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Professional Armenian Language Translation

Wordsburg offers professional and legitimate Armenian translation services. To provide the best quality, we have one of the largest teams of experienced native linguists. Moreover, our subject matter experts specialize in various scientific and financial concepts. Our Armenian translators are well-equipped to handle time-sensitive tasks. Furthermore, our customer care team is available to support you from time to time.


Our services include:

1. Translating Technical Texts

We are the industry leader in on-demand, high-quality technical translation services. We can translate product manuals and technical papers with linguistic and technical correctness. Our Armenian translators use complex terminology and real-time linguistic review tools. This helps them translate your technical documents with ease. Furthermore, our services include proofreading the translated information to enhance quality.

2. Translating Healthcare Texts

Medical and pharmaceutical translation services need precision and knowledge. Medical data contains complex terminology, and presenting correct translated material is critical. Only specialists with extensive experience in healthcare can provide this. Thus, we assure you that the Armenian translations meet all regulatory criteria. We also recognize the delicate nature of your medical work. So, our security processes maintain confidentiality.

3. Translating Banking And Finance Texts

It is important that firms meet international regulatory standards. Financial document translation is one way to do so. This is where Wordsburg comes into the picture. Our team is well versed in the local currency and number systems. This helps us interpret documents in Armenian with the highest accuracy and speed. 

4. Translating Marketing Material

Do you want to translate your marketing communication materials from Armenian to English? If yes, Wordsburg is the way to go.

We offer professional marketing translation services in over 100 languages. Our services include brochures, sell sheets, press releases, advertisements, and digital media. Our translators are well versed in all regional dialects and local cultures. This allows us to produce fluent and engaging marketing translations. 

5. Translating Website Content

Website translation solution that is comprehensive, straightforward, and cost-effective. We have a team of native-speaking translators on staff. We also have a powerful AI-based technology that assures flawless translation. Hence, you can expand and enter new markets with our Website Translation Services.

6. Translating Legal Documents

Legal translation is the translation of texts in the legal sector. In most cases, these texts pertain to witness statements, trust depositions, and wills. Wordsburg’s translations are a cost-effective solution compared to other services on the market. Our translators have a wealth of experience and have handled complex cases. We also ensure that the legal texts are in accordance with the local culture.

Why do you need Armenian translation services?

Armenian language translation enables businesses to efficiently communicate in Armenia. This is essential to build interpersonal ties. Increasing interpersonal ties can help boost corporate partnerships and broaden your social network.

Take a step towards building new business relationships by contacting us today!

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