pexels

Video production companies are always into producing movies, advertisements, music videos, and the like. So they will have a pool of voice-over artists in their directory of contacts. 

All you need to do is approach them and talk to them at length about your purpose. We are sure they will be more than willing to help. Plenty of people have found luck this way. Most of the companies would have a long list of experienced people who are really masters in this profession. Therefore, do not be hesitant! 

If you need to deliver a good voice-over for your political campaign, you cannot skip this step in availing a good political voice-over artist.


These 4 tips are highly crucial and you should never forget to keep them in mind when you select your political voice-over actor. It will help you considerably to find the right person because you already know what to look for in a voice-over artist who needs to give voice-over for your political campaign or political ad. Also, before you head out for a casting call you need to be well prepared and have a clear idea of what you need from the voice-over artist. 

Check out what all you need to plan before you conduct an audition for voice-over actors!


7 Ways To Prepare Yourself To Get The Right Voice Over Actor


1. List Out The Emotions You Need

List out the emotions
Photo by Pexels-Pixabay

You can keep a list of emotions with you as a reference! This will help you a great deal in knowing the kind of emotions you need in the political voice-over. This way it will help you immensely in selecting the right person for your voice-over. 

You can assess the voice-over artist by checking whether he/she is capable enough to render the emotion you need. If the person cannot give a specific emotion out of the various emotions you need then your entire voice over will lose its significance. 

For example, if you are talking about a serious topic such as a social issue, the voice-over actor must be able to talk in a sad emotion which should sound sincere. If the emotion looks very cold then the core essence of the voice over is lost. So always analyze if the voice-over actor has the capability to emote differently.


2. Decide Between Male/Female

Female or Male
Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

This is one important factor you need to consider before you make a call for casting. Most of the clients would ask you which gender is the best for their campaign or advertisements. So you need to have a vivid understanding of which voice is perfect for that specific work you are doing. 

Research on the consumers’ response to male or female voice shows that people find female voice very soothing and endearing whereas the male voice tends to be more authoritative in nature. Of course, this does not have any conclusive evidence. We do not know on what parameters the research was conducted.

If your target audience is male, then it would be a rational idea to have a male voice and if the primary audience is females then go for a female voice. But for political voice overs, the best can be found out only by auditions. Make it open to both males and females and see who performs really well. 

There are some translation companies in Malaysia that also do political voice overs. They have ventured into the field since it is in high demand over there. They do political voice overs with both males and females depending on the versatility of the artist.


3. Decide The Accent

world map
Photo by Aaditya Arora from Pexels

If your political campaign is based on any specific region, then you need to make sure that the accent of the voice-over artist is perfect for the region. This is so essential and you cannot make a mistake here because if you get the accent wrong, people won’t be able to relate to it. The core idea of a political advertisement or a political campaign is to pull people towards the political party. So for that, they need to feel connected with the party like their own. You cannot falter or afford to make any mistake when it comes to accent and dialects. 


4. Narration Or Storytelling

Storytelling or narration
Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

You need to have an idea of the format of the political voice over. Since voice-overs are of many kinds the structure and style of the voice-overs too vary.

Some can really be formal in the form of narrations, whereas the rest can be highly informal and exciting in a storytelling style that is very similar to an enthusiastic kids’ voice-over. Some political voice-over actors are proficient in a certain style. They may not be able to render a specific style you are looking for even if they have years of experience in the voice-over field. Expertise matters! 

So make sure you get a versatile voice-over artist who gives you professional voice-over recording services and who is ready to take note of the style you have in mind for the political voice-over.  


5. Set A Budget

Set aside a budget
Photo by pexels-breakingpic

When you conduct casting calls, many people are at your doorstep. You will find people with no experience to years of experience as prospective voice-over artists for your political campaign. Some might even demand more money depending on the hours of work. 

So always set a budget that is not gonna make you pay through your nose. Of course, make sure that you set your budget by keeping your profit in mind. You need to take into consideration that you have your profit too. So when some voice-over artists demand too much money you should know whether you can afford them or not. 

6. Do You Need Any Additional Services?

Additional services
Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Some companies may not have enough creative people to write the script or do any other additional services. So try to understand whether you need some additional services from your political voice-over artists such as scripting, giving suggestions on enunciation, etc. For certain political campaigns, it is always good to have the voice-over artist at the spot where the campaigns are conducted for any sudden on-stage anchoring or narrations. 

So always determine what all additional services you need from the voice-over artist. This will help you have a clear understanding of the different services you need from the artist and any last-minute hassle and confusion with regard to payment can be negated. 


7. Think Of Long Term

Think of long term
Photo by pexels-pixabay

Always be a step ahead and think of your future possibilities in working with the voice-over artist. You have to think beyond the present work and analyze whether this person can be a right fit for your future political voiceovers. 

You need to establish a long-term connection with all your artists. This is because in this industry you will need to be in touch with several voice over actors and you cannot be always on the run to find the perfect voice-over artist. 

Sometimes you will have to deliver the work in a day and you won’t have enough time to conduct auditions. So if you have already worked with some voice over actors, then you do not have to worry about getting the right voice-over artist for your work. 


Following these 5 steps are not mandatory. But being prepared will help you find the right voice over artist without any difficulty. This will reduce your trouble in many ways. When you are at the recording, any unnecessary confusion can be avoided and you can get the recording done without consuming much time of the artist and yours.

So when you are in the recording studio, there are certain decorums that need to be followed mandatorily. 

If your voice-over artist is a professional or not, you need to ensure that you are well prepared for the recording and you definitely do not want any mishaps at the last minute. Read further to know what they are!


Things To Be Mandatorily Followed When You Direct A Political Voice Over Artist


 1. Keep The Script Ready

keep the script ready
Photo by pexels-pixabay

There are several instances where the political voice over artists complain of not getting a script in hand. Some get really frustrated when they are asked to come up with lines and sentences of their own. This is definitely not professional and you don’t want any bad name for your company. So have a great script in hand that mentions all the emotions and tones required from the voice over artist. This way it is really easy for the artist to emote and for you to direct them. The script is always the core foundation of creative productions. So make sure that you have it well written and handy.


2. Conduct Rehearsals

conduct rehearsals
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Try allocating a day completely for rehearsals. This will help the voice over artist be on track with timings and certain intonations. You can direct the artist well and this will make them be abreast with the script and various styles required for the political advertisements and campaigns. Rehearsals are always beneficial for both you and the voice over artist because it will help you understand whether the voice over artist is getting the perfect intonation or not. If not, you can always go for another artist who is well acquainted with the narration or storytelling format.


4. Keep A Discussion Note

keep a discussion note
Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

It is good to have a discussion note with you. This is because it will become really helpful when you are communicating with your voice over artist. Since it is a political voice-over, you will have to keep notes on the points which have to be emphasized or stressed more. Also, note down the lines that have to be emotionally conveyed by the artist and so on. By doing so, you can reduce a tremendous amount of time spent giving suggestions and directions at the time of recording. Make sure that these aspects are discussed at the time of rehearsals to save time on the day of the recording.


5. Ask For Suggestions

Ask for suggestions
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom from Pexels

It is always good to ask for some suggestions from the voice over artist. They will know how to make it more interesting due to their prior work experience. Some may even help you by adding some extra lines and jingles in between the script (but not all). But never coax them to write the script or add some extra lines or sentences because this is your job and not theirs! If they take an initiative to do so, it is well and good! Only ask for suggestions with regard to the tone and emotions of the voice and nothing else. You do not want to waste time unnecessarily, do you?


6. Give Constant Feedback

give feedback
Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

It is not always that you will find someone who will get your directions and suggestions quickly. So don’t get disheartened! From the beginning,  give the voice over actor several feedbacks on their performance. Tell them if there is any room for improvement and the areas that can be improved. This will help them to a great extent in understanding what you want out of them and they can make efforts to improve. When you suggest improvements, NEVER be harsh and try to talk to them in a gentle way so that they don’t feel offended. 


7. Do Not Be Authoritative

Do not be commanding
Photo by pexels-pixabay

Yes, do not be authoritative or controlling! This can make the political voice-over actor uncomfortable. You need to make them feel at ease because they will feel really nervous initially. So try to be cordial and gentle!

Explain to them the brief really well so that they get the hang of what is expected out of them. If you become too demanding, it might make them feel horrible and demotivated. You don’t want it happening at any cost because you are the one who is in need of a voice-over artist and it is your duty to make them perform really well. So as a rule of thumb, make them comfortable!


8. Encourage Them

Encourage the artist
Photo by SHVETS production from Pexels

There are some people who can deliver good work only if they are encouraged! You will have to deal with people who have different mood swings. So try encouraging every artist because they are doing you a service. Also, you need to get the best out of them, so make sure that you lift up their spirits and make them deliver the best for your political voice over. This can make the artist feel more comfortable and they wouldn’t hesitate wo work with you in the future.  


We have listed down several factors that have to be considered when you are on the hunt for the ight political voice over artist. It may not be an easy task. But if you do your research and homework well you will be able to find a voice-over artist who is versatile and able to render the voice with the set of emotions and tone you have in your mind. You are going to have a kickass political campaign, advertisements, charity funds, etc this way. Make sure that you do not compromise on any of these aforementioned points. Compromising can never take you anywhere and if you need to give high-quality political voice overs, you need to make sure that you are well prepared and know how to play your cards really well. 

Political voice-overs have a much more wide reach when compared to the advertisements of a brand because people who are politically inclined are more and on the rise. Everyone has an opinion when it comes to political parties and politicians. So people are always on the lookout to know what has been done and said by these parties. Therefore, one cannot afford to make any goof-ups in political voice-overs. 

Webinar Voice Over Services: 7 Facts To Know

Webinar Voice Over Services

When Covid-19 hit, it shook up several things, including learning, interacting with colleagues, and executing seminars. Physical workshops, business trips, one-on-one meetings, and live training became a thing of the past. Two years down the line, webinars are the new normal and are here to stay.

In simple terms, a webinar is an online presentation where one or a group of speakers interact with a remote audience, who participate in the meeting with questions, polls, and other methods. Webinar hosts can record themselves reading out the webinar script or hire a voiceover artist to do the work for them.

The latter has become quite popular, and experts have given several reasons for this.

Why Professional Webinar Voice Over Services are Popular Today

Why Professional Webinar Voice Over Services are Popular Today

Most business managers, webinar hosts, and public relations representatives prefer hiring voice-over artists over doing the audio themselves. For one, the host may be uncomfortable with their voice being recorded, having been used to one-on-one presentations. Secondly, most webinar hosts prefer professional voice-over artists to ensure the production is flawless.

Lastly, the work that goes into preparing, recording, and editing a webinar voice over can be overwhelming, making it necessary to hire an expert who can deliver these and other services together. For instance, the webinar host may need translation or transcription services for an international audience.

7 Facts to Know About Webinar Voice Over Services

7 Facts to Know About Webinar Voice Over Services

Webinar voiceover services are different from short-form voiceovers such as TV commercials, telephony, alarm systems, explainer videos, etc. As a client, you want to hire a voice talent that will deliver excellent work. The following facts will help you choose a suitable expert for your project.

1. The Voice You Choose Should Match Your Brand

Choosing the best webinar voiceover services for your business should be about elevating your brand. Before you start the search, note down the emotions that best describe your brand. For example, if you are a medical service provider, you want a compassionate, soft, and reassuring voiceover.

These emotions will help you narrow down your search because you can tell what kind of voice talent can deliver such feelings. At Wordsburg, we have a team of over 1000 voiceover artists ready to work on your project. We group artists according to tone, topic, gender, language, accent, and dialect to customize voiceover services for your needs.

2. The Gender of the Voice Talent Matters

The Gender of the Voice Talent Matters

Webinar voiceover services and other corporate voiceovers reflect your brand. Consider who between a female and a male would represent your brand’s qualities bets before searching for voice talent. For instance, recruiting a male voice over artist would be odd if the webinar is about women’s health. Identify the kind of voice talent your project needs to make the search straightforward.

At Wordsburg, you can choose from a pool of voice talents, both male and female, to generate output with varied tones and accents. Moreover, our recording studios are top-notch, and our equipment is professional to ensure high-quality work.

3. Consider the Experience

Consider the Experience of Webinar Voice Actor

If today you search for webinar voiceover services on the web, you will come across hundreds if not thousands of professionals. Most of them have solid persuading factors such as high-quality demos, affordable prices, and excellent client support. But how do you pick the right one for your project? It all boils down to the experience of the voice talent.

You can never hire mediocre professionals if you always put the experienced ones first. The longer the experience, the more the mistakes and learning. When you work with a voice talent who has previously worked on webinar projects, your work becomes easy, and you get excellent voiceovers.

4. Always Ask for Proof of Competency

The freelance workforce has skyrocketed with the advancement in technology and the need for flexible work schedules. As a business owner, you can get beneficial voiceover services from freelance voice artists from the comfort of your office. However, freelancing platforms cannot fully filter out novices and mediocre talents from experienced ones.

So how do you ensure you get the right person for the job?

Asking for demos is critical when searching for talents online. Demos give you an idea of what the voice actor offers and if they match your needs. A good webinar voiceover services provider will have several demos showcasing prowess in the sector.

5. Know Your Target Audience

Know Your Target Audience

Who is your target audience? What message are you passing with this webinar, and what is the demography of your listeners/viewers? These are the questions that should run through your mind when hunting for webinar voice over services.

For instance, if your webinar is meant for Korean women between the ages of 20 to 30, consider hiring a female voice actor with a Korean accent in her mid-20s. Your audience will relate to her voice and listen till the end because they put themselves in the actor’s shoes.

6. Let the Rates Guide You

Let the Rates Guide You

Do the math before signing a contract with a voice talent. The rate card of voice over services differs from one provider to the other. Be wary of cheap rates that seem too enticing to be true. You might end up with shoddy work on your desk only to spend more money and time hiring an expensive professional to fix the problem.

Make sure the rate you settle for will give you a return on investment (ROI). Avoid voice over services agencies that charge an arm and leg for standard services. At Wordsburg, we guarantee you the best voice over services at competitive prices.

7. Other Services

Your project likely needs other services in addition to voice over services. These include captioning, subtitling, transcription, and translation. It would save you time and money to hire an agency that offers these services under one roof.

Wordsburg is a hub for most of your business needs, including transcription, translation, voiceover, subtitling, captioning, and interpretation. Get in touch today for all-in-one webinar voice over services with a quick turnaround.

Wrap Up

Searching for the right webinar voice over services for your business is challenging, especially if it’s the first project. To make the search simple, consider the experience, rates, previous work, and flexibility of the voice talent. In addition, study your target audience, and identify your brand needs.

11 Top Tips For Effective eLearning Voice Over

eLearning Voice Over

eLearning has revolutionized education, thanks to high-speed internet and high-end technological advances. This kind of learning is better, inclusive, exciting, and learners can re-use the materials repeatedly until they understand the lessons. It also helps teachers and instructors have a healthy work-life balance, unlike traditional lectures and long classes that work up their schedules.

Voice over services have largely contributed to the growth of eLearning, from audiobooks, narration videos, descriptive scripts, and instructional tutorials. As the academic, corporate, and manufacturing sectors shift from traditional one-on-one lessons to e-learning, the demand for top-notch voice-over artists has risen.

So how do you deliver high-quality voice-over services for eLearning clients?

We have put together eleven tips for an effective eLearning voice over that will help you deliver exceptional work to your clients.

11 Top Tips for Effective eLearning Voice Over

11 Top Tips for Effective eLearning Voice Over

If you search for eLearning voice over services on your search engine today, you will get hundreds of offers promising to give you excellent services at a fee. There are established agencies, independent voice talents, and freelancers all looking forward to securing that project.

But how do you, as a business owner or content creator, choose the best talent that will guarantee good results?

The following tips will make talent hunting easier for you.

1. Look at the Voice Talent’s Experience

When you hire an experienced eLearning voiceover service provider, you can rest assured that your project will go on smoothly. Look at the voice talent’s portfolio. Does it portray credibility and the ability to deliver what you are looking for? These are the questions you should ask yourself before hiring someone to work on your project?

Experienced voiceover artists handle your work with the utmost professionalism, and they have certifications to ascertain their authenticity. Wordsburg has a pool of certified voiceover artists with over a decade’s experience in the eLearning sector.

2. Choose a Voiceover Artist (VO) that Suits Your Project

There are thousands of male and female voiceover artists (VOs) in the UK and beyond. Each VO has their area of specialization, unique skills, and competence. To get the best suited for your project, choose the one that ticks most of your preferences.

For example, suppose you want an eLearning voice over services for a course on Chinese language mastery. In that case, you want to work with a Chinese native who will do everything naturally, including pronunciation, accents, and translations.

Wordsburg boasts of male and female voiceover artists in over 100 languages. Your eLearning project’s success is a call away.

3. Be Wary of Automated Voiceovers

Be Wary of Automated Voiceovers

On your hunt for voiceover services, you might come across cheap voiceover offers from artificial intelligence (AI) enabled software. You might think you strike a deal, but automated voiceovers are generic and flat.

Do you want to risk boring your target audience with a generic and non-relatable voiceover? No? Avoid automated voiceovers if you’re going to make a lasting impression on your audience.

4. Know Your Target Audience

Know Your Target Audience for eLearning Voice Over

Knowing your target audience will influence the kind of voiceover artist you hire. Who are your listeners? What kind of project is this? When you answer those questions, you can narrow down what your listeners would love to hear and from who?

For example, a mental health project targets people with delicate mental health, self-esteem issues. They need a voice that is reassuring, soothing, and comforting. In this case, a female voice talent is the best option.

5. Always Consider Native Speakers First

When looking for eLearning voiceover services that also offer translations and interpretation, consider the native speaker first. For instance, if your project targets a UK audience, it’s a no-brainer that a native speaker will give better results than an American accent voice talent.

6. Dependability and Professionalism

Dependability and Professionalism

You may come across A-list voiceover talent who delivers excellent services but with poor follow-up services. For instance, you might need some revisions, improvements, rerecording, or re-editing on your finished project. Will the VO avail themselves to make these amendments? Will they charge you extra for changes?

A good eLearning voiceover services provider will be readily-available, dependable, and professional.

7. Work with an Expert with a Background in the Subject Matter

Voice talent with a background in the service you seek will give excellent services. For instance, if your eLearning course is about marketing, wouldn’t it be easy for a voice talent with some digital and other types of marketing training?

Every subject matter has jargon, technical terms, and other aspects that only an expert with some background knowledge can put across with ease. Go for a voice actor with knowledge about your kind of project.

8. Online Reviews Will Help Big Time

Online Reviews Will Help Big Time

In this internet age, you can tell if a voice talent fits your project by looking at reviews and ratings online. For instance, if you are looking for an expert in medical-based online learning voiceover services, then come across a review from a customer who received such a service, you will have found a prospective match. However, beware of false reviews aimed at tricking users.

9. Get Recommendations

Sometimes, you don’t need to look far and wide for suitable eLearning voiceover services. If you have friends, family, or colleagues who have worked on such a project before, ask them to recommend a good voiceover talent they know. Recommendations from someone close are rarely false because they wouldn’t compromise your relationship by recommending a mediocre service provider.

10. Demos

One of the best ways to know if a voice talent matches your preference is through their eLearning voiceover demos. It might be a red flag if a voice actor does not have a demo in that sector. Select your prospective talents and sample their demos on their websites or ask them to send them to you. Once you find a voice that matches your brand, discuss the business opportunity with the expert and seal the deal.

11. Work Closely with the VO

Work Closely with the VO

If you want your project to be seamless, you cannot hire a VO, dump the work on their table, and go underground. You need to work closely with the expert and ask for updates on the project. From the start, you can tell if a voice talent is doing well, and if there are areas that need some improvement, you can correct them as early as possible.

At Wordsburg, we take your eLearning project as our own. We will give you updates, send snippets of the work and ask questions to ensure your work is perfect. We also offer voice over services for other areas such as corporate, narrations, broadcast and webinars.

Wrap Up

Sourcing for eLearning voiceover services is not a walk in the park. There are a lot of voice talents to choose from, and all seem capable of providing what you seek. To get the best suited for your project, consider their experience, dependability, whether they are native speakers of the language, and their knowledge of the subject. In addition, online reviews, recommendations, and demos can help you decide.

British Female Voice Over Services: 5 Top Hacks

British Female Voice Over Services

A recently published research found that 66% of internet video viewers prefer a female voice over to a male voice over.  This preference was because the female voice commands trust and accountability and soothes in times of distress.

The demand for British female voice over services has grown immensely, and so has the number of female voice actors. Standing out among thousands of voice talents is not a walk in the park. But with the right skills, persistence, and hard work, you can be the next top-rated voice actress in the UK and beyond.

Are you still doubting if there are enough gigs for British female voice over services? Do you feel intimidated by the male-dominated industry? It’s time to break that barrier and shine your talent on the world.

This article will highlight why female voice overs are gaining momentum and hacks to help you grow your voice talent as a female voice actress.

3 Reasons Why Most People Prefer Female Voice Overs

Reasons Why Most People Prefer Female Voice Overs

As we stated earlier, multiple research has shown that most listeners prefer a female voice over. The following reasons can explain the numbers behind the fair gender:

1. Trust

Female voices are likened to nature and motherly instincts. Regardless of age or class, most people trust a female voice over than a male voiceover. The high-pitch in most female voices raises confidence and assurance.

2. Soothing nature

You may have noticed that a woman voices most commercials that pass messages of hope and comfort. For instance, during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, many goodwill messages were voiced by female celebrities. This is because, naturally, the female voice is soothing and reassuring.

3. Melodic

A female voice is high-pitched, clearer, and with the perfect articulation for most ears. Research by the University of Sheffield showed that the brain processes a female voice differently from a male voice. The part of the brain that perceives musical notes also processes a female voice.

5 Hacks to Help You Find the Best British Female Voice Over Services for Your Business

5 Hacks to Help You Find the Best British Female Voice Over Services for Your Business

When searching for British female voice over services for your business, you want to work with an expert who will give you value for your money and produce excellent voiceovers. Here are five hacks to help you hire a voice talent that will deliver your desired results:


You can never go wrong with an expert who has developed their skill over a long period. You get high-quality, well-polished, and satisfactory work because the professional has a reputation to protect.

Ask yourself how long the individual or agency has been in the voice over sector? Do they have a portfolio that showcases clients they have worked with before?

Go for an experienced voice talent who has offered British female voice over services for a couple of years.  At Wordsburg, we have been offering high-quality voiceovers for over a decade. Get in touch today for the best voice over services in the UK and beyond.


Not many people know this, but a professional’s rates can tell you more about their service quality, dependability, and expertise. When sourcing voiceover services, beware of low prices that seem too good to be true. Keep in mind that cheap is costly in the long run. You may get substandard work that will cost you more money and time to fix.

On the other hand, some agencies will charge exorbitant rates that give you little to no return on investment. Why choose such expensive talents when you can get similar services at competitive prices?

At Wordsburg, we give you a well-detailed estimate depending on your project type, the number of words, target audience, and urgency. Hire the best British female voice over services at affordable prices.

Write a Well-Detailed Script

Write a Well-Detailed Script

Even with an experienced voiceover talent, you may get unsatisfactory work if you don’t give enough details in your script and project description. When you hire your preferred voice talent, provide them with every possible resource to help them give you perfect work.

Write side notes, illustrations, if you want specific emotion here and there, intonations, pauses, etc. When you give performance details, you act as a remote director instructing the voice over artist on what to do. This way, you will get what you are looking for and reduce revisions and re-recording.

Look at Testimonials

Searching for the most suitable British female voice over services that will benefit your business is not easy. In addition to a voice talent’s experience and dependability, look at other clients’ reviews and testimonials. A good voiceover talent will have positive reviews and a five-star rating from satisfied clients.

Beware of false reviews meant to trick you into hiring mediocre talent. False reviews will say only good things about a service with no positive criticism or mention of weaknesses. Let’s face it; not every client will love a project a hundred percent, and most will mention a thing or two that they did not like.

To spot a reputable voice talent, look for a review talking about the good qualities but not shy of criticizing the areas that need improvement.

Additional Services

Voiceover services go hand in hand with other services such as subtitling, captioning, transcribing, translation and interpretation. It will be easier for you to access these services under one roof instead of hiring separate professionals. Before hiring a voice over talent, identify if you need additional services to narrow down your search

At Wordsburg, we also offer translation, transcription, subtitling, captioning, and interpretation services at affordable prices. Get in touch today for a quote.

Wrap Up

Female voice over services have gained popularity as brands strive to keep up with their target audience’s needs. Most people love a female voice due to its melody and soothing nature. Moreover, a female voice is trustworthy, so most listeners will feel calm and listen until the end.

Searching for British female voice over services suitable for your business is not easy. Consider the voice talent’s professional experience, rates, and versatility to handle additional work before hiring. In addition, provide a well-detailed script with performance instructions if you want to get excellent voiceovers.

Kids Voice Over: When Would You Need Them?

Kids Voice Over: When Would You Need Them?

Everyone wants their business to be thriving and be the finest market player. Businesses are always on the run to do extremely well. So in order to be the most sought-after in your business, it is highly crucial to diversify your business and take the huge plunge whenever necessary. You cannot depend on the age-old print advertisements when the world itself is moving forward with new dynamics in communication. Sometimes you need to think out of the box and make people recall your brand when they come across a simple tagline or a piece of art. But how do you do it? Yup, you need to be unique here! That’s where most people use voiceovers these days. Not just simple voiceovers, but voices that can stimulate you and make your target audience feel connected with the brand. Nowadays do you know what’s in vogue? Kids voice-over! 

Kids have a unique charm that’s unbeatable and their innocence coaxes you to cuddle them with love and affection. They have oodles of energy that get rubbed onto us within a few seconds. When we have kids around us the whole world looks beautiful and vibrant with positivity. Now with the evolving technology, even kids get their share of pocket money through multiple ways and one such lucrative field is voice-over services. It may sound a bit strange, but kids attract people to a great extent and their voices make you smile. So is there any other better way to make your customers get connected with you? 

Also, remember that you cannot use kids voice-overs for anything and everything!  

So let’s know when your business would really need stunning kids voice overs.


1. Your Client’s Target Audience is KIDS

Your Client’s Target Audience is KIDS
Photo by Robert Collins on Unsplash

You are running a voice-over company where you have a plethora of voice-over artists and suddenly you get a client whose products are catered only to children. For this very reason they insist on something different, they want a child to do the voice-over! So you do not have any other option other than to hunt for a cute little confident voice that would drive their business to a whole new level. This way you will be working with child voice actors in your business. Working with them is so inevitable because you cannot undermine their abilities and talents.

For instance, your client is a baby diaper company, and this time they are coming up with plastic-free cloth diapers that are gonna benefit the baby and the environment equally. Usually, the voiceovers of such brands are done by adults, but this time the brand thinks out of the box and makes sure that they use a kid to do the voice-over talking about the efficacy of the product on their sensitive skin. This may do wonders and can instantly go viral in the present digital age. 

Did you know? Several companies predominantly into translation services have gained prominence in voice-over services in the last few years? Some companies offering translation services in the UK,  have ventured into voice-over services. Also, there are quite a number of translation services in Malaysia that cater to different business and personal voice-over needs of the consumers. Such services are in rage now!


Photo by Joydeep Sensarma on Unsplash

Children’s day is dedicated to kids around the world and it is the duty of the society in which we live to make them happy and energetic. So when such a day falls on a specific month of every year, many brands and educational institutions would find it a necessity to work with child voice-over actors. If you need the ball rolling in your business it is mandatory to give emphasis to such days and events that make children too connected with your business/brand. The memory power of kids is unbeatable and when they coax their parents on such special occasions to get a product or a toy of their liking parents may pay heed to it.

For example, if you are running an apparel store and you want to drive more sales in the month of children’s day you can run some offers and discounts exclusively for kids’ apparel. This may generate more sales because even parents would be excited about the brand discounts. So in such scenarios, if you need people to be heard, using kids’ voiceovers in your podcasts and advertisements can increase the footfalls in your store. 


3. If You Are Producing A Children’s Movie Or  A Short

If You Are Producing A Children’s Movie Or  A Short
Photo by movies.lovetoknow.com

All children’s movies require the voices of kids. If not for all the characters, at least some of the characters need children’s voices. In Disney movies such as Finding Nemo and the like, we have numerous kids giving voiceovers and we absolutely adore them. This is one of the scenarios where a business will have to use children’s voiceovers. Disney is an exception because a majority of their productions are only for children. But there are scenarios where a production house is gonna produce their first children’s movie ever and it would also be their first time working with kids’ voice-over actors. So they will have to hunt for some good talents in the market.


4. If You Are Running An Educational Institution

If You Are Running An Educational Institution
Photo by Kuanish Reymbaev on Unsplash

Not all educational institutions require kids’ voiceovers. But when yours is an exclusive kindergarten or preschool there is no way you can rule out voiceovers. This is mainly because they function only for children. There are numerous children’s activities that take place in schools and in this digital age, we have a plethora of platforms to showcase their talent. Especially in the Covid era where all the offline activities have gone online. All celebrations where children collectively performed once upon a time are done through zoom calls, google meet, etc. 

Numerous ways in which schools use kids voice overs these days are through 


a. Podcasts – Most preschools, kindergartens, and educational institutions have their own podcast channels. Through these mediums, they are working with child voice actors and they share knowledge online and the absentees in the classes get access to the missed chapters.

b. Story narrations– There are many story narrations that happen on the internet which are exclusively for the kids genre. In many stories, we find kids’ voiceovers which make children attracted to the stories. Almost every school has a youtube channel in which they narrate such stories.  Some companies are very successful in offering such international voice over services on various digital platforms. 

c. E-learning – In the Covid era E-learning is the new normal. Certain learning schedules can be made interesting by using kids’ voiceovers to break the ongoing norm and also make children excited about their studies. For nursery rhymes and children’s stories, nothing can beat the voiceovers given by children.  Several translation services in Singapore exclusively offer such voice-over, transcription services for schools and universities.


5. If You Are Publishing Children’s Audio Books

If You Are Publishing Children’s Audio Books
Photo by Findaway Voices on Unsplash

Audiobooks are in the vogue! More and more children have access to audiobooks and parents make efforts to cultivate good habits in children by making them listen to audiobooks before their bedtime. The demand for such audiobooks is on the rise these days. So for kids to feel connected with the characters in their fictional stories we need kids’ voice-overs in the audiobooks. If not for all characters, at least in some portions it is crucial to have the voice-over of children. This gives a vibrant and great feeling to the overall story. When children hear such voices they get easily carried away and get immersed in the audiobooks. This is one of the greatest ways to attract children to audiobooks. 


6. If You Are Doing Radio Commercials or Jingles

If You Are Doing Radio Commercials or Jingles
Photo by Iago Godoy on Unsplash

Not always, but there are scenarios where you need kids’ voice-over for any specific commercial or a jingle. When it is a conversation between a parent and a child you need to be working with child voice actors who are proficient in the language and have great intonations. Even for jingles, we hear the voice-over of children. Similarly, if it is an advertisement catering to children then you need to have kids voice overs to generate more attention from children and their parents. 

Even though we know people are more inclined to social media and other apps, there is also a huge audience that listens to the radio on a daily basis. Some drive to their offices daily by listening to their favorite RJ or music through the radio. So we should never underestimate the power of jingles or radio commercials. At times, a particular voice gets registered in your brain more than an image. 

The aforementioned 6 points are the fields in which we use kids voice overs. We cannot refrain from not using them because if your product is targeting children then always go for a voice where a child can relate to. This is one of the most feasible options to reach your target audience. 

Now that we have covered when you would need to be working with child voice actors let us also introduce you a bit into the REASONS why it is mandatory to have kids voice-over in your businesses.


5 Reasons Why You Need To Use Kids Voice Overs

1. To Recall Your Brand

Recall road sign
Photo by istock

Brand recognition is so important and crucial in this era of huge competition. A voice-over will help you connect with your customers more than a logo or a print advertisement. So imagine having a cute little kid doing the voice-over of your business? We are sure people are going to recognize your brand just with the voice-over. You should also make sure that the kids’ voice-over doesn’t look funny or odd for your business. If you wanna add a humorous yet appealing tone, then nothing can beat the significance of using a kids’ voice-over.


2. To Make More Sales

Making online sales
Photo by rupixen.com on Unsplash

End of the day, the idea behind any strong and creative marketing is to generate more sales. People need to be assured that the brand is good and can satisfy their needs as a customer. The voice-over can help customers understand more about their purchase and it feels like personal communication between the customer and the brand. The voice-over artist can mention how they benefited from the product and this can be a propelling factor in the brand purchase. 

For example, if the product is a kids’ health drink, then a kids voice-over is so mandatory to make children feel assured about the product. The kids’ voice-over used here comes as a plus point for the brand when the kid talks about how it helped him/her overcome their tiredness and how active they have been after consuming the health drink.


3. To Feel Long Term Connection With The Brand

Long term connection
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

When you have a kid as the voice of the brand you don’t feel cheated! Yes, that’s more than assuring and convincing for the customers. Even the brands wouldn’t want to give unnecessary promises in the pretense of a child’s voice because it has its legal implications too. So when a brand decides to use a kids voice-over people know it is authentic and they can trust the brand. This will help people enable a long-term connection with the brand because you know that the brand is genuine and trustable. Due to this, the longevity of the brand is also established really well. 


4. To Be Unique

Trying to be unique
Photo by Noah Näf on Unsplash

Not always do you find kids’ voiceovers! Unless the product is targeted to kids or it is a special occasion dedicated to children. But even when you are a big player in the market and you decide to make children’s voice your brand’s voice then you are going to be deemed as one of the most unique brands and it helps your consumers remember you for the fresh or brave idea that has been implemented by your brand.  

In India, the e-commerce site Flipkart is very popular for using children as the main brand ambassadors. They only cast children in their advertisements and people still relate to the funky hilarious advertisements acted by vibrant children dressed as adults. This has made them extremely popular in marketing their e-commerce site. Now when people witness a group of children in an advertisement they know it is about Flipkart. Such a concept has made them really unique in their respective fields.


5. To Be Entertaining

to be entertaining
Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

Sometimes brands need to be happening and entertaining. Unlike the usual boring adult voiceovers in the promos and out-of-hours greetings on phone calls, using a kids’ voice-over would make it really interesting for the consumers. Even if there is a waiting period you wouldn’t feel the time passing because the voice-over is creative and cute. It is also the identity of the product or the brand and this makes it really interesting.

Sometimes when the consumer’s call is on wait, they need to be reassured that their call is really important. So to make them wait without any boredom this is one of the most fascinating features you can rely on. But make sure that you do not bombard the customer too much with the kids’ voice because too much of anything can be boring!


Now that you have understood the reasons to work with kids you also need to know the tacts tricks while working with kids. It is not that easy to work with children. You really need to be tactful and make sure they are not bored or tired. You always need to keep their spirits high and make sure that they are excited throughout the voice-over. So we have some tips for you, check it out!


7 Tips To Work Effectively With Kids During The Voice Over Sessions


1. Be Gentle (THE MOST IMP)

Gentle gesture
Photo by Reign Abarintos on Unsplash

Kids are sensitive and the most purest at heart. They require the same amount of respect and dignity with which you treat an adult. Always boost their morale and never look down upon them. Make sure you keep on motivating them so that they do not lose interest in doing the voice-over. Never hurt their feelings because they might soon break down and this would never get you a good voice-over. Remember you are the one who is in need of the voice-over, so if you hurt their sentiments accidentally they can also be scarred for life. 


2. Be Patient

Kids playing on the bed
Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash

Children may not understand exactly what is being conveyed by you. Of course, they are not adults to comprehend what is being said. So you need to muster a lot of patience while dealing with them. They may also misinterpret what is being directed. Therefore, always approach them calmly and be persistent enough!


3. Make The Voice Over Comprehensible To Kids

Kid laughing out loud
Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

It is not necessary for children to understand the meaning of the sentences in the brief. So make it understandable to them in the form of stories, visuals, or storyboards. This would draw their attention more and you will also be successful in getting the desired tone and emotion in the voice-over. It would ultimately result in an excellent voice-over. 


4. Carry Some Treats Or Toys

Children's toys
Photo by Vanessa Bucceri on Unsplash

We all know that children love gifts! When rewarded with gifts each time when they do a good job it can be really encouraging and motivating for them. This would enable them to give their best shot while doing the voice-over. So after a tiring day, they can get back home really happy and gay!


5. Rehearse Well

Children rehearsing
Photo by Yan Berthemy on Unsplash

Children may not get it right when you suddenly ask them to do the voice-over. So take time and effort to do enough and more rehearsals. This can help them in multiple ways to get the intonation, pronunciation, and emotions right. By doing so, you are not wasting time on the day of the recording and children are also well acquainted with what is expected out of them. 


 6. Make It Fun

Kids having fun
Photo by Steven Libralon on Unsplash

Children tend to get bored easily. They cannot strain like adults for hours. So make sure you take breaks in between recordings. Organize some games inside the studio and keep them entertained throughout. So that if there is any technical glitch and if they are required to come another day for the shoot, they are at your doorstep wholeheartedly without making a fuss. 


7. Make The Studio Kid Friendly

Kid having fun
Photo by Hannah Tasker on Unsplash

When you’ve decided to work with kids you need to take extra steps in making them happy and jovial. Have some good colorful microphones, if possible go for the ones which have the image of their favorite cartoon characters. This will make them curious and excited to do the voice-over. Also, have a kids’ room where you have bright colors painted on the walls. Make kids feel it is their game zone. To lift up their moods in between the voice-over sessions all you will have to do is put them inside the kids’ room where they have their favorite toys and board games to play with. Within a few seconds, they are good to go and it will work wonders in your voice-over. 


If you follow these steps you are sure to have an upper hand with kids. They are never going to be lethargic or bored whenever they come to your studio to do the voice-over. This will also ensure that your business has credibility and reliability among the locals in your area. A place that treats children and old aged people is highly revered by the public. 


Also, before you come out with a casting call for child voice actors make sure that you take into consideration several factors.


Important Factors that Need to be Considered Before Making the Kids Casting Call


1. The Law Of The Land

law of the land
Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

Laws vary from county to country. So if you are working in any specific country make sure that you are aware of the laws related to kids. This is because it is illegal in several countries to recruit any kid as an employee. Most of the time you are required to get written consent from the parents of the child. Several social service officers need to give you permission to use a kid for any professional service. The officer will brief you on the compensation, hours of work, working conditions, etc that have to be followed mandatorily. 

2. DO NOT Use Kids Voice Overs On Alcohols & Adult Products

No kids voice over must be used on alcohol
Photo by Vector Stock

It is not ethical to use children’s voice-over in any alcoholic or adult products. Their voice-over can only be used on family-friendly products and you need to make sure that the message of the product is conveyed properly and clearly. Having an unclear voice-over is never gonna do anything good for your brand. If your target audience is people in their 20’s, using a kids’ voice-over will not be very effective. 


3. Spend More Time In Getting The Right Voice

Different kids
Photo by Ben Wicks on Unsplash

Kids are of different nature and some cannot take directions well. End of the day you need to get the right voice for your brand and you do not want any hassle taking place while recording the voice. So do enough research on the kid you are appointing for the voice-over. Talk to the parents and teachers to find out whether the child is receptive and can follow instructions with ease. This will make your time more worthwhile while recording the voice-over. 


The reasons and factors mentioned above are unavoidable in this era of hard competition. So in order to stand out from your competitors, one always needs to think differently and make the customers connected with the brand. Everybody is busy these days and there is no time to sit back and read the lengthy emails. Therefore, more and more companies are relying on voiceovers to brief the employees and the customers about the products and services. This is a great change and we need to embrace it with open arms because change is the only constant! 

British Male Voice Over Services: Top 5 Tips

British Male Voice Over Services

Choosing the most suitable voiceover artist to represent your brand in a commercial, narrate your explainer video or voice your eLearning materials is a crucial step. The audience takes action and appreciates a voice they can relate to. When it comes to male vs. female voiceovers, there is no clear-cut rule that one gender should provide this service or the other.

However, there are instances where a male voice draws more attention and has a greater impact. According to B2B Community blog, audiences perceive male voiceovers as authoritative, factitious and serious. They are thus the best for marketing products such as cars, yachts, computers, and property. The authority in male voices also comes in handy for serious commercials such as legal services, banking and insurance.

Tips for Choosing British Male Voice Over Services

Tips for Choosing British Male Voice Over Services

Are you looking for British male voiceover services to work on your project? It is a daunting task to pick the best voice talent from the hundreds of agencies and freelancers offering these services. But knowing what you are looking for will help you narrow down your search.

We have compiled five tips to help you choose a British male voice over artist that matches your needs.

Understand Your Target Audience

The first thing to help you decide which male voice over is the best for your project is to understand the people your message targets. If you target young adults, your best bet will be a British male adult in the same age group. Similarly, if you make explainer videos for elderly support products such as pain-relieving products, a caring and understanding voice will do the trick.

Another thing about your target audience is their location. Which accent do the people living there relate with? If you are promoting your new store in Wales, you need to hire British male voice over services that nail a Wales accent. Using a Scotland accent may make them feel like you don’t relate with them, thus losing their trust.

The age of your audience also determines the kind of voice talent you choose. If you are creating an advertisement that targets teenagers, the male voice over artist can use slang, street language and humour to pass on the message. You need to choose a voice over artist that understands how to use such language.

What Kind of Service Type Do You Seek?

There are several types of voiceovers. Setting your project goals and knowing what you are looking for in British male voice over services will help you decide on the best choice. The types of voiceovers include:

1) Commercials

2) Narrations

3) Explainer videos

4) eLearning videos

Professional voice over artists have varying specialties. Some are skilled in executing short commercial projects that demand a deep, authoritative voice. Others have a relaxing and emotion-filled voice suitable for long narration videos like National Geographic or Discovery Channel. Additionally, others have the perfect expressive voice for animation, cartoons and explainer videos.

Your choice boils down to what services you seek. Some talented voice talents are voice actors, meaning they can embody any voice. Whether you want an emotional, expressive or flat voice, there is no character that a voice actor cannot play.

Consider the Tone of Your Project

Tone of Your Project

What is the tone of your project? Is it conversational, authoritative, funny, humorous, emotion-filled or serious? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself when selecting British male voice over services for your business.

For instance, a commercial advertising a cologne to middle-aged men differs from an explainer video illustrating how to mount a TV on the wall. The former needs an emotion-filled and convincing tone to show the target audience how buying that cologne will impact their life.

As for the explainer video, the artist needs to maintain a flat yet attention-capturing tone to take the audience to the end of the video. Understanding the tone and emotions of your project is therefore essential to choose the right man for the job.

Study the Portfolio of the Voice Over Artists at Your Disposal

After narrowing down what types of British male voiceover artists you seek, take your time to listen to their voiceovers. Examine their tone, expressions, diction, enunciation, etc. This will give you an idea of what their work feels like, and it can help you make an informed choice.

Carefully compare the voiceover examples and if you hear something you like, contact the artist or agency for more engagement. Sampling different talents can also give you something you thought you never needed. So instead of hiring talent and teaching them what you want, look in the archives for something that resembles what you seek.

Ask for a Demo

Ask for a Demo

If you click the search button today looking for the best British male voice over services, you will get hundreds of thousands claiming to offer the service. However, if you have worked with some of these artists before, you know some of them deliver substandard work different from what they promised.

Why go through such risks when you can request a demo before hiring? A demo is a demonstration of a skill such as singing, narrating or voice acting. Ask for demos from several prospects, then compare them. Pick the one that excites you and discuss the project details and working conditions. This way, you get a professional voice over artist who matches your project needs.

Consider Reviews and Recommendations from Friends

Your friends, neighbours, co-workers or family members may know an excellent British male voice over services they worked with and delivered quality services. Before doing a solo search, ask them to give you recommendations.

If you tell a service provider that a friend recommended them to you, they may give you a discount. Moreover, they have a reputation to maintain and are likely to go out of their way to provide exemplary services.

Another crucial thing to do when searching for a voice over artist is look at what other clients have to say about their services. Look at the reviews and make a decision. Beware of fake reviews that are too good to be true. A trustworthy agency will have both 5-star and 3-star ratings because it’s hard to impress 100% of the clients. However, many bad reviews are a red flag.

Wrap Up

Male voiceover artists are best suited for projects that require an authoritative, serious and leading voice. They are also the perfect choice for projects pushing brands such as cars, computers, banking services and insurance.

When choosing the right male voice over artist, understand your target audience, the suitable tone for the project, and the type of service you want. Asking for recommendations, looking at clients’ reviews and asking for a demo will also help you make an informed decision.

Japanese Voice Over Services: Best Guide 2022

Japanese Voice Over Services

Are you looking for a professional Japanese voice actor who speaks Japanese fluently and professionally? When searching for the ideal service, you must consider a number of factors, and ensure that the voice actor possesses the crucial characteristics and skills that you are looking for.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best guides in 2022 for Japanese voiceover service. We’ll break it down into a few questions for your consideration before deciding to use a professional Japanese voice over that suits your business needs.

What Skills Should a Professional Japanese Voice Over Artist Have?

A professional Japanese voiceover should have a variety of abilities.

All professional voiceover must possess a set of skills in order to deliver high-quality results to you.

For example, a Japanese voiceover professional must have perfect fluency in order to do his or her job well. Their voice and tone must also be able to adjust to the sort of content being communicated. It means they must be good listeners as well as creative, flexible, and professional.

How to Choose a Professional Japanese Voice Over?

When selecting a professional Japanese voice actor, there are several factors to consider.

First of all, it is important to use native Japanese speakers. This is the only way to ensure you receive an authentic accent-free result.

In addition, it is important to consider the region of origin as well as the types of dialects spoken by professionals, as there are many Japanese dialects, which differ in phonology, lexicon, and grammar. It’s noteworthy that, standard Japanese, hyôjungo, is the most widely spoken dialect in Japan.

Should you use a female or a male voice, a young adult or a middle-aged voice, or something else entirely? Choosing the right person for your voice is important.

It is preferable to choose a sound that fits your target audience’s characteristics. You should consider dubbing the type of content into Japanese. For example, consider choosing a calm, serene sound for a company video or company film; dynamic, cheerful, and convincing sound for promotional videos or TV commercials; or adult voices for audio guides, phone announcements, or audiobooks.

Lastly, it is important to ensure that Japanese dubbing is performed in a professional recording studio, with state-of-the-art equipment, high-end headphones, and microphones. This will ensure you receive the perfect sound quality.

Your voice-over will be of the highest quality and professionalism if you use a professional voice-over agency.

What are the Qualities of a Good Japanese Voice Over?

voice over

A good voice actor is virtually solely responsible for the quality of your voice-over. In order to be a successful voice actor, he or she must have clear enunciation, talk at an appropriate rate (neither too fast nor too slow), and have a pleasant sound. The actor or actress must also be able to act well and be able to convey the emotions portrayed in the screenplay through the use of vocal variation and tone.

Is There Anything I Need to Prepare For My Japanese Voice Over Actor?

A professional voice actor can advise you on the best way to proceed with your voice over. You will, however, need to prepare the script you want them to read and explain the tone you want the piece to have. You must have a clear notion of how you want it to sound and be able to articulate it.

What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting a Professional Japanese Voice Over?

After you’ve cut down a list of applicants based on their abilities and availability, you should look into their previous experience and gig galleries. Listen to samples of previous voice-over work to get a sense of their style, then pick the one you like most. Before placing an order, you can contact them and describe your project’s specifications, expectations, and budget, as well as provide audio examples of work you like by the seller or someone else as an audio reference.

What Questions Should I Ask a Voice Over Talent Before I Hire him or her?

It is important to ask the right questions to see if the actor is a suitable fit for your production. Ask for demos and listen to see if they have the voice range you need. Ask about the equipment they use to record. In this situation, you get exactly what you pay for. Always ask about their previous customers’ experiences and read their online reviews. Ask for additional references if they are not sufficient or relevant to your needs.

Why Should You Choose Japanese Voice Over Service?

1. Availability of Many Experienced Native Voice Artists

Most companies providing Japanese voice over work with various accents and ages who breathe life into your media product whether it’s a commercial, documentaries, education materials or video games.
Working with professional and native Japanese voice artists who understand the Japanese language, dialects, and cultures is the best solution for great quality voice-over videos. Wordsburg, with a team of native Japanese voice talents, brings value-for-money Japanese voice-over services to help you grow closer to Japanese audiences. The best part is, Wordsburg has a global network of native linguists, so if your project requires services for more than one language, such as Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil, they can easily manage them for you.

2. Well-Equipped Studio


When you work with a Japanese voice over service, you can rest assured that they will record all your Japanese voice over projects in their best studio using the latest technology to provide the highest quality sound.

3. Increasing Business Demands

Japanese voice-over services are in higher demand than ever, due to the growing tendency of international corporations using media products in marketing and business in recent years in order to reach more Japanese viewers.

What Services Does Japanese Voice Over Service Provide?

> Transcription

> Voice over translation

> Voice talent castings

> Professional Japanese voice over directors

> Recording and dialogue editing

> Graphics localization in Japanese

>Corporate voice over service

> Commercial voice over service

> Entertainment voice over service

> E-learning voice over service

> Telephonic voice over service

> Narration voice over service

> Video games voice over service

> Audiobook voice over service

> Documentaries voice over service

To Conclude

Japanese voice over services are now available in Japan and throughout the world from native Japanese speakers. How good are they as voice actors? How did they record the audio? Was it done in a home studio or at a professional recording studio? It’s possible that their voice samples have an undesirable noise in them. In reality, many persons with a microphone claim to be voice actors, but they lack the ability to produce high-quality recordings.

You can hire with confidence a voice actor who lives in Japan or wherever they live. The key is trust. You need to be able to rely on the voice over talent or on the voice over talent’s agent or manager.

Malay Voice Over Services: All You Need To Know

Malay voice over service

The Malay language has long been one of the most politically powerful languages in the Austronesian language family. For centuries, Malay has served as a common language throughout Indonesia, Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo, and the Malay Peninsula, promoting a free exchange of commerce and culture among these areas. It is the national language of Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.  The total number of speakers of Standard Malay is about 18 million. There are also about 170 million people who speak Indonesian, which is a form of Malay.

Malay Voice Over and Its Definition

Let us start with the definition. Voice-over is a production technique that employs an unseen actor’s recorded voice to explain topics or act as a narrative on many sorts of media.

Voice overs are also used in the language in which they were originally recorded. Whilst you may not have noticed it, they’re always present. On television, for example, advertising, documentaries, the news, online courses, and so on.

The following is an example of voice over work in a TV commercial. Assume your company has recently introduced a new line of skin care products, and your marketing staff is working on a short video clip for social media. They have decided on the following scenario – “Feel alive as you wake up…a whole new day…a whole new experience…a whole new feel…the smooth touch of your skin…with the aroma of this Shimmering Sandalwood Musk,” a voice gently echoes from someplace as a lovely woman opens her dreamy, half-closed hazel eyes.

What are the Typical Features of a Malay Voice Over Service?

What are the Typical Features of a Malay Voice Over Service?

Agencies commonly offer the following Malay voiceover services:

> In house translation department

> Transcription

> Voice recording

> Time-coding script

> Professional audio file editing

> On-screen text localisation

> Dedicated project and studio managers

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are also other voiceover services, including:

Voice Over Talents

voice over talent

Many of the voice over agencies work specifically with professional Malay talents so that they maintain their level of quality and professionalism. Each of their Malay artists has their own rates that they work with, this being based on the region they are from, the nature of the project, and if they are part of a union or not.

For example, in an hour recording session, Malay talents can record between 1,500-3,000 words per voice over, which is 10-20 minutes of audio. This depends on the desired project speed; e.g. slow for audiobooks and narrations, regular paced e-learning, or fast for commercials.

Voice Over Usage Fees

voice over tools

This is the part that is quite complicated because each talent has its own rate for the usage fees. Some talents will charge a fee and some will not. Things that must be considered in the buyout fees are, where the material will be shown; whether to local radio, regional radio, or national radio?

The usage fee will also depend on the country where the voice artist lives because currently there is no international standard rate for this service. Many suggest contacting trusted voice over agents and telling them about the nature of the project and the customer’s budget. This is to ensure that trusted agencies can provide talents who are flexible enough to work according to customer needs.

Malay Voice Over Translation

translate language

The translators who work on voice over are professionals and they really work in their native language. If we want to use Malay audio on the video, then the voice over translation can include a time code to help the technician synchronize the audio to the video.

The style of the translation is important for voice over translation and should reflect the genre, e.g. If for marketing, public information, drama, etc. The audio translator will have a copy of the video for reference and instructed to translate in a style appropriate to the source material.

Transcription Services



Some of the agencies will offer a transcription service for those customers lacking a transcript of their videos. They provide time-coded scripts of customer’s video ready to be translated. Then they will use those translations for the subtitle text, sending the customer the files at each stage of the process for them to review and assess.

Why is Malay Voice Over Service Essential for Business?

As the demand for online video keeps growing, the need for voice over service is becoming more prevalent. Particularly in the Malay language, because the Malaysian market is one of the most profitable in the world. Many businesses also use Malay voice over because it allows them to communicate information to their target audience or market in their own language, which is more effective.

Companies that want to step into the Malaysian market or want growth in that market, are always trying to improve their communication. They understand that through effective communication, companies may achieve their objectives while still expanding steadily. And the ideal way to ensure effective communication in any company is with the assistance of a professional Malay voice over service. Besides growth, voice over solutions offer many of the other advantages. For example, the right voice over solution will add more value to improve its marketing strategy. With the variety of industries that require voice over solutions, it is essential to understand what are the top businesses that need a voice over service.

Malay Voice Over Service is Essential in These Top 3 Businesses

1. Marketing


If your business specializes in marketing, then you genuinely need accurate voice over provided by a reputed voice over company. It relies on voice overs to deliver brand messages, enhance recall, bring characters to life, and generally build deeper connections with their intended audiences.

With voice overs, your company’s brand will be easier to remember. As a small business, one of the most difficult components of your marketing plan is establishing and maintaining brand recognition.

When a voice-over artist creates a relationship with your customers, rather than hoping that they would see your logo and immediately feel something, the relationship may easily be extended to other areas of your brand message.

For instance, the speaker can tell a personal story that ties into how the product or service could have helped them avoid a problem. In return, listeners will remember the story and relate the experience to their own, leading to a possible conversion and trust in your brand.

2. Advertising


The total cost of advertising in the world is projected to be $583.91 billion! That’s a lot of advertisements.

Advertising companies create the majority of commercials. Advertising agencies use voice over talent in many ways. Of course, their purpose is to assist a business in gaining more clients. They’ll need a voice over artist to relay the message whenever they use audio to sell their clients’ businesses. Commercial voice over is perhaps one of the most skillful genres.

3. E-Learning


E-learning is another field where voice overs are very important. Both students and academicians get benefit from E-learning. This is the top-most reason learning institutions have courses that often include E-learning. The educational content voice actors record for E-learning can be used in phone apps, websites, or even educational institutions. The work involved can be anything from providing word pronunciations, historical explorations, or even narration for learning games.

To Conclude

That’s a glimpse of Malay voice over services. Given the importance of this service in numerous industries, it is important to choose a dependable and trustworthy voice over service. Make sure your job is handled by a professional business with voice over experts who can manage all your projects. Wordsburg offers economical voice over solutions and has a staff of skilled voice overs with experience in multiple languages in the field of marketing, advertising, E-learning, and other corporate fields.

11 Best Mandarin Voice Over Services 2022

Mandarin Voice Over Services

Mandarin voice over services is becoming the most in-demand field today.

This is due to the attractiveness of China itself. As a result, people are interested in using voiceover service providers.

Best Mandarin Voice Over Services

As we know that China is a fantastic tourism destination with a thriving education and economy. Many foreigners seek to study or do business there. In addition, China has the world’s fastest-growing consumer market, and it is the second-largest importer of goods in the world. It is important to note that when you are using a Mandarin voice over, you need to consider a lot of things very carefully. What are your targeted province and end audience when voicing, translating to, or from this language?

Why Do You Need  Mandarin Voice Over Services?

Firstly, you need it for business purposes. A voice over in the ad helps you connect with your customers when they watch and listen to the ad. Voice over service providers will help you communicate your unique brand to your customers with voice, word, tone, emotion, energy, image, etc. so that your brand or “voice” stays in their minds

Second, in cases where you need to target a more specific audience, such as Mandarin with a particular accent.

How to Find Mandarin Voice Over Services?

Here is the review of a reputable voice over service that has a strong reputation, returns work to clients, and can carry out any task properly. Since Chinese is undoubtedly one of the five most difficult languages in the world. In this case, customers expect a respectable Mandarin voice over services in all regions, that’s why I’ve chosen the best voice over service for your consideration.

  1. Wordsburg

Mandarin Voice Over Services by Wordsburg

Scope of Services

> Voice over

> Content Translation

> Audio Transcription

> Document Legalisation

> Video Subtitling & DTP Services

In addition, they have the greatest voice talent in numerous languages to meet your multilingual voice over needs. This company provides voice over services in over 100 languages and dialects, so if you are looking for services with multiple languages, such as Malay voice over services or Japanese voice over services, Wordsburg is the best agency for you! In order to support your needs in voice over, they can provide you with a British English voice over or a Singaporean voice over.

As a professional voice over agency, this company handles over 1000 multilingual voice over artists in various time zones. They have many voice artists for Chinese Voice Over and Spanish Voice Over. Customers can contact them to get a free estimate quickly and get the job done fast (depending on the amount of voice over service needed).

Furthermore, their voice-over team is divided into sections based on language and expertise. They provide voice-over services for a variety of applications, including advertisements, elearning, telephone IVR, explainer videos, promotional videos, and audiobooks.

Wordsburg is not only available in Singapore, but also in the United Kingdom and Malaysia. This is you best pick if you are looking for one of the most reliable Mandarin voice over services.

Customer Review

Past clients rate them highly on Google Reviews with most of them leaving 5 stars.

I’m very impressed of how responsive they are whenever I raised a query. Fast action of processing the service, good value among that I got, the whole process took just within 3 business days as promised. Thumbs up & I’ll definitely recommend their service to others who require. Thank you for the good job.” – Lf Tai

2. Adelphi Studio

Adelphi Studio

Are you looking for a voice over company that can provide Mandarin voice over services for a variety of business purposes? Adelphi Studio  is definitely one of your options. They work with over 40 Chinese voice actors specializing in numerous dialects such as Mandarin, Cantonese, and other dialects.

Likewise, their Chinese voice-over service comprises transcription, translation, proofreading, recording, editing, and audio syncing. Also, they have Chinese voice artists and talents of all ages and styles, including Chinese-accented English and character voices.

3.  Gophrazy


In 2022, Gophrazy will be regarded as one of the greatest voice over service agencies. They are the third company on this list because we believe they provide high-quality voice over services in a timely and efficient manner.

In comparison to other voice over agencies, they provide a diverse selection of voice over services in a variety of languages, such as Mandarin voice over. In this service, the will consider all local norms and traditions to recreate a culturally relevant, immersive, and engaging viewer experience.

One reason to trust them is their international crew, which is made up of native-speaking professional actors from all over the world.

Another positive thing we see is they offer 365-Day money-back guarantee.

4. Vanan Voice Over

Vanan voice over

Vanan Voice Over is an ISO 9001:2015 Voice Over Company with a large number of professional actors and a wide range of language voice over services, such as Mandarin, Dutch, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, Japanese and more.

They’re among the best voice over services for Mandarin projects.

5. Chinese Translation Service (CTS)


CTS is a company that offers top voice over services for any task, in any sector. They have a wide range of male and female voice actors, in many age brackets, with the style and tone. That’s why multinational organizations and well-known brands entrust CTS with the creation and delivery of high-quality Chinese voice overs for all forms of audio and video content

No matter how big or small the project, you can be sure that it will be done to the best of their ability.

If you have any voice over or translation needs, turn to CTS. They offer the finest services for the most affordable prices.



DUBnSUB has been on the top of their game since they first started in 2008. Now having more than 16,000 linguists across the globe specialize in voice over, dubbing, and subtitling/captioning, you can bet that they’ll be able to handle whatever voice over service you need them to.

7. mt.recordings


mt.recordings started in 2002 to provide voice over professional services in Mandarin Chinese for Singapore.
Through the years, they have experience in voice over service for different types of companies across various industries.

So, are you looking for a translation company in Singapore that can deliver accurate voice over service for various conditions? mt.recordings is definitely one of your best options. They work only with experienced actors specializing in Mandarin and many more. Besides voice over service, they also offer Voix-Off, Speaker, Audio Localizaton, IVR Recording, and Media Localization.

8. JBI Localization

JBI studios

Next on our list is JBI Localization,  a firm that endeavors to help clients bring their ideas to life.

Based in Los Angeles, they are a leading provider of voice-over, video dubbing, subtitling & multimedia localization services in any foreign language, such Mandarin, Rusian, Korean, and many more.

So, make sure to contact them for any of your voice over needs.



This company has collected the best mandarin Chinese voiceover artists for commercials, online brochures, advertisements, and a number of other purposes.

Even more, the native speakers at LIMPID speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese. Their team also carries out the dubbing process in a professional recording studio using the latest dubbing and multimedia technologies.

10. Australian Multilingual

Australian Multilingual

Are you looking for voice over service that offers Mandarin language service? If yes, Australian Multilingual should definitely be one of your options for professional voice over services. Furthermore, they were formed to provide Chinese voice over services to a wide variety of client groups.

11. Voxtab


Voxtab is an ISO certified company in voice over service.

Also, they have extensive experience helping companies communicate and conduct business in any language and in any locale. That makes them one of the top translation and voice over services.

Evaluation Criteria to Find the Best Mandarin Voice Over Service

There are a few things to bear in mind when searching for the best Mandarin voice over service. The following is what most reviewers take into account:

> Certified native Chinese Language experts

> Prices are affordable / Unbeatable price / High satisfaction rate

> All policies, offered services are transparent and easy to review

> Top-quality customer support

> Positive feedback that is easy to find for review

> Best voices from professional Voice over talents

> Skillful sound engineers

> State of the art equipment

> High standard recording studio

So, please consider these while choosing professional Mandarin voice over services.

To Conclude

Finding the correct Chinese or Mandarin voice over service provider might be difficult, especially if you’ve had terrible experiences with past suppliers. There are other trade-offs when picking a voice over service provider with inexpensive charges.

Then, what’s the end result? Voice over quality is poor, and the project workflow is frustrating.

Here’s a list of things to look for in a voice-over service provider:
Firstly, you need to ask whether the company specialize in voice-over work. How will you know if they’re capable in this area?
Ask for client samples and recommendations.

Secondly, do they have a set of procedures in place? Ask about the communication channels they utilize for internal and external collaborations, such as with your company’s in-house team.

Thirdly, what tools do they utilize for voice-over services?

Lastly, are they responsive to queries and concerns? How long does it take for the voice over team to reply?

Above all, these questions and checklists can help you figure out if you’re a good team player.

What is Corporate Voice Over & What Is It For?

Corporate Voice Over

A corporate voice over added to any piece of business content can help you increase your brand identity and sales conversions across the globe. This is because reliable corporate voice over service can help you translate all the content into the desired languages and then deliver it to the target audience in an engaging and compelling manner.

That said, a corporate voice over can be your best solution if you are looking for an effective way to create a strong brand. Below is a guide on everything you need to know about corporate voice over.

What is Corporate Voice Over?

corporate voice over

Voice over is a production method where a voice that is not part of the subject content is used in television, radio, filmmaking, and other presentations. In essence, the voice over mainly accompanies a presentation narrated from a script and is spoken by a person who is not part of the production.

A corporate voice over is a voice over that a company applies to conduct internal training, create brand awareness, or introduce a new procedure.

You can use a corporate voice over to explain your brand’s history and educate the target audience about your policies, products, and services.

Why Do You Need Professional Voice Over Service?

Corporate Voice Over Service

If you run a company, you will need to produce a piece for advertising your brand or training your employees from time to time. While you may create the piece yourself, you need professional voice over experts to help you correct the minor errors, translate and present the content to your audience.

Additionally, a professional voice over artist can analyze your audience’s content to come up with the right tone, pacing, and other presentation elements. This analysis helps them present your piece to the audience in the best way possible.

If your piece is not well crafted, the professional voice over experts may ask you about your voice goals and create a more relevant piece for your brand.

 When Do You Need a Corporate Voice Over Service?

You might need voice over in your company for either internal or external applications.

Cases Where You Need The Internal Corporate Voice Overs

The internal corporate voice overs accompany videos that your employees can use for informative or instructional purposes. You can use them in the following cases.

  • When You Need To Do Corporate Imaging

Corporate imaging involves giving new employees an overview of the company. It may consist of explainer videos about its history, current status, goals, and concerns.

  • When You Need To Train Your Employees

Using a combination of voice overs and videos will help you break down production procedures and instructions so that your employees can quickly understand them.

A professional corporate voice over agency may edit the piece to make it more relevant to your goals. They may also analyze each piece and develop the right tone and mood to enhance their impact on your employees.

When Do You Need External Corporate Voice Overs?

External corporate voice overs are ideal for connecting the company to the public. You can use them in the following scenarios.

  • When You Need To Advertise Your Brand

You can use a voice over to share any information about your products or services to enhance your sales turnover.

  • When You Want To Communicate To The Public

If you want to explain to the public how to do things related to your company, external corporate voice overs are the best way. Examples of the information you may pass using external voice overs include: how to use a particular product, how to make a purchasing order, etc.

Again, using the right voice over will help you convey the right tone and enhance the advert’s success.

Where Can You Find A Professional Corporate Voice Over Service?

Nowadays, the most reliable corporate voice over agencies are available online. You can find one by entering the keyword and location in your search engine.

For instance, you can enter the key phrase, ‘Corporate Voice Over Service In Singapore,’ if you stay in Singapore, and a list of voice over options will appear.

You can create a checklist using the voice over agencies you find on search engine and then interview them to choose the best.

Who Can Make A Good Corporate Voice Over Artist?

Corporate Voice Over Artist

Generally, any good voice over artist should:

  • Be Capable of adapting to different tones and vocal emotions
  • Be able to pass various voice overs in a clear and audible manner for quick understanding, especially for e-learning modules
  • Should be capable of winning you new customers using voice over messaging for telephone IVR
  • Should be capable of making your brand go viral using voice over for explainer videos

The above are a few examples of the type of voice over artist you need to work with. Since a single artist may not effectively meet all your corporate voice over needs, we recommend that you outsource the services from a reputable voice over agency.

In a nutshell, a good voice over agency should deploy the right team to get all your voice over needs met satisfactorily.

How To Select A Professional Voice Over Company?

Corporate Voice Over COmpany

Choosing the right voice over company can give a voice to your brand. It can enhance your conversions and strengthen the bond between you and your customers. Below are several tips you can use to land the best voice over company.

  • Shortlist The Emotions That Define Your Brand

Listing down the emotions that define your brand will simplify the process of finding a voice over agency. For example, if you sell household and cleaning products, your emotions can be friendliness, positivity, and efficiency.

Find an agency that can offer the voice that can help you with high-end marketing translation and can offer a voice that meets your emotions well.

  • Analyze The Samples Of Their Past Work

One way of weeding out bad voice over agencies from your checklist is by looking at samples of their previous work. Choose the one whose work has a similar buying demographic as your brand.

Final Word

Finding a reputable voice over company is a vital step towards achieving your marketing goals. The agency will help you translate your piece and offer a voice that blends the right tone and emotions. There are also many other types of voice overs, other than corporate, that a business might need. For example, cinematic, infomercial and multilingual.

A voice with the right elements will appeal to your audience, who will, in turn, convert to your business or market your brand even further.