How to Get a Custom Voice Over Service For Your Business?

Custom Voice Over Service

It feels good to hear a clear and emotion-filled narration on a video, be it an animated movie, cartoon, commercial, corporate presentation, or e-learning material. Dull and unclear audio can be detrimental to your project’s success. Choosing a professional custom voice over services provider is crucial. You can be rest assured your project will be nothing short of excellent.

Times are changing, and nowadays, you can get a great voice over recording from an AI. That’s right, artificial intelligence is taking over the voice over sector, and some are good at it. But what if you are skeptical about the whole AI thing or want a human touch in your project?

Qualities of a Good Voice Over Artist

Custom Voice Over Service

A good voice over artist should have the following qualities:

Diction and Enunciation

A voice over artist’s most important asset is their voice. How they let out the words is everything to the success of your project. Enunciation entails how a voice over artist forms clear sounds and articulates the words in the right tone.

Enunciation can build or wreck your project. Suppose your voice over artist is unclear or their words don’t portray the tone your audience is looking for. In that case, you will lose the connection with the audience. Look for professional voice over artists with good diction and enunciation.


A good voice over artist is not a master or one, but rather a jack of many trades. In this scenario, a great artist will speak several languages, do different accents and articulate all these naturally.

In addition, they should be able to embody different personalities, showcase different emotions and tones. For instance, if you have an audiobook narration project, you want an artist who can correctly express all your characters’ emotions. This requires flexibility.

Perfect pacing

A professional voice over artist should be adaptable to different speech rhythms, especially if the project is translated. They should let out words in a clear and natural flow, without hesitation. Sound timing is essential because the wrong rhythm can leave the audience bored or feel rushed.

Have you ever paused a video to read the subtitles or slowed down the playback to get what the narrator says? That is what a poorly paced voice recording does to your project. It can make you lose subscribers or clients, so hire a voice over artist with a perfect pacing.

Voice intensity and articulation

Don’t you love confident voices on TV commercials and corporate narration? These narrators have the right articulation, tone, accent and voice intensity. Native speakers have a better voice intensity and presentation. The sounds come naturally, and they don’t have to hesitate in pronouncing a foreign word.

It is crucial to hire a native speaker for your project. For instance, if you have a documentary targeted at the British audience, a British native narration will feel natural to your audience than when done by an American.

Custom voice over services with multilingual capabilities come in handy when you need your project recorded in several languages.

Excellent Voice Acting

A good voice over artist should also be a natural actor. This is because they do projects for different clients. This individual should be able to express the tones and emotions that a particular project demands.

For instance, an artist needs high spirits to record a liquor commercial. The same artist needs a grumpy voice when advertising a painkiller to express the pain the audience experiences. The ability to act in these separate recordings makes a good voice over artist.

Offer additional services

Custom voice over services providers don’t stop at the recording step. A good voice over service provider does other related services such as translation, captioning, subtitling and video and audio editing.

Why waste time juggling several service providers for different tasks when you can get inclusive services under one roof? Go for an all-around service provider. Most of them are certified and have professional experience. This saves you money and assures you of professionalism.

Types of Custom Voice Over Service

types of Custom Voice Over Service

Voice over services have been there for quite a while now. Before the internet came and revolutionized things, these services were reserved for few sectors such as TV and radio commercials, movies, and documentaries.

Today, almost every business needs a voice over service. The following are the common types of custom voice over services:

Commercial Voice over

This type of voice over entails recording audio and video commercials, advertisements for marketing reasons. These include TV commercials, YouTube ads, radio classifieds, promotional videos, etc. This kind of voice over needs an artist who can combine creativity, a good grasp of the narration language and vocal emotions.

Entertainment Voice Over

This category includes voice over service for animations, documentaries, films, and other entertainment videos. In this internet era, entertainment channels and celebrity gossip vlogs demand professional voice over artists.

This kind of service demands a good storyteller, creative and a person in touch with the entertainment industry.

Educational Voice Over

E-learning has grown immensely over the last decade, and lectures and classes no longer depend on physical attendance. Academic narrations such as instructional videos, lessons, assignments, audio journals and research materials need a professional voice over artist.

Corporate Voice Over

This category entails recording audio for human resource materials, explainer and promotional videos to introduce new products or services to clients. It can also be a telephone Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) to interact and inform your callers.

This category requires a voice artist with a professional tone, perfect pace and captivating narration.

Audiobook Voice Over

audiobooks voice overs

Due to busy schedules, many people have resorted to audiobooks, which they can listen to as they drive, clean the house, etc. Voice over artists convert the written text to clear and expressive audio. These audios bring the same experience as reading your favourite book, with the same emotions, humour, sarcasm, etc.


Custom voice over services demands good voice actors who can deliver your content to your intended audience properly. A good voice over artist should be flexible to embody different characters and emotions required by various projects. They should also have good diction, speech rhythm, articulation and voice intensity.

International Voice Over Service: A Complete Guide

International Voice Over Service

Hiring international voice over services from a reputable agency can help you accomplish your promotional goals efficiently. But how do you select the best voice artists for your projects? This article dives into this topic extensively.

If you manage an online business, you would undoubtedly wish to top the competition and expand your operations globally. One sure way to achieve a competitive advantage and expand your operations is by promoting your products and services by creating commercial videos and podcasts.

For maximum reach outs and conversions, you should create commercials that are relevant and multilingual. You should also ensure their effective communication to the target audience across the globe.

Our guide below will take you through everything you need to know about the voice over service.


 What Is International Voice Over Service?

international voiceover services

Voice over is a production method that utilizes a voice that is not part of the narration to expound the content of a presentation. Voice over can be used in television production,  radio commercials, film-making and theater, among other presentations.

The global voice over market has been growing with time, with an estimated value of more than $4.4 billion. The entertainment industry takes the largest consumer category of the voice market, with a whopping 58% share of the total market value.

Voice over takes two major forms: synchronous dialogue and asynchronous dialogue.

The synchronous dialogue is the most commonly applied voice over technique. It involves the narration of a presentation in real-time.

The asynchronous method, on the other hand, is the least used. It entails pre-recording an already recorded video or presentation to pass the vital information.

Voice over is applied to improve the efficiency of video games, information at events, and promotional campaigns. The technique is also used in on-hold messages and video games.


Why Do You Need An International Voice Over Service?

International Voiceover Service for businesses


According to statistics, the demand for English accents is the highest, with a 22% share over the rest. Other languages such as spanish, german and Italy is also high as shown in this report. You need an international voice over service in your business to:

     Win The Competition

The international voice over service will customize multilingual commercials for you. The multilingual commercials will, in turn, allow you to reach a higher number of your business prospects than your competitor. The ultimate result would be a higher number of conversions and hence more sales.

●     Globalize Your Business

If you have ever dreamt of serving global customers, then investing in the international voice over service is the key. Creating relevant commercials in diverse languages and passing them efficiently to your target audience will attract leads from all corners of the globe.

The chances are high that a significant percentage of the leads will convert to your business. In the end, you will generate enough profits to expand your operations.


When Do You Need A Voice Over Artist?

voiceover artist

As mentioned earlier, voice over artists can customize and pass your commercials to your target audience in any corner of the globe. As such, you should outsource voice over service anytime you need:

  • Voice over for ad commercials.
  • Voice over for e-learning courses.
  • Voice over for telephone IVR.
  • Voice over for explainer videos or podcasts.
  • Voice over for promotional videos.
  • Voice over for audiobooks, etc.

For convenience purposes, you should keep the contacts of a reliable voice over agency to request for their services when need arises.


Who Can Make A Good Voice Over Artist?

voiceover actor

Choosing a voice over artist can be an overwhelming task, given many artists in the market. However, looking at the following qualities among your voice over prospects will save you the burden.

●     Experience

The voice over job is more practical than theoretical. And, an artist can only perform the task well if they are well versed with the necessary skills.
Before landing any voice over artist, you should ascertain that the artist is well trained. 59% of the artists have a bachelor degree, 7% have masters degree, while 13% have associate degrees. You should carefully choose the skills level depending on your needs. The ideal artist should also:

● Have action and diction skills
● Know how to handle clients
● Have worked in the industry in the past.

You can gain this information by looking at their portfolio or consulting with their Voice over Agency.

●     Versatility

Your voice over artist should be capable of changing their tones to meet your voice over needs in different circumstances. As such, you should test the tonal flexibility of all your voice talent prospects to see if they are tailored for your needs.

The successful candidate should flawlessly transition between recordings of varied forms of commercials. This will guarantee you their ability to adjust their tone and range of voice.

●     Clarity

Clarity is an essential aspect of any voice over recording. After all, your target audience would need to hear your message clearly to start reacting. So, your artist should deliver any script believably and clearly regardless of whether they have to whisper, whimper, cry or even shout.

The above are a few examples of the many qualities you need to look for in an artist.

However, looking for an individual voice over artist may frustrate you, especially if they don’t have quality equipment. That is why we highly recommend you outsource your international voice over services from a reputable agency.


Where Can You Find A Voice Over Artist?

international voice actor

You can find the contacts of most voice over experts by just entering the keyphrase ‘Voice over Agency’ online. However, not all of them can meet your voice over needs perfectly. Before you settle on a deal with any agency, it is always safe to check their reviews to see what their previous customers are saying.

If most of their reviews are positive, you can shortlist them for a consultation or physical interview.

Remember, you aim to narrow down your list as much as possible to remain with the top voice over artists available.


 How To Hire A Voice Over Agency

voiceover agency

Below are the various steps you can take to land a great voice over agency.

  • Understand Your Voice Over Needs

Before you start looking for an artist, it can be a good idea to begin by evaluating your voice over needs.

  • Choose A Voice Over Agency To Attend To Your Needs

After evaluating your voice over needs, you should select a voice over agency that is well-tailored for your needs. To get the best agency, you need to research various voice over agencies online to create a checklist. Then, narrow down your list based on:

  • The experience level of their personnel
  • The quality of voice over equipment they use
  • The number of voice over services they can offer
  • The cost they charge for their services
  • The level of customer satisfaction ( based on customer reviews)



The international voice over service can help you reach your target audience easily by offering services as a voice over for ad commercials, e-learning courses and explainer videos, among others.  To get the most out of it, you need to hire your international voice over services from an established agency like Wordsburg’s international voice over service or any other reputable agency in the market.