5 Tips For Getting Patent Translation Services

Patent translation service

Patent Translation Services In Many Industries

Translation of patent is beneficial to everyone, no matter what business you’re in. Patent law affects several industries, therefore you’ll need a language service provider who can handle it. This affects a wide range of fields, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, computers, electronics, mechanical engineering, and materials research. Each industry has its own set of standards and best practices. You’ll need a language service provider who can aid you regardless of the industry for which the patent is requested.

What You Need to Know About Patent Translation

Patent translation is the process of converting patent documents from one language to another. Documentation required throughout the patent application and filing process often comprises patent specifications, office actions, lawyer correspondence, and other documents. Patent documents have a specific writing style that needs the employment of a highly qualified and experienced translator.

In the realm of translation, patent translation is one of the most difficult to work in.

Translations for the patent industry must be precise, accurate, and correct, with secrecy being the primary concern throughout the process.

When Do You Need Patent Translation Service

patent translation service

Every country has a different method for granting and protecting patents. You will have to file exclusive rights in that specific country if you want to obtain them in a foreign country.  Patent translation services are necessary since your patent specification must be in the target country’s native language.

You don’t have to translate everything constantly. Assume your patent is in English. So you can file patents in countries where English is the filing language (such as Canada, the United States, or India). It’s possible that using this method, you’ll be able to save money while maintaining your patented rights in multiple nations.

In other words, countries like China, Russia, and Latin America will not protect your product. As a result, you should prepare for the patent application process ahead of time.

Use one translation for numerous nations at once to save money. For example, you might have your documents translated into Arabic. You may use one translation to cover the whole Gulf Cooperation Council region.

You can get large worldwide patent protection by applying this method with other key languages, such as English and Spanish. It will provide your company with a huge competitive edge.

Why Do You Need Patent Translation Service


Those who wish to protect their intellectual property correctly on a larger scale need a patent translation. To reach another foreign market with your new items, you must emphasize their originality and protect your ideas from competitors who might steal them. It is important to remember that patents are only valid in the country that issued new items. You can only reach a wider audience if you translate your content.

5 Tips for Getting Patent Translation Service

As long as you choose high-quality patent translation services, you can be confident that your patents will be translated accurately and meet all current international patent requirements.

The use of reputable translation services online will be necessary if you want to introduce your project elsewhere. Patents, on the other hand, are difficult to get right – only top experts could perform a decent job. So, where can you go to find them? Listed below are some 5 tips for getting patent translation services.

1) Background Information

You should look at a company’s reputation, experience, and past performance before making a decision to use them.

Look for companies that can take on your project on your timetable. Because skilled patent translators are few, it is vital to find an LSP (Language Service Provider) with a vast network of trained translators. The translation provider should also go out of their way to comprehend the patent translation process from your perspective. This enables their teams to coordinate their process with yours.

2) Translators

Translator placement is incredibly crucial, and it should be done with considerable care. Wordsburg Translation has more specific industrial experience rather than those with a general industry background. A patent translator who has translated arrhythmia papers is distinct from a translator who has translated medical devices in general.

3) Cost of Services

While it’s important to minimize your filing costs and expenses, choosing the wrong professional can cause more harm than good. For this reason, paying great attention to your chosen translation partner’s qualifications and experience is critical.

Before choosing a translation agency, get quotations from a few different ones. This will help you save money. Comparing rates is important, but don’t forget to look at the services they provide as well. Another vendor’s editing and redoing of an incorrect patent translation can be terrible for your finances. Be careful you work with a translation agency that specializes in patent translation and has a track record of success.

You must have a clear understanding of what effective patent translations should cost. You’ll be able to tell which agencies are cost-effective and which overcharge their clients based on this.

4) Translation Tool

How to keep documents consistent?

Patent paperwork should be hard to interpret. Word choice is critical to protect your IP from competitors. Translation memory tools, glossaries, and termbases establish key phrase consistency from the start. Decreasing the number of words to translate can save you money.

In addition, you may use a machine translation service trained specifically to recognize patent vocabulary. But please note that the translations provided by patent translation tool are not legally binding. They are intended to give you the gist of a patent or patent-related document and to help you determine whether it is relevant.

5) Level of Quality

Timeliness and accuracy are always important considerations.

Your patent translation service provider must maintain a tight quality control method. It’s best to have at least two pairs of eyes when working on a patent translation project. Wordsburg Translation has strict quality criteria for translation services. You can estimate the time for translations by learning about your partner’s quality control system.


You won’t have to worry about patent translation with the right provider. Despite the fact that it is one of the hardest fields to comprehend!
With years of experience in legal and patent translation, Wordsburg is a certified patent translation business you can trust. We’ll gladly support you in the patent application procedure with our global network of highly trained translators. To receive a quote, please contact us right away!

Wordsburg Delivers Remarkable Translation Services: GoodFirms 

By Discriminating “mere translation” from  “the right word” Wordsburg Translations Delivers Remarkable Translation Services: GoodFirms 

Wordsburg Translations is a professional translation firm offering affordable services to clients with different translation needs, in various languages. The firm gets ranked at GoodFirms for its innovative approach to work.

Company Introduction

Based in Singapore, Wordsburg is a professional translation firm founded in the year 2016. The firm is a combined team of united professionals who believe that communication, when combined with a personal touch, works the best. The firm has a knowledgeable team who understands the difference between “mere translation” and “choosing the right word” because it is the tiny details that make a translation comprehensible. The firm is a team of expert translators who take their work seriously and understand their work requirements minutely.

Wordsburg team offers technical translation, certified translation, business translation, food & culinary translation, media & entertainment translation, etc. The firm was initially started with a small team of three passionate members and today it’s flourishing as one of the leading translation companies in Singapore.

GoodFirms Research process

GoodFirms is an internationally accredited research and evaluation platform that does extensive research of companies to give them rankings on the website. The profound researchers of GoodFirms evaluate every company on Quality, Reliability, and Ability attributes, and these factors make the service seekers choose a reliable translation firm. 

GoodFirms evaluated Wordsburg on the same parameters and observed them delivering much more than just translation services. The details of exceptional translation work done by Wordsburg are cited below. 

Wordsburg consists of professionals and translators who are highly skilled members working with strategy and innovation to provide optimum services. The team at Wordsburg holds excellence in 120 languages, so the clients can approach them for any language. The firm follows a system for receiving work from clients. The clients can first order translation through which they can receive online quotes and order translation. The second process starts from the firm’s end, where they start the projects, and the third process is receiving translation by the clients. The clients can receive the translation directly by email, by courier, or get it published on the source.

Every translation services by the firm are of high quality because Wordsburg knows the importance of the right words. This makes the translation look neat and understandable. By promising 100% human translation, Wordsburg provides express service, plus they also accept translation orders over weekends. With a proper understanding of the client’s needs, they offer services in Korean, Japanese, Thai, French, Spanish, and other global languages. Today, Wordsburg has a network of 1000+ native translators and 25+ project managers who work across the globe for them. The firm prides itself on committed team members who work with new technologies and science to provide translation services. Moreover, in every translation they do, the team gives a personal touch. This is why the translation services delivered by Wordsburg are unique.

By promising fast, affordable, and quality translation services, Wordsburg has become the top choice for translation services in Singapore. The translation offered by Wordsburg is accepted by MOM, ICA, IRAS, and other Singapore Government and foreign bodies. With guaranteed accuracy, they have delivered services to other embassies also. Wordsburg’s translation services assist clients in expanding their business or communicating with a larger clientele. After the work has been completed, the clients can receive their projects in the promised time. Moreover, 80% of the jobs are delivered on the same day. Additionally, they also provide six months of support post project completion. These all factors accumulate to make Wordsburg a professional and a reliable translation services firm.

Thus, for delivering unique translation services with guaranteed excellence, Wordsburg earns a position as one of the top translation companies in Singapore at GoodFirms.

About GoodFirms

Washington, D.C.-based GoodFirms is an innovative B2B Research and Reviews Company that extensively combs the market to find top Translation Services firms that offer the best services to its customers. GoodFirms’ extensive research processes help rank the companies, boost their online reputation and help service seekers pick the right technology partner that meets their business needs. 

Website Localization Services: 3 Questions To Ask

Work on website localization

Everything goes digital in this digitalized era. Technology and the Internet have thrived at such a rapid pace that you feel like you still have a long way to catch up with it.

You might have heard about website localization services in the conversation you had with your colleagues, yet still do not have any clue what’s the term about.

So, what is website localization? It is the process when you modify the content on any website. Website localization services are provided so that the needs and preferences of users located in different geographic regions are satisfied.

Those who provide website localization services very often concentrate on the part where they need to translate web content, focusing on typesetting or desktop publishing

The most professional ones may also consider some other aspects of website localization services, e.g adaptation to local regulations and cultural differences, if there exist any.

1. Why do I need Website Localization Services?website localization services

You may need website localization services when, for example, you have a strong desire to expand your website to different other regions. This is not an easy process, as you need to do it  in a well-functioning way so that it adapts to the local language, and not only. Sometimes you need to adjust it to the local culture and regulations of your targeted region.

Be very careful with this. Website localization services are not only used to translate content to meet the needs of your targeted region, but also to replace any images or graphics to go well with culturally relevant examples.

In other words, website localization services are vital when it comes to the outcome of having an easily accessible website content for users possessing various native languages.

There are cases when there is no complete translation of the website content. Frequently, people end up utilizing some form of localization, namely welcoming the potential customers in their native language.

Website localization service providers make sure that the language, functionality and appearance of the website are adjusted to users belonging to foreign markets.

2. What Are the Advantages of Website Localization Services?

advantages of website localization

Indirect advantage:

– When reading the content,  users feel that the the text was written in their native language.

– There is no change in the original text in the source. The message remains the same.

Direct advantage:

– Tons of potential new customers will appear providing a long term cooperation and growth for your business.

So, you already know that website localization services enable you to refine any type of website content to  match with the corresponding language, culture and flow. The end result of this is that users enjoy their browsing experience on your website and most of them will end up taking your product or service.

The Internet is full of misinformation so, be extremely careful not to equate the two terms –  “localization” and “translation,”  and most importantly not to confuse them.

5 Key Features of Website Localization:

Here are the five key features of a website localization for you to never confuse it with something else rather than localization:

  1. Culture – by saying this we mean smaller elements such as date and time formats,  local holidays ensuring that websites understand the global nuances resulting in a more user-friendly environment within your website.  It is vital that the potential customers feel themselves at home on your website.
  2. Language – it is essential to make sure that the  copy goes alongside the content accurately so that the users have the feeling that the website has been customized for them specifically.
  3. Local Transaction –  if there is any issue related to payment options, currencies used, addresses, etc.  This all has to be handled accurately, within a timely manner for a successful operation in the future.
  4. Website Navigation – taking into account that this is a translated website, it is vital to assist users in the language selection to match their preference, only this way can they start interacting with the website at once and in an authentic way.
  5. Trust – this is a must if you want to have a successful run of your website in quite different areas of the world. Trust starts but is not limited to local addresses, phone numbers, customer support in their native language selected.  Here, however, legal content or security banners are not mission-critical, yet they are still important when it comes to engaging with local users. This all is interrelated, and will ensure that the in-market marketing and sales teams possess the information required in order to serve new customers.

3. How Do I Know if I Need to Do Website Localization?knowing when to do website localization

It is quite natural to have multiple questions in your head regarding the website localisation services.

Here is a checklist of questions to ask yourself, to understand if you really need a website localization services:

    • Is it worth it to invest in the experience users will get when browsing through the website. You need to be committed to your goal of creating an authentic, multilingual website with a positive user experience and feedback.
    • You will need a website team to support the international website your local one is transformed into.
    • Do I have a trustworthy partner to rely on when making a website localization?
    • Have you ever been asked by your sales team to provide a robust and complete online user experience for the existing customers?
    • Have you ever evaluated the content you currently have on your website?
    • Is it compelling and valuable enough to accelerate your international business growth?
    • Suppose you have a global audience, what is their feedback on your website?

Always put yourself in the place of your international customers and imagine the picture they get from your website. Put maximum effort to maximize the return you get from the investment you have made.

If you have answered YES to at least 3 of the questions, it means you are all set to go for website localization services.

To Conclude

A high quality website localization is exactly what you need for your website to expand globally.  You will need professional, world-class translators alongside powerful technology to serve the relevant localized content to target the right audience. Your investment has to serve its ultimate goal.

Keep in mind that a reliable partner is a must to be competitive and stand out in the market. Find a partner who can combine website translation and localization elegantly with the end result of a clear and effective content related to what your users seek.

8 Sites to Translate Words in Different Languages

How To Translate Word in Different Languages

Do you know how to say simple words such as “hello”, “good morning”, “love”, and “beautiful” in different languages?

In the modern world of today, where more than 7000 languages are spoken, it often becomes difficult to understand and translate these words in different languages. Also, not every individual on this earth can speak or understand all the languages.

Here are the 8 sites I use to translate words in different languages:

1. Google Translate

Using Google Translate for help

This needs no introduction – it’s free and easy to use and it is the number one site people use for basic translation worldwide. In a matter of seconds, you can have instant translation of words or phrases.

A simple “hello” is the first thing you will say to someone at home, at work, or even when traveling abroad.

It comes in different forms, different sounds, and different languages, but they all have the same intention and significance, that is, to greet another person. So how do you say hello in other languages?

A simple “Ahlan” the next time you are in Dubai for a holiday or “Shalom” when you are in Israel for work might help you get a long way with the locals. Asking for help might just get a lot easier! And maybe a cheery “Bonjour” to the cute French colleague you’ve been having a crush on might get him to talk to you more. That’s something to get excited about!

2. In Different Languages website

Learning to love in multiple languages

Search for a word using In Different Languages and you will get a list of that word’s spelling in 80 languages. Output is to a single page, table structured. The site does just what you want it to for single words and phrases.

You never know when you’ll need to profess your feelings. When you are in love, you may just want to shout it out so the world would listen. It doesn’t hurt to know how to say “I love you” or express your love in multiple languages. Have you already told your loved one they are beautiful?

Try writing a love letter in a totally foreign language and give it to your loved one. Make them go on this site and translate each word to find out what you wrote. Watch their face light up when they figured it all out! Although, do keep it short to keep them engaged and stay focused on the task. There, a date night idea for you to try next!

3. Logos

online translator sites

Logos has been around for a long time. You can take your pick from tons of different languages. Type a word in the search box on the front page and hit enter. The meanings and languages will appear on the results page.

Use this site to find out how to greet others in multiple languages. Saying a cheery “good morning” can give your loved ones an injection of encouragement to start the day. Saying it in a different language once in awhile might even amuse them. Try it in Japanese “おはよう(ohayou)” or French “Bonjour chers” for a start.

4. Bing Translator

Understanding multiple languages

Bing Translator is obviously Google Translate’s competitor and is quite often used.  Apart from the usual text and voice input we are accustomed to with Google Translate, you can also translate something using photos through this application. The translation results with Bing Translator are also good and quite satisfying.

Want your relationship with your lover to be more harmonious? Try to use affectionate nicknames!

Affectionate nicknames can make husband and wife’s relationship more loving. In fact, there are many variations of pet names that are eventually adopted as affectionate nicknames in various countries around the world.

For example, the UK tends to use the name of animals or food for affection. Meanwhile, the French often call their partner “Mon Petit Chou” which means my little cabbage. There is also “Dropje”, which means candy as a popular nickname in Netherlands. There is also Thai people who like to call loved ones “Chang Noi” or little elephants.

5. Yandex Translate

languages unite the world

Yandex Translate is the translator site that is quite complete. Until now, Yandex translate is available in 94 languages and can translate languages up to a maximum limit of 10,000 words. Yandex Translate is also equipped with interesting features, such as voice input (converts voice to text).

There is also an on-screen keyboard and auto spelling feature to automatically correct if there is a wrong word. Not only translating in the form of text and voice, but Yandex Translate also translates words in photos.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone, including children, experience emotional ups and downs. Not all children can express their feelings and emotions well.

Parents need to model effective stress management and reduce anxiety in children. The hard part is finding a language to help parents and children communicate about the emotions they are feeling. That’s where a feeling chart can help.

This could be a list of feeling words or a picture chart of words and expressions, whatever the child finds easier to use. You can try to search for words of love in a photo. Then enter the photo into this site and translate it into various languages.

This helps children reflect on their feelings and describe them more precisely and of course, it is more fun.

6. Imtranslator

translate in a click of a button

Imtranslator is a translation website created by Microsoft and Google. With this latest collaboration from the biggest technology companies in the world, it’s no wonder that Imtranslator is considered the best choice for its accurate translations. This site already supports input of 100 languages provided by Google, Microsoft, Bing, and other various translators. In fact, you can easily access this site through a browser or application.

You can compliment someone on their beauty in many different languages!

Just make sure before you go saying any of the beautiful words to strangers, you understand the cultural nuance, for example, 美しい (utsukushii) means “beautiful,” but it’s a bit “intense” to say to other people in Japanese. So, there are many variations. Often, you’ll hear beautiful described as “clean” with 綺麗な (kirei na). You’ll hear 素敵な (suteki na, “lovely”) used more commonly in place of “beautiful”, especially when describing beautiful clothes or a beautiful woman.

7. Oxford Dictionary

language is the recipe of communication

I believe that everybody is familiar with the Oxford English Dictionary. This translation site online can be accessed and can also be used to translate, for example, English-Indonesian and vice versa.

Besides, Oxford Dictionary also has additional features such as word classes that explain grammar in Indonesian, proverbs, writing tips, and much more.

8. Webster Dictionary

sites to translate words in different languages

Webster Dictionary‘s form is a bit difficult to use but the process is basically the same as other sites. Just need to get used to it and you can access the translated words you are looking for!

When you were planning your trip to Singapore, you may have added a “local language dictionary” to your to-do list” which will surely come in handy when traveling to this country.

There are 4 official languages of Singapore: English, Malay, Chinese, and Tamil. Singlish is a unique and widely spoken language in Singapore that has a different accent and ignores its basic grammatical standards. Combining slang and local expressions from Singapore’s various languages and dialects, speaking Singlish is considered a sign that you are truly local!

To conclude

These sites can be a quick reference for you to translate words in different languages, especially when you have difficulty understanding or speaking foreign words in social situations. However, if you have important documents to be used for official purposes, then I would suggest you go with certified translation services, where they have native human linguists who would be of better help.

7 Reasons We Need Basic Translation Worldwide

Basic Translation of words in a paper

We live on a mighty expansive planet that’s immensely dominated by technologies to a large extent. At the click of a button, we get to do everything! We even get to plan a fabulous vacation without any qualms.

So, when we finally take the plunge and set our foot down in one of the most beautiful countries, we may stutter when we realize, ‘Oh! What language do they speak!’, ‘How do I even communicate with them?’. That’s when you wish you have a translator or an app that can make your survival much easier.

Yes, that’s exactly what we are gonna cite upon in this article, the need for basic translation worldwide! Let’s dive right away into the 7 reasons.

1. “Sorry, we speak only in our mother tongue!”

Basic translations of a sentence in different languages
Image courtesy Leonardo Toshiro on Unsplash

Wouldn’t a teeny weeny bit of English suffice? Hmm..no not really!

Even though English is the most commonly used language, there are countries that do not have the influence of any international language at all. They communicate in their mother tongue and are uber-efficient that way.

So if you are on a wonderful vacation in any such country and you are unable to quickly snap up anything because the shopkeeper doesn’t comprehend what you say, or you are off-track in the middle of the road, what do you do? At this juncture, don’t you think any form of basic translation services which help you translate from English to the native language is crucial? Yes, translations can make your travel hectic-free and less emotionally draining!

Even in countries like Malaysia where English is widely used in big cities like Kuala Lumpur and Johor Bahru, speaking a bit of Malay will help you go a long way. Since they are known to be very friendly towards tourists, the locals may just go an extra mile for you if you speak their regional language! Try out! For all you may know, you might get that extra scoop of rendang you’ve been eyeing at the stall.

2. If you want to expand and diversify your business

An informal work environment
Image courtesy Marvin Meyer on Unsplash

Formal or informal, basic translations are inevitable in business!

In order to diversify and expand your business, branching out to different countries can reward you exponentially. Like we mentioned before, it is impossible to communicate merely in English. Countries like Thai that thrive in tourism are super-friendly to kick-off a variety of businesses. But their documentation, legal works, and so on, happen only in their regional language which is Thai, therefore, high-quality explicit translations are the only way to effectively grow your business. 

Another example to cite is Singapore. The country being the melting pot for business in Asia, people from all over the world regularly invest in business here. Since English is one of the most widely used languages in Singapore, personal and business documents need to be translated into English before they can be processed and accepted by the authorities. So you know how translation services play a significant role in the current globalization era.

3. Websites being multilingual is the REAL NEED of the hour

Websites always have basic translations worldwide
Image courtesy Glenn Carstens on Unsplash

The use of multiple languages has helped major businesses go local!

Most of the major global companies that are ubiquitous have their official websites translated into multiple languages worldwide. To enhance their business and make it more flourishing, businesses need to cater to the regional and cultural needs of a specific region. So translating English to several other languages or vice versa is absolutely inevitable!

In the current era, the major players need to make efforts to connect with the locals and language is the only possible medium that relentlessly helps them do it. So the website needs to be translated into well-written regional languages that can easily be embraced by the people of the respective region. Do not heavily depend on translation websites, they cannot always give you the right emotion intended. If you want to do it the right way, do not use low-quality, cheap translation services. Things can really blow out of proportion on a word these days!

4. Yup, it’s finally time to immigrate

Immigration has enhanced the use of basic translations worldwide
Image courtesy Metin Ozer on Unsplash

Immigration has enhanced the use of translation services worldwide!

You are all prepped up to immigrate and settle down for good. But you understand much later that the country you have decided to call home predominantly uses their mother tongue in most of their documentations. This can get even more challenging when you buy a property or a house that has all the legal documents written in the mother tongue. You are perplexed and have no clue how to sort it all out on your own. Let us divulge something to you! It ISN’T EASY AT ALL to do it on your own. In this scenario, translation services are sure to lend a helping hand to thwart all your worries and concerns on the same.

5. It’s official, it is the Netflix era!

A person accessing Tv with the remote
Image courtesy Glen Carstens on Unsplash

By now we know, languages have no barrier!

We all are trudging through difficult times for quite some time now. Most of us have shut ourselves inside the four walls of our homes and the only thing that has kept us all alive is the unlimited access to movies and series we binge on. We are constantly watching international movies that are not made in the languages we are familiar with.

For instance, Korean dramas and K Pop have hit the top charts. Ever pondered how? The translation services used by these companies to translate the original language into multiple foreign languages in the form of subtitles and captions have helped us enjoy entertainment in foreign languages. This is how translation services are never going to be obsolete in show business!

6. For those who seek spiritual and religious guidance

Person reading the bible
Image courtesy Ron Long on Unsplash

Spirituality and religion have helped major publication houses thrive!

The plethora of spiritual and religious books translated every day is uncountable! The Bible is one of the most translated books in the world. As years pass by, spiritual and religious books including Bible are made much simpler (due to translations) in a manner that can be comprehended really well by people.

By now you know how basic translations worldwide make a splash even in the current era.  If not done right, the very basic essence embedded in spiritual and religious thoughts may not be communicated to a larger audience effectively.

7. Empowering people through talks and speeches

A person giving a speech
Image courtesy Miguel Henriques on Unsplash

Translated speeches and talks have influenced people considerably worldwide!

Just like how it’s the Netflix era, it is also a time where people seek inspiration from highly successful and powerful people (mainly through digital media). The highly evolving digital world has paved the way in making a common man aware of the obstacles, tragedies, and challenges faced by successful people.

Speeches by great leaders, sportsmen, and social activists have become extremely popular worldwide. Such famous orations and talks are also incorporated in the school textbooks of children because of the powerful and effective language translations. Thus, basic translations worldwide have the power to touch people with the right use of words. By using very effective translation services, many have been able to empower and inspire millions of people globally.

To conclude

To connect and influence people around the globe, basic translation worldwide is mandatory. It is an absolute necessity to opt for translation services if you need to travel or venture into anything international. To make local the new global, and to strike the right chord with people, language is the most powerful tool. If you can get it all right in the communication, then you know you can have it all!